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$110140In stockApostropheFast and convenient!!! My eyelashes look great it’s been less than one month!eyelashes ReviewLatisse - 3mL5I love Apostrophe because I requested a Rx for Latisse and quickly received a response and my prescription was quickly delivered to my home. Definitely recommend Apostrophe.eyelashes ReviewLatisse - 3mL5I loved the fact that it was a quick and easy process to set up an account and complete the initial steps. Most certainly the convenience of not having to take time out of my busy schedule to sit in a doctors office and a subsequent trip to the pharmacy.eyelashes ReviewLatisse - 3mL5This has been an easy addition to my night time skincare routine. Instructions are simple and it doesnt irritate my skin! I havent used it long enough to see much of a difference but I will continue to use! Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16571239225great service, very user friendly and love my latisse!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16532359225The ingredients are the most effective medically proven. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16448587225The doctor I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable, asked the right questions, and it was a pleasure to be seen by her. I was afraid to do this at first, but the doctor made it very easy and I will be re-ordering again from your company! THANK YOU!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16414027225Great product and great service!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16404523225Best product out there for eyelashes. Wish the price was more affordableLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16344871225Apostrophe makes getting what you need to look your best so easy! Im so glad I found this site. I am a client for lifeLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16322407225Well pleased!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16319815225I have only been using the Latisse for a month now. My lashes are not longer but it looks like I am getting more eyelashes. They seem fuller. I will have to post again after a few months since it says that it takes about 16 weeks before the lashes are longer. So far I am happy that I tried this!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16316359224I have been using Latisse for over 5 years. Once I get them to the length I want I then use it every other day or every third day to keep them at the right length. It works like magic. You won't be disappointed! I have tried other lash lengthening products and most of them did not work like Latisse. In fact one of the products I got from a make-up line at a salon had some product in it that I was allergic to. So buy Latisse, its the best!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16304263225It's been three weeks with no effect. I'll have t judge again in 6 weeks.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16304263223I like the packaging but have only used it a little more than 1 week so I can't say there has been progressLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16286983214Have been using about a month now and have noticed some improvement. Lashes are longer.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16286119225Am very happy with the Apostrophe service , super fast delivery. Just started using Latisse for 2 weeks & it takes 16 weeks to get final results. Having used Latisse in the past with good success am patiently waiting. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16286119225I am thrilled w this company and the service. It was fast and easyLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16285255215So far it's going well. I do see a slight difference in the length of my lashes but i think it's too soon to tell. excited to see how my lashes are going to look in a month from nowLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16257607224Wanted to try Latisse and Apostrophe made it very easy. Two weeks in and can't wait to see the resultsLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16252423225After spending hundreds of dollars every month on lash extensions and losing my natural lashes so I decided to use Latisse which has given me beautiful lush, long thick lashes.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16250695225Not sure if it works for me. I find myself being inconsistent with this productLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16248103223I have been using Latisse for about 2.5 weeks now.. I have not noticed any growth or increase in eyelash density. Pretty disappointed. That said, Apostrophe is very easy to use, friend service, and very timely! Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16233415223I'm not sure if this work for me. My eyes got itchy and blurry at time so I stopped using itLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16232551221I have used this in the past and it works well. Results show after several weeks. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16232551223I'm only into my third week of using Latisse, so it is still way too early to tell if anything is changing with my lashes. They do seem stronger than they did a few weeks ago. I have had no problems applying it and I will keep on diligently using it every night. I'm absolutely sure that I will begin to see results soon. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16225639224I was skeptical because of some of the questions asked. Online purchases can end up being a nightmare for you, but I am glad that I ended up placing my order. I have used the Latisse some years back but can no longer find it in my area. Happy that Apostrophe can provide it consumers like me. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16221319225This is the best for eyelash growth, I started seeing growth in 2 Days!!!! very very happy Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16217863225Not quite done with the 12 weeks but the process is easy, no reactions. Cant wait to see the end results! Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16217863224This is the easiest process. I'm very happy with my results. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16216999225I have been using Latisse for some time and love the way my lashes respond to regular use. When I back off using this, my lashes gradually go back to the way they looked before using. I am a big fan Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16215271225I am only three weeks in using Latisse. It is simple, however, not sure how much to put on the brush and how log should a bottle last me? Ask me again in another six weeks about the treatment!