Latisse is the only FDA-approved prescription topical solution that makes lashes longer, thicker, and more lush by prolonging the growth cycle of the individual lashes. You will see the full effect of the treatment in approximately 16 weeks.


  • Do not use if pregnant, attempting to become pregnant, or at high risk of pregnancy. Tell your doctor if you are breastfeeding or if you have an eye infection, eye injury, or will be having eye surgery.
  • Do not apply Latisse in your eye. This can stain your iris.
  • Do not apply Latisse to your lower eye lashes.
  • Applying more than one drop of Latisse or applying it multiple times a day will not increase eyelash growth.
  • Remove contact lenses prior to applying Latisse. You may reinsert your contact lenses 15 minutes after application.


  • Make sure your face is clean and makeup-free.
  • At night, apply one drop of solution to the applicator and sweep the applicator across the skin of the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes.
  • If there is excess solution on the eyelid, blot it with a tissue.
  • Dispose of the applicator after use on one eye. Repeat with a new sterile applicator on the other eye.


  • The most common side effects include eye irritation and darkening of eyelids, where the solution is applied.
  • Tell your doctor or seek medical help right away if you experience the symptoms of an allergic reaction (rash/hives, swelling, and/or trouble breathing) or side effects become too irritating for continued use.
  • Let your doctor know about any changes in eyesight, any eye pain/irritation, sensitivity to light, or eye discharge.


  • Keep this medication in the container it came in, tightly closed, and out of reach of children.
  • Store it at room temperature and away from light, excess heat, and moisture.