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I loved Apostrophe because it was the easiest process to talk to my doctor, explain my issues, and get the prescription I needed to address them. Moreover, it was fast, and affordable.skin ReviewHyperpigmentation5I could tell the Dr actually looked at my photos and read my response. Frankly it's just as good as showing up at a derm office in person.skin ReviewHyperpigmentation5What an easy and affordable way to receive treatment! My care was not overlooked by convenience. I am beyond happy to have found Apostrophe!skin ReviewHyperpigmentation5Strong sulfur smell is the only downside and it seems to fade quickly. On my skin, the formula is gentle. I haven't had any redness or "purging." Dramatic improvement about 2~weeks after incorporating it.Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16848583225It has been one month and my skin is already improving. Very happy!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16848583225I am now starting to see improvement with my malasma! I am still using it every other day due to dryness but I am pleased to see the dark patches started to lift. There is still lots of redness and a few blemishes, but there is progress! I know it takes time, so I am waiting patiently. :)Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16845127214I'm almost a month in and I can see a difference. There is absolutely a purging period with this so be ready. And aside from purging, my skin was pretty sensitive and peeling (similar to a sunburn) for awhile, especially in the first couple of weeks. But I am seeing results which is worth the initial uncomfort in my opinion.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16845127214I've been using this for 3 weeks and I've seen a drastic change in my skin. I'm no longer breaking out constantly, and when I do, they generally clear up faster and the scars heal quicker. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16845127215I have only been using this a short time. I will say I am having a LOT of trouble dispensing the cream. I don't know how it's going to last three months. Seems empty already and I have to bang it upside down them pump like crazy to get anything out of it. Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16844263233I believe the Antibiotic has been effective in making my face better.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16843399225I am so happy that I was prescribed topical spironolactone because there are no side effects to be concerned about and my skin has remained clear.Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16843399225I have been using this formula for almost a month daily at night. I enjoy using this formula overall as it has been helping with my acne prone skin to stay calm with minimum active acnes. The only downside would be having a little dry patch around my jaw and lips corner which isn't really bothersome, but I do notice it. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16843399225Doxycycline is a miracle worker for my face.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16839943225I have been suffering from hormonal acne since I began having peri-menopause symptoms. I've tried so many things, and nothing seems to help. I read about topical spironolactone and thought I'd contact Apostrophe to find out more. My provider was prompt, informative, and thorough. I've only used the product for a short time, but my skin is improving. My only complaint would be the garlicky smell, but I can live with that if the product works!Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16839943225Process was extremely easy and personable. Packaging is great with easy instructions. I have been starting very slowly so at this time I don't have results. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16839943225I see improvement in the areas where I was concerned, with clogged pores. My skin is a bit dry but I moisturize and use sunscreen,. Definitely use the sunscreen. I am hoping it will do the job and clear all the clogged pores, like milia. It feels clearer so far.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16838215225Glass! My skin is finally looking clearer and smoother Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16837351225So far my use of the Tretinoin is going well. I started myself off only once a week for the first few weeks. Now I am going almost every other day...I just don't want to be too obnoxiously flaky as my skin gets used to it. I loved the detailed plan and recommendations my doctor gave me. I am looking forward to continuing my use and to getting great long term results! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16837351225Only a few weeks in to treatment. I have luckily experienced few, if any symptoms. I take this at night like directed which I feel like helps but I also have not seen any improvement. I know that it takes time for medications to treat acne so I am just staying hopeful. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16835623223I only have been using my treatment for a few weeks now. I have not seen any improvement in my acne but I also have not seen it get worse. No real negative side effects to my knowledge either. My only hope is that this medication just needs some time to do its thing. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16835623223I definitely notice the peeling and appreciate the warning about not using in the corners of the mouth, because recently it did cause a lot of pain, and ugly appearance around my mouth as I definitely disregarded that warning. Other than that, it's been slowly changing my face, but the pores are still very large.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16834759224I was a bit skeptical and had used a different at home/online treatment provider for acne and was super disappointed with the results. I am 51 and still struggling with acne. The treatment provided by Apostrophe fit all of my wants and needs and my skin is looking so much better! So thankful to find what my skin needed and the providers have been great!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16833895225I had a really bad case of rosacea and after only a month I almost have it under control. It did burn a little at first but now it just feels like a normal routine to use. I can say that anyone using the moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16833031225I did get a few of the side effects but the medicine did help to get the rosacea under control for the face cream to work.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16833031223I should have pursued this prescription looooong ago! I had a suspicion most of my breakouts were hormonal, but this medication proves that. I have been so pleased with the results, even just a few weeks in! I am excited for continued results.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16833031225First time trying this product. I am very pleased with the product and with the company. I have only used it for about 2 weeks but my skin feels great and I am happy with what I have noticed thus far. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16833031225I like this formula more than my last one. Last one smelled bad, this one has no scent. I feel like it's helping with texture/scarring and my acne seems to be subsiding. I'm also on oral medications, though - not sure what's doing the heavy lifting. Overall, I'm happy that my skin is improving.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16832167214I love the formula of my Tretinoin , mild dryness around the nose and lips area but absolutely tolerable nothing that I wasn't ready for after using different retinols through the years + had a mild purging time as well but by now my skin slowly but surely getting used to it and I see better results already Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16832167215Works like a charm on my tush! Had immediate results and no side effects. 1 million stars!Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16831303225I have used this formula that was prescribed specifically for my needs and my skin and I'm already entering my second month using the product and my skin has cleared up tremendously! I had acne on my lower face on my chin and jaw area and tretinoin on its own was not working. Since combining these two ingredients together into a routine, my skin has changed drastically. My other main concern was that my skin was very oily and I am still waiting for that to subside a little. Maybe that will take a little more time.Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16831303224I have actually already noticed results. My confidence is coming back!!!!Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16831303225Similar to the review I did for my body formula, apostrophe is on one to think 1/2 a pump will cover my entire face. The tiny little bottle is supposed to last three months, but I have to use 1 full pump to cover my face and neck. Sooo, 1 1/2 months maybe? I don't know, but I am seeing my skin clear up. I still have a few breakouts and blackheads, but it doesn't seem as bad as before. I'll give it 6 months before I keep or delete this subscription. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16831303224Slow to work - but still hopeful to see progress at the one month mark. No side-effects so glad not to deal with flaking or red skin. Easy application - I find it hard to believe I have enough in the bottle for three months using the directed amount but we'll see! The process has been super easy and I am appreciative of that! Stay tuned!Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16830439223This product has done wonders to improve my skin tone and texture. I have had bad hormonal acne and it has helped to keep it from getting deep and painful as well as reduce redness and skin discoloration!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16830439225Enjoy using this with my other oral and topical treatments. Take with food to prevent any stomach irritation but also have to keep in mine to not take it too close to bed time/lying down. Overall works wellDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16829575234Had a long gap between previous dermatologist treatments and prescription of spironolactone but Apostrophe made is super easy to talk a Dr, get a prescription refill, and its truly impressive how quickly this stuff works!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16829575235I've been enjoying this topical treatment so far with my uses. Occasionally I will get irritation around my nose if I've applied in that area or accidently pumped out too much but by taking a couple days off, its easy to get back on track with the treatment. Overall a fairly tolerable treatment. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation168295752342 weeks in no new acne is appearing and protocol seems to be helping, I get no skin irritation at all from this medication. Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16826983225my large red painful hormonal acne subsided pretty quickly! They typically pop up during my cycle so I'm still waiting to see if the spironolactone will help prevent them in the next few months. I still get small whiteheads across my forehead that has not made a difference, but I don't believe spironolactone is meant for thoseSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16826983224I am only in my first month of using this, but I break out under my armpits and I have noticed a change since applying this treatment.Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16825255235I am a little hesitant to believe the results Ive received so far. My acne is gone after less than a week. I had to have the order ship from my home in florida to where I am staying in North Carolina so I have just started using it. So far Im impressed and hope it isnt too good to be true.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16825255235I've been using topical and oral spironolactone for a month and have seen good results. No side effects and my skin has improved a good bit. Still not perfect, but it can take a couple of months to reach full efficacy.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16823527245Topical + oral spironolactone seem to be working well. Not perfect, but I've only been taking it for a month. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16823527245After 3 weeks (50mg first week and 100mg two weeks) of taking Spironolactone at night before bed, my skin is almost completely clear! I am so pleased with the results. Thankfully I have not experienced any side effects. Very happy I tried this.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16821799225I have had redness for years (like 20 yrs). It is finally improving. My face is much better, my chest needs a little more time. And the little bumps I thought were whiteheads are so smooth now!Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16806247225Adding this topical treatment to my skincare routine has made a noticeable difference in the look of my skin. It is gentle enough to use daily and has left my skin brighter and more even. There are no perfumes and it feels clean on my face. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16744939215I needed a medication stronger than Doxycycline and this is what my physician thought would work best. He was correct! I've been taking it about two weeks, and it has already made an impact on my skin. I'm very pleased with this new approach to addressing my skin issues. Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16744939215I've used traditional prescription products for my rosacea and none of them have been a combination of 3 products acting synergistically. I love that Apostrophe is considering all angles with their products. Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16742347225Love that Apostrophe is willing to address problems on more than one front. The combination of topicals and an antibiotic have been wonderful!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16742347225I've tried retinoid products in the past and they always irritated my sensitive skin. This formula, made specifically for me, has been a game changer because I'm not irritated and I'm already seeing results. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16742347225Doxycycline, paired with the rest of my treatment, has made a huge difference in my skin. Since starting it my inflammation and redness has greatly improved. Really glad my doctor prescribed this! Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16741483235It's been almost 3 weeks on my topical treatment and spironolactone and I have already noticed a significant improvement in my skin texture, oil reduction, and number of breakouts. I am very pleased and excited to see continued results.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16741483235LOVING it so far! Only felt some of the side effects for the first couple of days before I got completely adjusted to it. Starting to see some serious progress when it comes to my acne and inflammation. Looking forward to the end goal! Thank you Apostrophe! Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16740619225I had used a Tretinoin prescription from another online company and my results were just "meh". It's the azeliac acid that really takes this to the next level. I noticed a difference in my skin within the first week. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16740619225My skin is slowly looking better using this as recommended. I have had little negative side effects, just a little dry skin, so I am really happy.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16740619225I have been on this medicine for almost a month and skin is looking better everyday!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16739755225I'm so happy with my decision to start Apostrophe, I was frustrated with my skin and I notice an improvement the first few days of using this product. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16739755225I am really seeing a difference in my skin because I am barely breaking out anymore! I still have some congestion in my pores and lots of dry skin but it is getting better!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16739755223I wasn't sure if I had hormonal acne and tried so many different products before deciding to give Apostrophe a try. This has almost cleared up all of my acne in a week! I used to get super deep, red, and sometimes painful zits and they are virtually gone. So thankful to have tried this and found something that works! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16736299225I was using retinol before starting Apostrophe, but this coupled with the oral spironolactone has significantly helped my acne go away as well as the overall texture of my skin. Highly recommend!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16736299225Along with the gentle skin cleanser and moisturizing night cream recommendations, Im no longer dealing with the really bad dermatitis. I just have some dry flaky skin now after removing my makeup (when I wear it) which seems like good progress. Its rarely red or causing burning pain any more. Definitely be sure to eat and get plenty of water when taking this or youll feel sick. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16734571224My skin is slowly but surely clearing! finally!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16734571225I had large, inflamed zits along my jawline and up by my hairline in addition to some scarring all over my face when I started using this 2 weeks ago. Im already seeing huge improvements, and my friends and family are too! The zits are gone, my scarring is less pronounced, and the inflammation is nonexistent. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16734571225It has only been 3 weeks and I can say that this is the absolute best! I already notice a difference and my skin isn't screaming in anger like the other products I have tried. I went to "skin care specialists" I did it all and invested a ton. No change. This system is amazing, and I would recommend getting your personalized skin care today!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16734571225My azelaic acid cream has been such a great addition to my skincare regimen. It has really helped keep my breakouts at bay and it also helps with redness.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16733707225I am seeing some improvement since starting this medication. Can't wait to see how it works after a little more time. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16733707224I know alot of people say there was a purge period but luckily for me it started working immediately. I've got a few stubborn ones on my chin but other than that everything is healing and looking great! So glad I started! Also no side effects!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16733707225Please do your skin a favor and follow the suggestion of putting moisturizer on first!! Skin in clearing up the number of breakouts has decreased, and when mixing the moisturizer my skin has not dried out. When I did it without moisturizer my skin was so dry in the morning. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16733707225As someone struggling with rosacea for the past years, I already know what to expect and to be patient with the healing process, this medicine gave me a fast result, like no other I have tried before, I am all well now.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16731115225I was a little nervous to start at the 0.05 percent, but I figured, since I had been on adapalene gel for over 1 year, I should start with a stronger percentage. I was pleasantly surprised! I had very very minimal peeling near my mouth that was hardly noticeable, so I think my skin is handling this well.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16730251225The pills are huge and smell and taste like mints, but they make a huge difference! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16728523224I had a few cysts on my cheek and after a few weeks of taking Doxycycline they have been getting smaller and smaller each day and are almost goneDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16727659225love it, works wonders, my skin cleared already and i have been taking it for about 2 weeks now.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16727659225This prescription is helping me inmensely with my hair loss aside my skin. I was prescribed for this medication before which I'm so glad to find out is the same from other company that used to ship my prescription and I find a better price here with Apostrophe. I thank personally Doctor Blake for listening to my needs.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16727659225It really removes dark blotches discolorations, and revives tired skin, But be prepared for some intense exfoliation!!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16725931225This formula feels smooth and soaks in nicely. Ive noticed a little difference in my skin, about a month in. The only issue for me is that the amount that comes out of each pump is inconsistent. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16725067224so far, this is working really well!Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16723339215This is definitely improving my skin, though I am still breaking out. Hoping this will eventually stop. I do see a difference though.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16721611224I joined Apostrophe because I'm now in my early 40s and noticed some fine lines creeping in but I also have periodic acne. The Tretinoin + Spironolactone + Clindamycin Formula takes care of both problems. It's also very affordable as I couldn't get the same prescription for the same price at my regular pharmacy and insurance doesn't cover it. I also like the text check-ins and fine tuning help I received. Well worth the investment each month!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16718155215I've been taking this for a few weeks now and my skin has changed dramatically. Went from having at least 2 or 3 active breakouts at a time (sometimes more, especially while PMSing) to NONE. Also my skin just looks so much healthier even where I didn't used to get breakouts. I can tell my pores are much much clearer and my skin is way less oily! I really hope it continues to work because so far the results are amazing.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16715563225I haven't had acne in about a year or so (not due to Tretinoin) but the reduction of my hyperpigmentation plateaued at a point. Although my scars had lightened a considerable amount in the past year, I very much knew my skin could be more even. I also have a stubborn dark area around my mouth that may be only noticeable to me, but again, I knew it could be improved. It has been two weeks since starting this treatment and it has TRANSFORMED my skin!!! It is doing things I started to believe my skin just could not do. My skin is more even, bright, smooth etc that ever before. Literally. Ever. Granted, I have had MANY skin problems in my lifetime (severe cystic acne included). This product clearly stimulates cell turnover better than anything I've ever tried, and I've tried A LOT. Really a great product. However, I do think taking your time with it is super important! I started out with every other night which was tolerable, but I did have a little dryness & irritation. The second week I tried increasing to every night & I only got two days in before I noticed my skin became more sensitive. Like a lot more. It stung to touch my face. I immediately stopped using it until that subsided (about 4 days) and switched back to using my retin A instead, but the product definitely continued to work even though I wasn't using it. My skin continued to peel & heal. I liken it to using a chemical peel! Certainly has similar results. Better, even. But you wouldn't use a chemical peel everyday would you? I have semi sensitive skin so could be why (don't think so tho) but I really encourage listening to your skin and taking it very slow. I could see some really bad reactions happening otherwise. Either way, I think this is a great product & is taking my skin to the next level. I think by the time I finish this first 3 months, I will have the skin of my dreams! Which I started to give up on. (Though admittedly, I have gotten my skin to a great point before this). Good luck on your journey's to clear, amazing skin!! I mean it!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16715563225I've been using this for a few weeks in combination with oral spironolactone and my skin has cleared up SO much! I had been having hormonal breakouts on my chin for over a year and at any given time I had at least 2 or 3 active breakouts. Now i have none. Literally zero. I hope it keeps working because so far it has changed my skin and I'm feeling way more confident! It is drying for sure but that is expected, I just make sure to moisturize really well after using.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16715563225In less than 2 months, the under- eye circles I had battled with for years and which added 10-15 years to my appearance are 97% completely gone!! Thank you my amazing Apostrophe team!!Hydroquinone tretinoin fluocinolone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16713835225This cream is working wonders for me. I have been using this product for two weeks now and I see improvement in my facial glow. I will submit an update in about 2 weeks. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16713835225I tried using azalaeic acid that was non prescription and it made my face itch and didnt help. This one is stronger and prescription and I experienced no itching, no side effects and its already working 2 weeks later! Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16711243214It has been about 2 months with the combo of Tretinoin and Azelic Acid and my skin is looking soooo much better! I hardly have any active acne anymore, my skin is so much smoother and less inflamed/irritated. I am excited to see how my surface scaring and hyperpigmentation begins to fade with continued use. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16711243215I wish I did this earlier. I have not even been using this for a month and my skin is almost completely clear! I have some acne scars I will need to tackle next. I use this lotion at night in conjunction with a gentle Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser and ceramide moisturizer. DO THE THING. It is worth it. Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16707787225I've been using this for a few weeks now, and aside from some minimal dryness, I've had zero breakouts!