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16167751223I have been using Latisse for a little over two weeks and I can already see results. Thank you Apostrophe!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16141867215Only have used Latisse for 3 weeks but excited to see what it will look like at the end of 8-10 weeks. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16141003214I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on false lashes and I could never get them to feel right on my eyes. I would recommend this product 100%. I have been using it for less than a month and my lashes are getting long full and dark. I have actually cut back on the amount of makeup I wear daily bc my lashes looks so amazing. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16114219235Easy process to get Latisse and have movie star eyelashes.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16093483225This product really works! You will definitely see a noticeable difference in length and fullness!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16082251225Replaced my missing Latisse very quickly and efficiently! Thank You for GREAT service!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16074475225I inherited puny lashes...mascara doesn't do much for them either. For a few years, I had semi-permanent lashes applied but developed an allergy to the glue. A co-worker recommended Apostrophe for obtaining an Rx for Latisse. I'm SO HAPPY that I followed through. My lashes grow really long and I get tons of compliments!! The best part is that it's my "natural" lashes. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16071019235Results thus far seem to be going well, my eyelashes are definitely becoming allot more filled in where their was previously gapsLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16049419224Very natural looking, not like spiders.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16047691225Finally, a product that does what it intends. My lashes - after just 2 weeks - are noticeably longer, with or without mascara! Thank you, Apostrophe, for making me feel pretty again!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16046827225I love using Latisse to get my lashes long. After I start using it every night I notice the difference pretty quickly. I have small eyes, so the lashes really help bring out my eyes. I love having long lashes. I love Latisse!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16039915225I have used so many other lash growth products. None work like this. It seems pricey but not when you consider how much you spend on products that dont work at all. So happy I found this convenient way to get this product. I am so happy with my lashesLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16031275225growth is noticible Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16027819215I've only been using Latisse for about two weeks so I can't say much about the results at all since it actually takes a little time for that, but I can comment on how quick and easy it is to use. It's all prepackaged and all you really need to do is apply. More later when I actually can report on some results Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL16008811224process was easy and the product is as advertisedLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15991531225I didn't think anything would actually make my lashes grow, but this does. It doesn't happen overnight, but be patient, it does work.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15990667225I have been using this product for 2 years and I would highly recommend it..Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15971659225i started using Latisse a few weeks ago. I used another lash serum and most of my lashes fell out! They are growing long and strong now! Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15962155225seeing results in a week and even on my eyebrows!!!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15961291225Sometimes I "fall off the wagon" and forget to apply it, but I am extremely happy with the results.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15955243225I want to invite anyone who is interested in trying Latisse by Apostrophe to do so. I am extremely satisfied and would really recommend that if you want naturally grown eyelashes to as always contact your Dr. Once they sign off of this you will be surprised how easy and quick they work. - AngelaLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15953515225Super happy with product, works like a charm, I am 50 and am so happy to have fuller and longer lashes Worth the money!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15938827215I have Meibomian gland dysfunction and because of it I suffer from severe dry eye. If I try to wear contact lenses they literally fall out of my eyes from a lack of moisture in less then 10 minutes after I put them in my eyes. I was hoping I would be sensitive to Latisse since I really was looking forward to lush lashes. Unfortunately, my dry eyes were super sensitive and as soon as I brushed it on my lashes everything was feeling like it was on fire and stayed that way for a couple hours. Due to my dry eyes I am not able to continue treatment. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15937099211I've used Latisse for about two weeks, and I'm very happy with the results so far. I can't wait to see results after 16 weeks! My lashes are already darker and fuller. It was hard to see them at all before and now I love looking in the mirror to see my lashes!!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15936235215It always seems that nothing works for my hair or lashes to grow and finally I found a product that works! Latisse has made my lashes so thick and long that it looks like I have extensions. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15919819225Because I haven't been using Latisse long enough to see results, I've selected three stars. However, the product is very easy to use, and I have experienced no discomfort at all after application. I am looking forward to seeing some amazing results! Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15918955223I had lashes applied for years and it really put the hurt on my real lashes. I simply did not like the upkeep and maintenance of having lashes applied. I had heard you had to use this product for 30 days to see results and yikes, within 7 days I had long, full's pretty great and I am happy. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15918091225I reached out to them to get started using Latisse to have longer lashes. It was so simple! My prescription is mailed on time. They are great at communicating. Using Apostrophe was much quicker and easier than scheduling an appointment with a local dermatologist. Check them out! I'm so glad I found them! Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15912907225I love Latisse and have used it for several years. Your prices are excellent and I don't have to leave home to get it.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15912907225I tried lash extensions and was unable to wear them due to allergies. I am delighted to still be able to have lovely long eyelashes with Latisse. Apostrophe is an easy and consistent way to buy the product. Highly recommend!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15912043225Latisse is great, it works well. The only downside I can say from using it more than a few times is that it is chemically strong, so that when you stop using it, it seems it causes existing lashes to noticeably fall out. I noticed this on several occasions. It would be great if it came in a milder formula.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15911179225I started out using the "knock-off" product "Revitalash" for my lashes in 2008...stopped after Latisse sued them for theft of formula & Revitalash stopped working to grow and thicken my lashes. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing the same thing with Latisse after at least 8 years of acceptable results. My lashes are somewhat longer, but definitely not as thick as in years past. Not sure if they're "playing with the formula" but for the price, I'm not sure I'll continue using Latisse.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15908587213I am about halfway through my first month and my routine is going well. I am please with the product and have experienced no side effects. It is too early to see any results but I am excited to see what the next few months reveal. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15908587214The bottle is microscopic! The box is filled with individual brushes which after many online videos, I found the brush side that you are supposed to use is useless and consumes the product. I use the backside of the brush (handle) to apply one single drop to each eye lid lash line and its plenty of product. My friends have noticed my lashes are fuller and longer, not necessarily darker though. I haven't had any bad side effects. The bottle has lasted me 3 months and I'm still not done with it. It took me probably 2 months to see results. If you don't use it every night or stop using it, I hear your lashes go back to normal. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15907723224I tried. Matisse for 2 months. and did not see. an improvement. Length growth was. uneven. and the lashes did not appear darker Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15906859222Very fast service. Received Latisse within 5 days of ordering. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15905995225Latisse delivers as promised - longer lashes. Thicker too. I am brown-eyed, so any pigment deposition wouldn't be noticeable or a problem. I think my upper lids are a shade or two darker but I use a pale eye makeup base on my lids each morning.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15901675214Latisse works beautifully! I have the look of extensions without the extension price tag. 1 Bottle lasts me way longer than advertised!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15899947225Regular use of Latisse has made my short, light brown lashes much longer and darker! I use to wear false lashes, now I have no need as 2 coats of mascara will now make my lashes look just as long and full. I've had no negative side effects. I am a total fan of Latisse. The scheduled delivery is great as well! No need to worry about my next prescription!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15895627225It works. Once my lash extensions were off due to the the quarantine, lids were nearly naked. Latisse works! I have normal lashes again!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15894763224Latisse keeps your eyelashes from falling out so they grow longer. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15893899225I have used Latisse for a long time to extend the tails of my eyebrows. It hasn't worked as well on my lashes, but works great on my eyebrows.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15893035224I do like the produce but $140.00 for 3mlLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15893035224I've been using Latisse with Apostrophe for a couple months now and it is super effective. No negative side effects either. I can go out with no make-up but it really pops when I use my curler and mascara! Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15892171225So easy to order and its at your mailbox! Love the service !Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15889579225 I noticed in one week my lashes were getting longer and thicker.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15889579225I love Latisse. My eyelashes look great. I've used the product for years. Apostrophe makes it so easy to use. I am so glad I found them!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15887851225I have been using it for three weeks. Yet, I have not witness any new growth with the Latisse. According to the reviews, I should see a difference in the eighth week. So I have five weeks to go. I am hoping and praying I did not get duped. I've never heard of Apostrophe, so I hope they are legit. I will return in five weeks with an updated review. Fingers crossed.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15887851223This product has definitely worked for me. I saw results in as little as a week of using Latisse. I now have full and long lashes. I no longer have to wear falsies. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15887851225I have been using this product for almost 2 years now. At first, it was working but for the last year, I have not seen any growth in my lashes. I used it 3 nights a week. Also, the cap broke and there's really no way I can securely close it. Its a little frustrating because I paid a lot to money for it.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15887851223I really love Latisse more than any other product. My lashes are much longer. I do wish they were more lush.