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Soothe, clear, and protect your skin with the help of a dermatologist. By working with the experts, you will get personalized, prescription-strength treatments that put you in charge of your skin — not the other way around.


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Your Apostrophe visit is only $20, which we give back to you – taking it off the cost of your prescription.

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Rosacea Treatment

The Apostrophe Advantage

Quick visual diagnosis

With a few pictures, you can receive a diagnosis from one of our board-certified derms in just 24 hours.

Personalized treatment

You'll only receive the most effective and scientifically-proven ingredients, plus your medication will be tailored to your specific needs.

Affordable prescriptions

We take out the middlemen to ensure your treatment and prescriptions are affordable.

Word from the wise.
Prescription medications can be used to treat rosacea. Let’s get started to find the combination that is best for you.
- Maggie Kober, MD

Personalized prescriptions.

Topical medications
$90/three month supply
With prescription strength treatment in every bottle, these creams, gels, and lotions decrease inflammation to treat rosacea.
Metronidazole Formula
Azelaic Acid Formula (Coming soon)
Oral Medications
$40 - $90/three month supply
These tablets and capsules reduce inflammation and are typically used in conjunction with topical treatments for quicker results.

How Apostrophe works.

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Show & tell

We're never too old for a little show & tell. It takes just a few minutes to answer some medical questions and send a few pictures.

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You're one-of-a-kind so your treatment should be, too. Your dermatologist will craft a personalized treatment plan, including prescription medication.

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Sit back and relax. Your prescription will arrive at your front door and shipping is always free.

Take it from real patients.


February 11, 2019

I feel that the dermatologist took very good care of my concerns about my skin. The whole process was very easy and thorough. I am also very happy with the great service that I received.


March 13, 2018

I had lived with my face Being bright red and feeling like I had a perpetual sunburn for three years when I learned about being able to consult with a dermatologist on-line thru [Apostrophe]. I am finally able to take care of myself and my face already feels so much better.


March 04, 2018

Absolutely amazing service. I cannot recommend this company enough. This is the most efficient healthcare I've ever experienced. I work long hours and its hard to find a dermatologist that is affordable. This company made it easy and was extremely fast in taking care of my needs. Thank you so much.

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