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16707787225I've been on Spironolactone for years and Apostrophe made it easy to continue my course of treatment. This is the first time I've been told to take one pill in the morning and two at night, and I think that timing makes it even more effective. Very satisfied! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16705195215I got this for my daughter who is 13. After consultation with the service, and sending pics they sent her a mild prescription and sunscreen which have worked wonders in two weeks. The follow up is also great. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16705195215My daughter has been using the tretinoin/clindamycin formula for about a month and her skin already looks better. She complained of her skin being dry, but that is to be expected. We are very happy with her new clearer skin and with Apostrophe!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16705195215have to use every other night because it's really quite strong and dries my skin outTretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16705195214Hi, I think this formulation is working out for me. No dryness issues. I did start taking a supplement for PMS (FLO capsules) which seemed to cause a major acne flare-up almost immediately and I stopped taking it. Skin is slowly clearing up again. Hopefully the new formulation will keep me from continuing to get hormonal acne. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16704331225I always use this product when my skin breaks out this is the BEST product EVER all you have to do is take Doxycycline as instructed and eat healthier with plenty of water and you will see a big DIFFERENCE less than a month. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16703467225a wonderful addition to my skincare routine in 3 weeks noticing a marked improvement on skin texture definitely will continue treatmentTretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16703467225I am doing really well on my current medication. I have seen improvement. I am only using it every other night at this point so my skin has some recovery days, but I am still seeing improvement with my skin. Thanks Apostrophe!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16703467224I can tell a difference right away. Ive had cystic acne for 20 years and this clears it up within a few days!!!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16700011225The tretinoin in this prescription is of such high quality and appears to be doing what it should. There aren't too many formulas out there that contain Spironolactone and Clindamycin to help combat acne, but the trio of ingredients appear to be working well together. Make sure to moisturize 15 minutes before or after applying the treatment to help your skin retain moisture while using these treatments. Fight through the initial skin purge and you will start seeing results.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16700011225Clindamicin and spironolactone really seem to help my skin condition. I get clogged pores easily, and have some excess facial hair. This combo is very helpful for my skin. So happy to have found spironolactone in a skin lotion.Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16694827215I feel like I read results like this and can't believe it but I saw a change in my acne overnight using this. I still have a little ways to go with controlling breakouts and reducing scars, but this product has already worked wonders!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16694827215didn't get any irritation felts good to apply but I didnt help with acne scars or acne. might need a higher strength or a combination with something elseTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16693963224I have dealt with acne my entire life. Im 30 years old and was still dealing with acne. Birth control helped it but only when I was on it. I tried many topical creams which did help a bit but never cleared me up entirely. This has my skin glowing and acne free! Thank you!! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16693099225I have been taking this for almost 3 weeks now, and I noticed a pretty big difference in the amount and severity of the acne that does pop up. I am almost to only scars and my active breakouts are significantly lower and less painful!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16692235225It took a while but I finally feel like my skin is on the right track. I'm so glad I tried this.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16692235225After a little peeling the 1st day, my skin adjusted and I love it! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16692235225I started this product almost 3 weeks ago, I started every other day but my skin was drying out pretty bad so I am down to every third day. My skin is drier, but I feel like it is drying up the blemishes and helping them go away faster!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16692235225Only a few weeks into the treatment, but this appears to be helping!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16691371224Think we are getting some decent results so far! hopefully the skin issues continue to clear up!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16691371224I think I like it so far. It is easy to apply and simplifies my routine a lot. The reviews online are really great so I assume it will work for me too. I've been using it less than a month so I haven't noticed a difference yet but I am patient and excited for my results in a few months. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16691371224My skin has been this clear in so long and it worked within a week Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16690507225I have tried everything to clear up my severe acne. Everything you can think of. I was doing just the Tretinoin alone which was originally prescribed by my family doctor for months. Nothing. I decided to try apostrophe and they put together a combination of prescription creams that literally started clearing up my acne in less than two weeks. Three and a half weeks later its all gone. I will continue to use them for however long I get acne. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16689643225Working really well for me, I have tried everything over the years and have never seen results like I am seeing now. Super happy! Over the moon! Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16688779225Excited to see what my skin looks like at the end of my prescription Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16685323225slight flakiness with tretinoin but paired it with a ceramide cream to help .updates to come Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16685323224I wanted to try this medication due to my chin acne and since using my skin has gotten better. Very happy !Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16683595225I am 30 year old woman with acne and I hate it. For a while, I attempted to mitigate it with facial treatments ($$$), but finally turned here and was prescribed this. Its amazing and I rarely get hormone or stress breakouts anymore. For reference, I have a hormonal IUD that may be the culprit for some of the hormonal breakoutsTretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16682731225Works great on stubborn cystic acne, love it!Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16681867225So far it hasnt done much to help my acne. Im hoping after a few more weeks I will see a change. I have noticed the texture of my skin improving.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16681867223I have seen a dramatic difference in only 3 weeks of using this product. Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16681003225This stuff is saving my skin! The oral medicines I was prescribed have definitely helped clear up the big, painful hormonal pimples, but this topical medicine is definitely helping with the unevenness and smaller pimples and imperfections. Its Only been a few weeks so I cant wait to see what it looks like in a month or 2!Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16680139225This is my first time ever using tretinoin and I can truly say that after about three weeks of use I'm already seen noticing smoother texture on my skin, particularly on my forehead where I had small bumps before. The whole process of working with Apostrophe has been a pleasure. When I had a question, I was able to get a response from the team within a day. I'm looking forward to using this product long term and seeing more visible results after 6 months.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16677547225The formula is gentle and is working to calm my skin.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16676647225I've been using this product for a month and my face is about 90% better. I'm still having new bumps, but overall much better. My only complaint is for about 1-2 hours after application my face is BRIGHT RED! It's pretty bad. But, at least it's at nighttime and I'm at home. I will continue to use. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16675783224I've seen a noticeable difference on my skin after using the Clindamycin Body Formula consistently. I used it during the morning after showering with PanOxyl Benzyol Peroxide 10% Body Wash. Along with the over the counter Differin adapalene gel 0.1%. I'm looking forward to my dark marks on my body clearing completely.Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16675783225This product cleared up my acne so fast! I am very impressed!!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16675783225Using this product for just a about a week, I could feel the difference in my facial skin. The skin is much tighter, the acnes are gone. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16675783225I've seen a noticeable difference on my skin after using the Tretinoin + Spironolactone + Clindamycin Formula consistently. I used it at night after washing my face with La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Facial Cleanser. Along with the Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream. I have only experienced a few cystic hormonal acne pimples. I'm looking forward to my dark marks on my face clearing completely. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16675783225I can see a decrease in acne, especially the small/new ones. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now, and I feel like it's definitely helped improve my overall skin. I'm hopeful it will continue to trend this way.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16674919224This stuff works magically for my skin!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16671463225so far so good. I have not experienced any side effects from this medication however I feel my dose may not be high enough because I have not seen much of a change in my skin either Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16670599224The formula doesn't dry me out as badly as I thought it would, but I'm hoping it's working! My face doesn't seem as inflamed and I've only been on it for a few weeks now. Fingers crossed!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16670599224so far so good. I have not experienced any side effects from this medication however I feel my dose may not be high enough because I have not seen much of a change in my skin either Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16670599224Already seeing results after two weeks of use. Thank you Apostrophe for fast, convenient skin care.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16669735215My texture and skin tone had already improved so much. Cant wait to see my results the longer I use. Skin cycling with it so I dont purge or flake. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16668871225I noticed a change in oil production on my face and in my hair within a week or so of taking it. I usually am a greaseball at the end of the day and my hair gets oily so fast, I have to wash it every other day, but since taking spironolactone I've noticed a huge decrease and my pores have been looking much better. I also had way fewer breakouts, and instead of a new zit everyday, I've only had one or two within the last month. I can't wait to see how I do after 3 months. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16668007225I am giving 4 stars because I have only been on this for 3 weeks along with a topical tretinoin, Spironolactone and clindamycin and oral Doxycycline, so I am unsure which of these is the root of my resolutions. I started with a face full of cystic painful acne that had progressively been getting worse and worse for months. Red spots are left after and nothing seemed to help. Less than 3 weeks ago I started this regimen and my consistent breakouts have stopped. I got one pimple during my period that didn't turn into the huge cyst, it stayed small. I can tell my redness is slightly diminishing but not as much as i am hoping for, yet! I'm hopeful after my 3 months of being on this regimen I will notice big changes. I was giving directions to take 50 mg or a week then up it to 100 mg; however, I get very dizzy and light headed when I try for the 100 mg so for now I am sticking with what my body is allowing. I was told to drink plenty of water while taking this, which is already something i do but I've upped it a bit more. Going to the bathroom every 30 minutes isn't fun but It may be worth it if my face continues to improve. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16668007224I love this stuff, it's the only thing i've tried that has actually helped with my uneven skin tone. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16668007225I am giving 4 stars because I have only been on this for 3 weeks along with an oral Spironolactone and Doxycycline, so I am unsure which of these is the root of my resolutions. I started with a face full of cystic painful acne that had progressively been getting worse and worse for months. Red spots are left after and nothing seemed to help. Less than 3 weeks ago I started this regimen and my consistent breakouts have stopped. I got one pimple during my period that didn't turn into the huge cyst, it stayed small. I can tell my redness is slightly diminishing but not as much as i am hoping for, yet! I'm hopeful after my 3 months of being on this regimen I will notice big changes. The cream tells you to use a small amount, I ma still having a hard time using so little, but it does go a long way. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16668007224I don't have any side effects with this medicine. I have been on it for about three weeks. My skin is starting to clear but still have some cystic acne on my chin. I am hopeful that this will continue to help clear my cystic acne.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16667143225This product has been great to use! It isn't harsh on my skin, but has drastically helped to keep my acne cleared.Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16667143225really enjoyed apostrophe so far! have experienced a few side effects in my first three weeks (as expected!), but have already noticed a really positive change in my skin. the service provided by apostrophe - not only with the check-ins but resources they provide on minimizing side effects are amazing!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16667143225I like this topical medicine. I was worried it would dry out my skin but I have been easing into it (three times a week for two weeks and then every other night for two weeks) and my skin isn't dry. It is starting to clear. I still have cystic acne on my chin that is there from before I started using this but I think it has gotten better. I am excited to see the results a couple months from now.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16667143225I've only been using this formula for a couple weeks, but I can already tell such a difference in my skin. The texture and redness have improved, and I don't have dry patches anymore. I still have breakouts on my chin, but it's only been a couple weeks so I'm thinking those will take longer to resolve. Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16663687225I'd tried a number of other treatments for my hormonal acne, and nothing was helping (some were even making it worse). I had been reading online that this was one of the only treatments I hadn't tried, and I am so glad the provider agreed this was worth a trial. My skin has visibly improved, and I have gotten compliments on the change. I feel more confident and am so glad to have some relief and less painful acne. I was having a new breakout almost daily, and am having one rarely for the last couple of weeks. My skin isn't *perfect* right now, but it is really night and day from what I was experiencing. I'm so grateful for Apostrophe and getting treatment that works for me. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16663687225Already a week after starting I felt mild changes which it was great!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16663687225this product is changing my skin! 2 months in and im mad at myself for not trying this sooner! Im so confident already! I cannot wait to see my results in the next month=)Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16663687225helping out tremendously with cystic/painful acne! My chin is almost entirely clear. no more painful, deep bumps or pimplesDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16661959225I've been on this product for about 3 weeks and it seems to be smoothing my skin out it feels much softer I can't wait till I reach a 3 month period and see how my skin has transformedTretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16661959225I spent two years struggling with hormonal acne all over my neck. I tried adding/subtracting different foods from my diet, more water, different supplements, and every cleanser, exfoliant (physical and chemical), mask, and serum I could find. All of these changes did result in my skin looking pretty good - except for the angry, recurrent hormonal neck breakouts, which persisted no matter what. At the end of my rope, I finally decided to seek out spironolactone. At long last, relief. You have no idea how much room in my brain this has freed up, no longer obsessed with my worsening acne. I don't dread fresh horrors in the mirror every morning - just smooth sailing. I write this review for anyone in a similar situation as I was - it's worth a try. I would have saved so much money if I did this sooner.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16661095225No side effects negative that I can tell- and no new cystic acne. Time will tell as I go through a full cycle :)Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16661095225I am experiencing quite a bit of peeling, but as its only been a week or so, I am happy to keep using and see if my face will adjust. I use it after my moisturizer each night. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16661095223I love that this is a moisturizer instead of a gel like the formulation I used to use. I can apply it after I wash my face instead of having to time it between washing my face and applying moisturizer. The increased strength is causing some significant skin peeling now which isnt uncomfortable but isnt appealing all the same. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16659367224This medication seems to be doing its job. Is easy to take once per day and I personally have had no side effects.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16656775225I am noticing improvement of my face regarding my acne, but slowly. Of course it will take time so I just have to be more patient. Hopefully by the "1 month mark" I shall have seen a greater improvement. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16653319213My dark spots are starting to fade out. It seems it will take some time but it is getting better. Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16652455224This seems to be helping more than any other thing I have tried. I'm going to stay with this.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16652455225Skin seems to be clearing up with this medication. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16650727215My Skin looks radiant a day or two after I use this. I'm still working on getting into the best rhythm, but it's coming together. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16650727215Gently helps with comedones , not irritating. Very light weight formula Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16648135225I have struggled with years of hormonal acne. I never had acne as a teenager. In my mid-20s, I started with really painful, cystic hormonal acne that I could never clear up. I have been using this product for about 2.5 weeks now and I can already tell a difference in my skin. I have some areas that seem to be purging, but that is understandable. However, most of my skin is the softest, supplest, and clearest it has been in years. I hope to continue to see improvement as time goes on and the purging clears.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16646407224I only used clindamycin as a treatment for my acne and it allowed any current breakouts to heal and after using for a few days I noticed that I had no new breakouts. I recommend clindamycin to any one else with moderate acneClindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16645543215I had painful hormonal cystic & pustule acne. Every day Id wake up with a new ache which led to a scar. The combo that apostrophe prescribed has helped tremendously, and has drastically prevented the growth of more acne. The trentinoin works in regards of shedding dead skin cells, however, I havent seen my scarring become lighter in color. Maybe itll take more time.. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16644679224This has been absolutely amazing for my skin!! I've noticed huge changes in my rosacea, my acne, and the overall texture of my skin. So happy to have found Apostrophe. In the short time I've been using this product, I've seen more improvement than in 2 years of various over the counter and prescription options.Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16643815225I have been experiencing less breakouts since starting the minocycline. At first the medication made me nauseous, but after a week of adjusting I stopped experiencing GI upset. Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16643815224Ive been using this for about a week now and I havent experienced any skin irritation and overall my skin looks tighter and feels more moisturized. I am interested in seeing how my skin reacts to increasing the prescription for even better results. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16641223235It's been about 2 weeks now for aging skin and although I am still in the beginning stages, I can see a clear difference in my skin. First week my skin looked like trash (dry, red, congested skin) but in the last few days it has changed SO much. My skin looks plump, my pores are almost gone and I can't wait for what it will look like in 6-12mo! My biggest piece of advice is to listen to the instructions. Start low and slow and your skin will eventually start to improve. Blasting it with super strong tret right out the door will not facilitate good results for most.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16638631235So far the doxy is proving to be effective in reducing the inflammation of my skin. I was clear of inflammatory spots on my face within a few days of beginning treatment. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16636903225I have only been using this product for a couple weeks, but I feel as though it is doing a good job. I would recommend this product to others!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16636903224After about 2-3 weeks I'm seeing results (even on the lowest dose of trentinoin)- the stubborn chin zits I've had for months are finally going away.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16636903225Really helped! Afterwards, I went to dr. and she prescribed same thing - so I know it's the real deal and it worked!! Hard for 60yo to have acne!! Thank you.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16635175225For 20+ years I have struggled with rosacea: acne component. I have confirmed demodex mites. I have lots of (unconfirmed) oil. Nobody sees that. The health professionals only want to be very careful with the fair skinned red head, so I'm given metronidazole. That's only one facet of my solution. Apostrophe saw my picture and description and suggested Clindamycin and BPO formula, and it's working. I use that during the day and at night I use the metronidazole and niacinamide formula. Oil is drying. Oh, by the way...I'm 69 years old.Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16634311225Working well for fine lines and wrinkles, no side effects, glides on smooth, not heavyTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16634311225Cleared redness and bumps of acne/rosacea! Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16633447225I have struggled with acne since I was 12. I have tried every cream, pill, serum, and mask there is but I have never had a dermatologist recommend an antibiotic, I was skeptical but after a week my inflammation and cystic acne basically disappeared. My acne is mostly hormonal and I have only been taking it for a little over 2 weeks so I am excited to see if it holds up during that time of the month but so far so good! Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16631719224Has completely cleared up my jawline acne and improved skin texture overall. Still having some sweat and heat reactive cysts from my Rosacea but those are improving.Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16629127225It hasn't been that long for me to give it a full assessment. but so far so goodSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16628263225I like this because it give my skin to shine again I believe your service is the bestClindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16627399225I didn't believe first but now it help my skin and be better more I love itDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16627399225This I believe more ever it help my skin to be in a good condition quickly I love it.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16627399225I've been struggling with my skin for a while now and nothing has helped. Within a few weeks of using my Apostrophe formula, my skins has completely transformed! Couldn't recommend it more Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16627399225I love it, it's definitely a gradual process but I can tell it's making a difference. My overall complexion is slowly getting more even, and I think the formula is also making my skin softer. Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16625671225This is helping to clear up a huge breakout I had and my stomach and body have seemed to adjust to it well over the past couple of weeks Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16624807225My face did get worse after the 1st week. I wanted to stop the medication but I kept taking it daily. Its been almost a month now I dont have perfect, clear skin like I want. I do have better skin. I have less acne, my pimples arent as big, my face doesnt hurt anymore. I love the results so far and I look forward to what I will see at the end of my treatment. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16624807223This is helping to clear up my huge breakout I have had for months. For the small amount to apply to the skin properly I like to mix with a small amount of my face lotion so it will spread more evenly all overTretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16624807225Excellent product. My skin looks smoother and has better tone. No problems whatsoever.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16623079225This product is working pretty well for me! I was using a stronger formula of just tretinoin for over a year and when I finally switched to this combo from apostrophe my skin finally started responding. Now it hasn't made my skin perfect but it's definitely reducing my acne and I feel that I'm having less breakouts! My period even surprised me this month because I didn't get my usual breakout! One note is that I am using more than what I was instructed to use - the note with the prescription says to use half a pump but I need at least 1 full pump to cover the areas that I need to treat. So I will be running out faster than I'm supposed to! Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16621351224This stuff works amazing! So far my deep cyst like zits haven't showed up in over 3 weeks. I wake up every morning anticipating a blemish my my face and I'm pleasantly surprised ever day! I gave it a 4 star rating just because of the side effect of being soooo tired. The last couple of days my energy seems to be coming back, so maybe it just takes some time for my body to adjust, but the first few weeks I was really tired. Time will tell still on wether this will continue to work and if my energy goes up. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16620487234Easy process, at tentative to my concerns and needs. Slowly seeing results. So, far I am happy with my decision.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16619623225This has made a huge difference for me. I get a few spots here and there, but my skin is looking really good. I didn't even use the prescribed pills (to avoid so many potential side effects) and just used the cream. It's working well enough for now. So glad I found this!Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16617895225So I've been dealing with hormonal acne and so far this antibiotic has worked well for me. I haven't had any side effects that are stated. So hoping it continues working as it has so far. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16617031225Definitely helps but consistency is key.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16616167224The Tretinoin + Clindamycin Formula caused my my skin to constantly peel and definitely made it more sensitive and irritated. However, it is looking better overall, so I suppose that just means it's working! I've been using it fairly consistently for about three weeks now and I've decided to go back to every other day use instead of daily to reduce irritation. But overall I would recommend the product!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16616167224After a couple of uses my hyperpigmentation is noticeably lighter. Thank you Dr. Beasley.Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16614439225I think I have been with it over a month but I started noticing the results within a week or so. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16613575225Over the years my skin has become very sensitive and most over the counter creams do not help at all. They either damage more my skin or keep breaking out. But this one has really been working wonders and doesnt leave my face hurting or Peel in excess to where it hurts like other creams do. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16613575225I've tried many of the OTC retinoid brands (both drugstore + high-end) and none of them compare to this Tretinoin + Azelaic Acid combination. I was afraid to jump into a rx formulation straight away but should've done so from the beginning! If you start at a very low dosage, there are no "uglies" involved and you start seeing results right away. I've been skin cycling between this and PC's BHA Exfoliant to work away at sun spots. Very happy with the progress so far!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16610119225Ive been using my personalized tret + azelaic acid suspension for almost 3 weeks now. I have very oily skin with sun damage. Ive been using a pea-sized amount of product nightly with no irritation or purging! My skin looks smoother and brighter and I cant wait to continue to see results after 3-6 months of use! Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16609255225I used to get 2 or 3 deep, painful cysts on my chin once a month that would leave scars. I have been using spironolactone almost two months in combination with tretinoin/azelic acid and haven't gotten a single pimple on my chin since!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16605799225It did cause a little initial purge, but that's clearing up and my skin is adjusting just fineSpironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16603207225I'm fighting a bad breakout for the first time in a few years. I've been using this product for almost a month and I have stated to see some improvement. The container that it is in is nice and really easy to use. The product has not made my skin worse or completely dried out my skin.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16603207225My spots already fading. There was a big spot on my nose and it's already fading. It's been about two weeks and am thrilled.Hydroquinone tretinoin fluocinolone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16602343225having excellent experience - no negative effects and my skin has cleared significantly!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16602343225Ive only been on my formula for about 3 weeks at this point, but its already made a significant improvement with my skin. I have some new pimples due to purging, and some slightly flakey patches because of the tret, but these are already clearing up. In just three weeks, this formula seems to have improved my skin more than anything else I've ever tried. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16602343225My hormones were wrecked after 7 consecutive years of pregnancy, breastfeeding and fertility treatments. My acne was so bad I was having to reschedule dates, and my doctor would not prescribe me anymore antibiotics. The results weren't immediate, but I've been following my treatment plan for 6 weeks now and my skin looks great. The providers and platform are also just so much better than traditional medical facilities. Prices were reasonable, response times are so fast. When i asked for 30 days of antibiotics just while my treatment plan kicked in, so I could turn my camera on during work calls and go on a date, they approved and shipped the order all on the same day. Totally recommend the service and the productsTretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16602343225Since I've started using the azelaic acid formula I'm noticing improvement with my skin texture, acne spots, redness and I'm hoping to see more discoloration improvement with continued use. I didn't feel too sensitive with the products because I'm using a moisturizer prior to applying. So far so good, just have to be consistent and remember to pack it with me for weekend trips.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16600615234I've had acne issues my whole life, and though my face is easy to keep clear and maintain, my shoulders, back, and chest areas have been a mess. Nothing was helping; clean eating, water drinking, extra washings with OTC washes and treatments. I was prescribed this and really believe it has helped from inside out while using with the prescribed treatment lotion, too! I'm relieved to have clear skin on my shoulders finally and not have to go for the stronger medication I thought I needed. Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim ReviewHyperpigmentation16595431225Love it, no issues!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16595431225I have been taking spironolactone now for about 3 weeks and my skin has cleared up significantly. I am excited to see how it looks 3 months from now! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16594567225It appears to be working. My breakouts are slowing healing.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16593703224I am really liking this formula. My face looks much clearer and I'm very happy right now.Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16591111235I like Tazoretine. I am using it every day and was able to see results after first week of use. My skin looks more even in color. Tazarotene formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16591111235Within the first 4 days of use, my skin had adjusted to the point where I could comfortably use my prescription every day. I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin's texture and the severity of my acne. I'm excited to continue treatment and see how my skin improves in the next few weeks!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16590247235My breakouts have gone down significantly!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16589383225I needed topical prescription care after stopping my accutane over 7 years ago. I love this product. I started seeing results in the first week. My wedding day dream skin is becoming a reality.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16589383225I am already seeing results within 3 weeks of starting treatment!Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16588519225Been using this for a couple of weeks now and can already see results! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16588519224So far i have seen great progress with my skin clearingSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16588519225I increased my tretinoin and I've had no irritation or discomfort. I honestly have not been super dilegent about using it but so far I have no complaints.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16588519225I am 34 years old and have been dealing with hormonal acne since I was a teen. This stuff has helped my skin be free of acne and I could not be happier.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16587655225Liquid Gold. Someone actually asked me if I got botox after I had used this for 2 weeks, LOL! but more importantly it cleared up my terrible acne fast! I got a little dry peeling skin around my chin and nose after about 10 days but that was my fault for not using it less often. Just cut back frequency if this happens and the dry skin goes right away. I am so thankful for Apostrophe!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16584199225Absolutely loved this product. It didn't irritate my skin too much and I noticed a huge difference in my skin. I was prescribed medication, but I stopped taking it because I didn't think the side effects were worth it but continued to use this product and my face is clearer than it has been in a really long time. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16584199225Its been several days now using this hydroquinone cream and I am very satisfied. I dont have sensitive skin to begin with but Im still glad my skin likes this. I cant wait to see results in a few weeks, so for now its 4 stars.Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16583335224I've been able to see instant changes in my skin and have experienced reduced acne already!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16583335225My Rx arrived quickly and because I have used tretinoin in the past I was able to begin using it every evening. I am battling a sudden case of adult acne and this formula delivered results quickly and it continues to get better. It was a convenient process. I am very pleased.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16582471225Love the formula, not too drying and the topical spironolactone is really nice. I haven't been able to find this kind of formulation anywhere else. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16580743225BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16579879225I decided to give this product a try . I went on line, found this website and decided to give it a try. I didnt want to go out in public to a dermatologist due to Covid. This company asked me a few questions, asked me to send photos of my problem areas and suggested/ prescribed a great product for me ( Hydroquinone ) I received it in the mail approximately a week afterwards. It came well packaged and with detailed instructions. Ive been using this product for about a month now and its amazing !!!!!!!! It cleared up my sun spots really well!!! I was pleasantly surprised !!! I highly recommend this company as well as this product if youre experiencing dark sun spots like I was . My face has cleared up tremendously !!! Here it is a month later and Im still in Aw . Thank you so much !!!Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16579879225I have gone through so many brands and products, and this has cleared up my skin so quick. I am genuinely so amazed and thankful.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16579879225I'll be honest... I was nervous to start using this. I've been prescribed Tretinoin before and it absolutely wrecked my skin. This, however, was a lower concentrate of Tretinoin than I had tried previously so while I was hesitant, I figured I might as well do what Apostrophe recommended! And I am SO glad I did! I immediately noticed results after the first use. It makes my skin feel so smooth and I believe it is properly exfoliating it without stripping too much of the barrier. The anti-bacterial properties of the Clindamycin basically zapped the metropolis of pustules that had spread all over my cheeks. It doesn't eliminate the cystic, hormonal acne (I was already prescribed Spironolactone for this) but I do feel like this cream helps to tame those bigger pimples. But any white heads or smaller pimples don't stand a chance to this stuff. Highly recommend!!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16579015225Its been a little over a week and i am already seeing improvements on the surfaceTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16576423224The treatment has been beneficial towards my skin care goals.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16576423225Early in the trial. Condition is improving slowly. How do I get a refill? At some point I will need one. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16572967224Wow! This gave me my confidence back in two weeks. I am so happy going foundation free, thank you!Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16572103225This product worked very fast! I highly recommend it!Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16571239225I was nervous to start this medication, because I'd heard from many friends that this causes drying. My provider told me it might take some time to see improvement, so I wasn't expecting much. But when I woke up the next morning after first using this, my skin was SIGNIFICANTLY more clear. My acne has almost cleared up entirely and it's only been a few weeks (I was told to give it three months). The cream does dry my face out, but I've found that using a moisturizer after the cream has greatly decreased the drying.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16571239224I have been taking 50mg of Spiro for almost a month. They say it takes three months to see improvement in your skin. I have hormonal acne and decided enough was enough and tried Spiro. It has been less than a month and the oil on my face has lessened by so much and I had maybe two very small pimples in the chin area during my period. Like normal pimples that go away quickly and not those deep cystic like ones we all know about! The reduction in oil helps so much. I cant wait to see what the next couple months bring if my skin is already clearing about a month in! Highly recommend trying out Spiro. I tried so many OTC creams and washes. Nothing has come close to the results I see with Spiro. You may pee a lot when you first start taking the medication, but it subsides quickly. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16570375225Definitely peeling and purging but the breakouts have reduced in severity and my pores are less congested Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16570375224I am using this product along with an antibiotic and I am really starting to see an improvement in my body acne. It takes a little time to see results, but sticking with it consistently works. My friends have noticed a positive difference when I reluctantly take off my shirt to get in the pool.Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16568647224I have been on this antibiotic for a few weeks now and my skin is so much clearer. My rosacea had progressed far past the redness stage into terrible breakouts which made me very ashamed and had me wearing super heavy concealers constantly (which probably made things worse). The doxycycline has cleared the breakouts up 100%. The redness is still there, but that's OK. I'm Scandinavian and have a red face. I no longer look like a drug addict. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16568647225tretinoin looks like it's making my brown spots fade a little. the purging today is not as bad as last week.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16566919223I've always been extremely adverse to trying customizable products to be honest because I find that "custom" products are usually not as "custom" as they're advertised... Apostrophe is absolutely the exception to that rule and I cannot recommend them enough!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16566055215I think it's working. I just started my cycle and am not breaking out as bad as I normally do. Going to stick with it.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16565191224So far, so good. I've been experiencing some peeliness and dryness, but that's to be expected. I think my skin is just adjusting.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16565191223Feels a little early to fully evaluate this formula, but I don't have anything negative to say about it which is good. It seems to be making some improvements but nothing too earth shattering yet.Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16564327225This works wonders for my skin - keeping the cystic acne at bay and reducing any other inflammation. However, if you read up on long term antibiotic use, it's not great and you wouldn't want to be on it for too long. Such a shame since these work.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16564327224Fingers crossed I am getting WAY less acne than before. My skin is clearing up very nicely and I'm hoping that in another month or so I'll be looking even better. Thanks, apostrophe! I have tried so so many other products that were more expensive and didn't work. Thrilled so far. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16564327225The medication is working well with consistency! Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16560871225Switching to this was easy. I've been using Curology for years and it helped clear my skin a lot, but I got tired of them constantly changing my formula, or telling me my formula was discontinued. It worked, but my skin never seemed to stay clear. Apostrophe has cleared my skin so much, without drying me out or causing weird purging, and I love how smooth this feels on my skin. Should have switched sooner.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16560871225-Notice a difference in my skin breakouts & texture (improvement) -Still a few breakouts in areas like chin, nose, and eyebrow area -Bottles are way too small. It is hard to properly gauge a 1/2 pump.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16559143224I love this combination Tretinoin and Azelaic acid. Right now the mixture I am using is 0.05% of Tretinoin and 15% of Azelaic acid. Great combination, I have no skin irritation and my skin looks really good. Apostrophe gives you the freedom to have the highest dosage ( 15%) of Azelaic acid and Tretinoin. I am so happy that I chose Apostrophe. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16556551225In less than 30 days my acne went from what I would call an awful situation, to nearly clear. I simply cannot believe it. Thank you so much!!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16555687215Love this product, no side effects. Helped within the first two weeks! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16554823235Not as clear as I had hoped but I feel like it's getting there. Used every other night for two weeks then began every night and didn't have any bad side effects and no dryness. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16554823234I've only been using this product for a couple weeks and am already seeing slight improvement to my cystic breakouts. Fingers crossed by the end of the 6-8 week lead time this takes to fully kick in, my skin will be back to clear!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16553095225this is working okay, skin on my face is staying the same. a little drying Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16552231224Ive been using this every couple of days as my skin is sensitive not just in general but to the sun and this adds more sensitivity. This has been great for my hormonal acne and overall face appearance via lines and softness I just make sure to use it every 2 days or so and wear sunscreen Also, this stuff dries FAST so when youre ready to put it on, go fast or else you may miss a part of your face Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16552231224Ive been using it slowly to avoid any irritation. I used it ever other night on dark spot areas. Its only been two weeks so no noticeable results yet. Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16550503224It has calmed my skin, but still getting breakoutsTretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16550503223i have used it for 2 weeks, and i love it. a bit peeling but my face is glowing.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16549639225No adverse side effects. Slowly helping with my acne (in addition to topical treatments)Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16548775225I was unsure what to expect out of such a strong formula, but so far (3 weeks in) I have had no negative reactions. My skin is really sensitive and I struggle with redness, and it has helped tone down the redness when I wake up in the mornings. I have intermittent issues with the vacuum pump, but it eventually always comes up with something...haha. I also was prescribed half a pump for my whole face but that never seems to go far enough, so I really just target my problem areas so that I have enough to last. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16547047225Noticeable improvement in week 3. My hopes are high now as I really see lights at the end of the tunnel this time. Will keep at it. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16547047225I was using a different Tret mix before until I asked for one with Azelaic Acid. All I can say is WOW. My skin is glistening and I've been getting compliments on my skin that I haven't had since before my major breakout last year that left extreme scarring. I use this mix and added in 6% Hydroquinone and my stubborn hyperpigmentation scars are finally clearing up! The prior Tret mix I had + the hydroquinone was moving a lot slower for me and I still had some reoccurring cystic acne. But now with the Azelaic Acid? Huge difference! I'm not the one to write reviews and I am a skeptic of most skin products but this brand is amazing. They saved my skin and my self esteem. I used to cry seeing my face in the mirror after trying $1,000 worth of many products (seriously!) with no success. My friend recommended I finally look into Tret and I researched until I found Apostrophe. Best decision ever and I thought I would never find anything to help me until now. I highly recommend. The customer service is amazing and they have a very quick turnaround. For the team reading this, please don't ever change this formula. I want to use this for the rest of my life! Thank you so much! Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16547047225I am noticing improvements every week with my skin. I feel more confident in my skin. My acne diminished and my hyperpigmentation. The only thing that is preventing me from giving this formula five stars is that I still have some hyperpigmentation. I will wait to see if it clears up over time but I do hope that it completely clears. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16547047224I have fought acne my whole life and melasma since 2014. After several failed attempts to get treatment through my hmo consistently, I found Apostrophe. A simple but thorough medical questionnaire got me to a familiar treatment plan that has already begun to show progress. So thankful for this company.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16546183225Such a good formula, and such a convenient service! One thing to note is that sometimes your skin starts out red and angry when you first put it on, which makes the hyperpigmentation look once, but keep at it and that fades and your skin gets used to it, then landing on the fascinating next phase - peeling! (Seriously, more peeling than retinoids) But then the hyperpigmentation goes away, and it's lovely. Looking forward to trying it on a few pesky freckles. Thanks Apostrophe!Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16545319225I've been using this in conjunction with oral route spironolactone, and it seems to be helping to keep my hormonal cystic acne at bay. It does smell a little funny but it's not a huge problem.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16545319225Using Apostrophe was so easy. My medication arrived quickly and I appreciated the additional information provided to me about my skin.