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15887851224I love this product! However lashes were getting almost unmanageably long, so had to stop daily application in favor of every other day. Started using after a bad experience with extensions that left my lids bare and blotchy.. Now my lashes are soft, thick, they look amazing. Whenever I wear mascara I get asked for my lash girl's number. Definitely worth the money.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15886987225I have been using Latisse for 9 Years! It really helps us wimpy lash gals have the beautiful lashes of our dreams.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15885259225I had to have my Thyroid removed, and I started losing lashes and hair. This product has helped, and my shipments are always on time........Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15883531225So far I am seeing a great improvement in my lashes. From having lash extensions for many years, my lashes were very tiny. They have become thick and are growing in length.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15882667224Been using Latisse and my lashes are a lot longer than they used to be. Love it! This stuff worksLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15880939225I have had thin lashes and brows my entire life until I discovered Latisse! My lashes are so beautiful that I often forgo mascara and my eye brows look like a teenagers! Could not be happier! :)Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15879211225I have been using Latisse for awhile now and I couldn't be happier with the results. It's easy to use and truly does maintain long eyelashes, I love it!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15878347225My eyelashes are longer and more full than ever and I just turned 66. Im a redhead so I still have to wear makeup but its a huge difference!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15875755215This is a great product that really does work. You have to be a bit careful to literally only use ONE drop, ONCE per day as the directions say! The small bottle lasts a long time.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15875755215I just turned 60 years old. I have been using Latisse for six years. I often receive compliments about how nice my eye make-up looks. I wear very little eye make-up, other than mascara to enhance my long lashes, thanks to Latisse, and a little light brown eye shadow (to cover the slight darkness caused by long-term Latisse use). I'm a big fan of Latisse! Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15875755215At first, this was working great - and my lashes were growing longer and thicker ... but then it stopped working after a couple of months and my eyes started to itch more, but I figured it was allergies. Then it just stopped working despite faithfully applying it - my lashes are falling out and are short and thin. And worse, now I have bad eye pain and itching - but burning, sharp pains and cannot get into the doctor due to the coronavirus. I have written and noted the reaction in my life but no response.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15875755212 Since I've gotten older, my lashes have thinned out so when I heard about Latisse I was anxious to give it a try. I didn't expect too much but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I have used it for years now and with Apostrophe I don't have to do a new order every time I need more. They email or text me each month when they are ready to ship more and I let them know whether I need it or to hold off on for a month or so.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15870571225works wonderfully, almost immediate response!Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15866251225I used Latisse years ago with great results. This time around I'm not experiencing the results I had hoped for. I've been using it again for almost a year (or more I believe) and it just isn't working well :-(. I'll stick with it for a while longer and hope it kicks in. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15866251223This is not an overnight fix. This is an everyday routine and it really works! I had an area in my eyebrow that had completely gone bare, now it is full again. I apply the left over Latisse to the eyebrow after using on the eye lashes, not willing to waste a drop. Eye lashes are fuller. Eyebrows are fuller. And all is longer. I think it is worth the effort and money. Much safer than glued on eye lashes that may get your eye infected. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15865387215Using the eye lash works for growing lashes, although slight dark spots on eye lids but no biggyLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15865387215 I have used latisse for a couple years and love it. This is not the first Time I have used itLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15864523224My dermatologist referred her patients to order generic latisse themselves. No pharmacy in my area carries it, so I found & got a prescription under the Apostrophe program. Very reliable and easy to use.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15863659225I love what Latisse has done for my eyelashes. Within the first 3-4 weeks I saw my lashes were darker in color and grew some. Love it! Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15862795215This is so worth the money. I love this product. I love the convienence of getting this mailed to me. I will buy again. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15857611215actually works. I use it every other day and my lashes stay longLatisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15857611215I really love Latisse. It gave me my eyelashes back. It really works. I don't even need now to use mascara. So happy.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15857611215I have used this product for some time now and I love my eyelashes and I don't even have to put on everyday now but every couple of days. I love this product and would highly recommend to anyone looking increase the length of their lashes. It really does work.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15857611215After wanting to buy the genuine Latisse and the doctors overcharging for it, I found this company who delivers it to my door monthly, or whenever I need it. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15857611215After one year of getting lash extensions, I was left with barely any lashes. Those that remained we're stubs. After 5 months of daily Latisse I now have a full set of lashes back.Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15857611214Especially now, it is so helpful to order this online. Wish you had orders in the larger size. Latisse ReviewLatisse - 3mL15857611215

