Tretinoin + clindamycin + niacinamide formula

Tretinoin + clindamycin + niacinamide formula is a topical medication used to treat acne. Tretinoin is a topical retinoid that works by promoting cell turnover and collagen production. Clindamycin is a topical antibiotic that kills acne-causing bacteria and decreases inflammation in the skin. Niacinamide is a vitamin b derivative that helps to balance oil production and improve tolerability with prescription treatments.


  • Do not use if pregnant.
  • Be sure to apply broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen every morning. Tretinoin will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, especially during the first 6 months of use.
  • Redness, peeling, and skin sensitivity can occur, so it’s best to ease into treatment. Your skin will adjust to the medicine over time.
  • A benzoyl peroxide wash is important to use in order to prevent bacterial resistance.


  • Dot a pea-sized amount of your topical treatment on your forehead, cheeks, and chin.
  • Evenly spread the treatment across your face. Avoid your eyelids and the corners of your nose and mouth.
  • Apply a moisturizer either immediately before or after you apply your topical treatment.
  • If your skin becomes irritated, reduce frequency of use. If the irritation persists, stop the medication and contact your dermatology team.


  • The most common side effects of this medication are redness, dryness, stinging, sun sensitivity, and mild-burning at the application site. Skin irritation usually goes away during the course of the treatment.


  • Keep this medication in the container it came in, tightly closed, and out of reach of children.
  • Store at room temperature and away from light, excess heat, and moisture.