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Latisse® is a dermatologist recommended treatment used to promote eyelash growth. Starting with a Latisse prescription from an online dermatologist or provider, you'll be well on your way towards thicker, darker, and longer lashes.

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Latisse® is a dermatologist recommended treatment used to promote eyelash growth.

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I almost stopped using Latisse when I didn’t see instant results, but my patience paid off - after my second shipment, I really started noticing a difference in the length and color of my lashes. It’s way more low-maintenance than extensions, and the results last longer too!
- Shannon, 30, California
Apostrophe Testimonial - Before Photo
Apostrophe Testimonial - After Photo
My lashes have not only grown extensively in length and volume, but I have significantly more lashes too! I love [Apostrophe] because it is very simple and easy to use.
- Kendra, 19, Minnesota

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Clinical trials proved Latisse® made lashes:


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How Apostrophe Works

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106 reviews

This has been an easy addition to my night time skincare routine. Instructions are simple and it doesnt irritate my skin! I havent used it long enough to see much of a difference but I will continue to use!


great service, very user friendly and love my latisse!


The ingredients are the most effective medically proven.


The doctor I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable, asked the right questions, and it was a pleasure to be seen by her. I was afraid to do this at first, but the doctor made it very easy and I will be re-ordering again from your company! THANK YOU!


Great product and great service!


Best product out there for eyelashes. Wish the price was more affordable


Apostrophe makes getting what you need to look your best so easy! Im so glad I found this site. I am a client for life


Well pleased!


I have only been using the Latisse for a month now. My lashes are not longer but it looks like I am getting more eyelashes. They seem fuller. I will have to post again after a few months since it says that it takes about 16 weeks before the lashes are longer. So far I am happy that I tried this!


I have been using Latisse for over 5 years. Once I get them to the length I want I then use it every other day or every third day to keep them at the right length. It works like magic. You won't be disappointed! I have tried other lash lengthening products and most of them did not work like Latisse. In fact one of the products I got from a make-up line at a salon had some product in it that I was allergic to. So buy Latisse, its the best!


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