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16541863225This formula has been working very well for my skin. It is non-irritating, and I've noticed a reduction in my breakouts and dark marks. I wish the bottle pumped the formula out a little smoother, but the overall product has been great for my skin. I'm excited to continue using it!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16541863225This clears up my skin oils and prevents the painful, cystic acne around my jawline I've been struggling with. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16540999225I've only been on spironolactone for 3 weeks but I'm already seeing a difference in my skin! I get breakouts along my jawline and chin whenever I get hormonal fluctuations (i.e. always around my period and when I'm in long-haul flights). Although I've only been on it for 3 weeks, I was able to observe my skin before, during and after my period to see that I have no new zits! I'm pretty happy with the results and haven't experienced any side effects. I get nauseous easily so I took my derm's recommendation to take my dosage before bed every night and haven't experienced any issues. Definitely recommend!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16540135235I've only been using this product for a week or so, but I am already seeing a difference in my skin's texture and evenness. My face feels and looks smoother and even toned. I'm very excited to see what the long-term effects might have in store. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16535815225Seems to be working great after a month, have had little to no breakouts.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16534951235I quickly realized that I was using too many things all at once, and that my skin might just need less than 0.1% tret. I really think my next shipment will be same % azelaic acid, but a lower tret %, and hopefully this will let the azelaic acid shine. This is all about your personal journey with these medicationsTretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16534951235I have definitely noticed that my hyperpigmentation marks on my skin do not look as dark as they once did and my skin also seems smoother with less fine lines. Even the breakouts I do have are smaller and not as painful although I still have a couple of them. The only side effect I have experienced is dryness so moisturizer will be your best friend. I do apply more moisturizer now than before.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16533223225I have been on this medication for 2.5 weeks and am noticing improvement just in the last few days. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16532359225I love my results so far, but I don't know if it's from the Spironolactone or the Tretinoin. I gave 4 stars because I wish it could be for those wanting to conceive. Also, the pills are very small which I appreciate! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16532359224Omgosh, I wish I could bathe in this stuff. Also wish I could get a prescription for a gallon of this to just have on hand. I've had hormonal acne pop up in my early 20's... and at the time, the only thing that helped me was Benzoyl Peroxide. My flares went away for about 10 years.. (with mild cont'd use of BP) but got really bad again in April of 2023. I was getting so sad and hated looking at myself in the mirror. I had to wear makeup to cover the acne and scars and it was just horrible! Until I found an ad on Youtube and Tiktok about Apostrophe. I spent $20 for a 'office visit' and the dermatologist prescribed Tretinoin and Spironolactone. The Tretinoin worked instantly. The day after I put it on, I woke up to a even toned, glowing face. The acne wasn't nearly as "angry" as it was before and the acne nubs went down and weren't nearly as red. I have been using this nightly and it has helped my hormonal acne to almost disappear! I have some scarring that is still lightening up and starting to fade so I have high hopes that Tretinoin will be my holy grail from here on out. Thanks so much! Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16532359225My prescription has helped clear my skin, but also made it a little dry. Nothing that some lotion could not fix. It is working well so far. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16530631234Ive been on doxy 2x in the past. Both times I took a higher dose than I currently am prescribed. While I know my skin has improved A TON. Its still not quite where I want it to be a month in. I will say my stomach is much happier with me only taking it once a day. Reminder to take your probiotics!!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16528903234This Hydroquinone formula is amazing! I started seeing results in just a couple of weeks. My melasma under my eyes is almost gone entirely.Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16528039225Excellent product! I am seeing results within 3 weeks!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16528039225This has absolutely helped my skin tremendously! The only downfall is the skin sensitivity to sunlight. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16527175225This is the best medicine for me when it comes to acne. Especially cystic acne. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16527175225I have hormonal acne and dark spots, this feels like it started working instantly. I was originally prescribed azelaic acid + tretinoin but switched to the Spironolactone mix once it was available and it seems to be working great. No breakouts or irritation since I started using this product.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16526311215I first heard about Apostrophe from a sponsored ad from one of my favorite podcasts and decided to give it a try. The best part about Apostrophe is not having to go into an actual office and doing everything from the comfort of your home. So I started the process by answering some questions, describing what my problems were and sending photos. The next morning I woke up to an email from my dermatologist with a plan of action to take care my skin concerns. And so far it's been really good, I have noticed improvement in my skins texture and experience less breakouts. My only concern now is the dark spots I have. Overall it has been a smooth process and I would definitely recommend Apostrophes services! Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16522855215I used to get this product and strength from a plastic surgeon office. I moved to another state and didn't have that connection anymore.So I ordered this hoping it would be the same quality.... It Is! The product is effective and the pump is clean and not wasteful! Perfect! Auto Ship Me, because the results are obvious for flawless skin!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16522855215I've noticed small improvements during my first month of use. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16521991225I have been on the topical and oral medication for a little over 3 weeks now. My skin looks amazing! I have not had any major breakouts. The scarring is lightening. Extremely happy with my treatment and results so far. I'm upset I did not do this earlier! Thank you! <3 Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16521991225I'm happy with the results. The only reason for the lack of a star is the bottle is terrible. I could not get the pump to work. It kept jamming up. Eventually I had to just open it up and apply with a makeup brush. Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16518535224Getting my Rx was so convenient - I had it within 24 hours. Clear instructions were included and it came quickly. I'm experiencing zero irritation and after only 2 weeks my skin looks 100x better. Thank you so much!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16516807225Its truly helping me with my fine lines.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16515943225I recently upped my dosage of Tretinoin and added Spironolactone to my formula. I have already noticed a huge improvement only after a few weeks. My skin is clear with no current break outs which I would normally have at this time! Very happy!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16515943225It's onlyb been about 2 weeks and I can already see a difference Hydroquinone tretinoin fluocinolone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16514215225I have been using the Tretinoin Formula for a few weeks now and am very satisfied with the results. I never had any peeling, and it appears my dark spots are beginning to lighten a bit. My skin is soft and smooth. I am working on softening some deeper wrinkles around my mouth and chin areas. I know we all must age, but aging gracefully is why I use this formula. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16512487225Slowly but surely my acne on my chin is slowly disappearing and Im so excited! Obviously I still have some ways to go, as Im currently breaking out heavily, but I know its just my skin purging and soon itll look and feel better worn consistent useTretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16512487224Changed my life!! My skin is finally healing!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16511623225It has been a couple weeks since I have started using this prescription. I noticed after a few uses that my skin texture really improved and I do notice my scars fading slowly. At the moment I think I am currently purging from this product so I have a few painful pimples here and there but my skin still looks like it had improved. Will definitely continue to use this religiously. So far so good! Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16511623225Acne treatment usually is really drying but this product doesnt dry out my skin which I love. I see a significant difference in my skin since i started on this journey.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16511623225So Ive been using Doxycycline for about 2 weeks so I dont notice much of a difference yet but Ive been getting less outbreaks so thats a plus. My problem was hormonal breakouts and its been helpful so farDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16509895224So far, I'm only about 3 weeks in - using 3x a week. It's working! Lots of purging where my clogged pores are/were.. tough to see, but looking forward to the end result! Other than purging, I haven't noticed much skin irritation, which is great! Loving Apostrophe and this formula so far! Hopeful to be able to report clearer skin soon! Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16509895225Ive noticed less inflammation in my skin which was a huge issue after a 2 week use.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16509895225Noticeable improvements after day 2. Doesn't irritate my skin my complexion is clear and dark spots are fading. This is the fastest results I have ever seenTretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16509895225i love the way my face looks using hydroquinone and tretinoin. I have been using the combo for about 2 months and my face looks sooo much brighter and fresher than before.Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16509031225I so far love this tretinoin formula, and I see it as an upgrade of the previous formulas I'm used to. This one sinks right into the skin, and absorbs well. The only con for me -- is the price. I am under special circumstances though, so if you can afford it, I say do it. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16508167224this cream has cleared up my acne and made my skin glow, literally! I never experienced any side effects personally and have been loving the new look my skin has. Definitely something I will continue to use to keep my acne away Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16505575225This is my first time using Apostrophe and they made it so easy to get medication that I would normally require a doctor and pharmacy visit. My skin has cleared up in just a couple weeks and I couldn't be happier. It also is great that it's a two-month supply versus one month, which is what you usually get visiting a doctor. Thanks Apostrophe!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16505575225No side effects thus far. I'm starting to see subtle changes but I think it's too early to see any huge changes.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16504711225I have used Tazorac in the past and this product is just as effective. The niacinamide is a nice addition to the formula and has a subtle smoothing, brightening effect. I do wish there was a .1% strength for this formula as it has a stronger line softening effect for me, but the .05% is working great on my acne.Tazarotene formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16504711224My skin is much brighter and even. I think I'm only at 2wks.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16502983225It seems to be workin well! I wish I wouldve discovered apostrophe a long time ago!Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16501255225I was previously visiting an in-office dermatologist for pretty much the same products. Not only is this much easier to order, it's easier to use since its all formulated into one cream. I love it! Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16499527225I've seen a bit of a difference with my skin so far. It's been a really stressful time, and I think my skin should be so much worse than it is right now. I have switched to using this during the day instead of at night to see if it helps control oil a bit, but I haven't really noticed much of a difference.Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16498663224Only a few weeks in but I'm liking it! I was already on a lower dose of the Tretinoin and the higher dose works better. Not sure about the Spironolactone yet.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16498663223I have been using this at night time for about 10 days now, and I have been loving it! I feel like when I wake up in the morning my skin tone looks more even and healthy. I am for sure going to keep using this to help with some of my more stubborn dark spots and acne marks. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16497799225I have been using the Tretinoin + Azelaic Acid Formula for 3 weeks now. I started off only using it 3x week, but have gone up to 5x week with no irritation or side effects. At first, I experienced some breakthrough acne, but that has subsided. I can see that my skin tone is now more even and the texture smoother. I live in the desert so have to ensure I get enough moisture. Ive increased the intensity of my daily and nightly moisturizer and that seems to be preventing any peeling or flaming from the tretinoin.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16497799225With the combination of the medicines & cream Ive noticed a huge difference in my skin!!! Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16495207225I've always had acne through my teens and now throughout my 20s and it has had a huge impact on my confidence. Surprisingly, I started seeing results within the first week! I'm now in week 3 and I get the rare pimple but my skin is starting to become more consistently clear, my pores are becoming a bit smaller, and my acne scars aren't as noticeable. They're still there but I'm hopeful for what more long-term results will look like!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16495207225Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim is what we needed to attach my daughter's difficult acne. Thanks so much!Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim ReviewHyperpigmentation16494343225I've been using the prescribed medication and over the counter soaps for about 3 weeks now. My skin hasn't been this clear in about 15 years!!!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16493479225I have only been using this a few weeks along with Spironolactone and already see a huge difference! Can't wait to see the results after the full three months!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16493479225This formula worked well for my sensitive, combination skin. It also didn't make my skin red, a rare quality in acne treatments for me since I have dermatographia. I did experience dryness and flaking, but it was resolved after using a stronger moisturizer on the area (I used the plain Balm Dot Com from Glossier). Would recommend. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16492615214This formula is totally working on reducing the appearance of redness. It is very drying though, but I'll take it!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16492615214The clinician explained how the medication worked with the knowledge the acne may look worse before it improves. But it was worth it! It is now obviously slowing the production of new pimples and allowing the old ones to heal. His face got windburned and sunburned at one point but that passed. Now the effoliation is beginnning and we are beginning to see the the healthier skin now. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16492615215I've been using this for my melasma for the last month. I feel like my melasma is lightening up a bit (very subtle), but the formula is great and not irritating. Excited to see how this works out!Hydroquinone tretinoin fluocinolone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16489159224I have used Apostrophe for about three weeks and I can already tell a difference in my skin tone. My skin is brighter and has a youthful appearance. I am hopeful to see my sunspots diminish.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16489159224I haven't had any noticeable side effects from Doxy. I believe it has helped clear up my skin much quicker than it would have on its own, or at all. It is looking much more healthy and clear so far. I follow the directions and only take with a meal and glass of water and haven't felt any different at all. Not sure if it makes that much of a difference, but I've made sure to eat probiotic food as well!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16488295225Feels smooth when it goes on. Not chalky like other nightly Rx creams. Has helped clear up skin in conjunction with oral medication. Especially with fading dark marks left behind from acne. Also, I have sensitive skin and it has not been irritating at all using it nightly.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16488295225I am still getting acclimated to the product. I was expecting more results quicker but I know its a process. So far my skin's texture has been a lot smoother overall which I am happy about!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16487431223I've only been using this prescription topically for a few weeks. I use it with Azelaic acid and my skin loves this combo, I have had zero cysts since using these two together. (well, no NEW cysts, anyway, and mostly PIH left from old ones). I've still noticed whiteheads popping up though. However I'm still getting comments on my progress. I am definitely going to continue using this product. <3 Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16481383223This in combination with a topical have made a world of difference on my post menopausal hormonal acneSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16481383225I am starting to see the results finally! I have completed two weeks and everything is coming to the surface on my face. Excited to see more results!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16477927224Super light formula. Does not leave my skin oily or greasy. I put on at night time with my face routine.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16477927224Recently started with half a pill for a week, and been taking a whole pill for about a week, nightly. I know this will take some time, but excited to see what the results will be. Will continue to use as instructed. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16476199223I have been using this cream for about a month and my skin feels softer and looks better. It helped with some breakout i had on my left cheek. The formula doesn't sting too much but there are some places on my face that can feel the sting of the cream but it only lasts for a few seconds. Overall, I am happy with the cream and like the price of the medication. Thanks Apostrophe!!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16476199225I have, as many of you have, been on a long and winding skincare journey. About a year ago I started using retinol which initially turned my skin inside out (broke out like crazy) and left me with residual scarring and I was in a cycle of managing breakouts all month. ENTER APOSTROPHE TRET + CLINDAMYCIN. I swear to you the transformation started overnight. I know that's impossible but it did. Within a week, my skin has NEVER been clearer. I am shocked. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16474471225It's been great to have a topical treatment that I feel is finally working, and isn't drying out my skin SO extensively that I'm playing catch up with my moisturizer. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16474471225This medication has worked to control my shine and acne. I am happy with the results.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16473607225I'm only three weeks in and I've already noticed a difference in my skin: it is SO much smoother. Can't wait to see the later results to come as well! <3Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16472743224I do believe it is working, I did as expected have a few more bad breakouts upon starting initially.. Ive been on the medication around 2 weeks and all my active cysts have almost cleared up. Im hoping this continues and my face continues to heal Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16471051225I'm on this as well as a tret/clindamycin/niacinimide formulation and the derm also recommended that I do a benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning. I'm not sure if its the combo of everything or what, but my skin cleared SO fast and I haven't had a big pimple since I started it. 4 stars because you do have to be really careful how/when you take it. Follow the directions carefully!!!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16471051224Only switch to the azelaic acid mix from niacin in the last month. Have been happy so far. Light dryness when began, but has resolved well.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16471051225I have used tretinoin before in a .05 format with a bit more Niacinimide. The Apostrophe formulation is slightly lower (.025 and less Niacinimide) and my skin seems to be responding really well to it! Previous trets made my skin flake off and be angry and red and I have none of the sensitivity I had before. I really really like this formulation for that reason but I'm also wondering if my skin is clearing because I'm on the doxycycline as well.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16471051224Even though I only had slight acne it has improved my skin noticeabley.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16469323224I started using this product about 2 weeks ago and I must say that I am pretty impressed. I still have a few spots on my neck and jawline, but I have definitely seen a significant improvement overall. I have honestly tried everything under the sun including being on the prescription accutane and my acne always just resurfaced after completing the courses. I have faith in this product and I'm looking forward to having clear and healthy skin again!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16468459224I am on my first bottle and even though I am not new to tretinoin, my formula has lighten discoloration and reduced redness. I think with consistent use, I hope to continue to see great results. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16462411225I have hormonal acne, but oral spirolactone gave me side effects I wasnt comfortable with! In the month that I have been applying twice a week, I have seen and felt a significant improvement in my skin! It has allowed me to scale back my routine and bring it back to the basics! Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16461547225My acne has vanished ever since meeting with Dr.Lee. It's a treatment plan genuinely tailored to you. My skin looks clearer and softer. Super helpful when it comes to question's. Was very hesitant but glad I decide to!!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16460683225Apostrophe made it so easy for me to get this medication that I knew was what I needed for my chin breakouts. Its still early, but I havent experienced any negative effects and I feel like I have less and less new zits since taking it. Now I can focus on healing my scars instead of dealing with new breakouts. Thanks Apostrophe!! Ill get my dream skin yet!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16458091235This stuff is powerful and a little goes a long way! Reduced pimple size overnight, disappeared three days later. Clindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16457227225This is so great. I started off doing every other day and after one week I was able to use this almost every night. It dries you out but I used Cetaphil hydrating lotion and it works perfectly. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16456363225So far, everything Dr. Allen prescribed me has worked great. My skin was the worst it's been in years before. My initial treatment was working incredibly well, and Dr. Allen somehow found a way to improve if further during my three-month check-up. I will continue to use Apostrophe because of the great experience I have had so far.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16455499225 I had an issue over the pandemic with perioral dermatitis that seemed to be related to how strong my previous retinol treatment was. I am a big fan of this new formulation. It is gentle and doesn't make me shed like a reptile or compromise my skin barrier. I see a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin as well as the pigmentation left from acne scarring. It does have a bit of a smell, and because it is a mild formula results take time, but I think this one is a keeper!Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16455499224Week 2 and my face looks better. Excited for week 3. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16452043225I don't have break outs anymore. I wrote down this sentence in unseen tears. Since about two years ago, my skin has become a stranger with a temper tantrum. I don't know when and why and how a myriad of red dots continuously break out on my chin, but it became a constant source of anxiety and a huge drain of my time every day. Since I've been on spiro, I saved at least twenty minutes a day that were used to spend on concealer, salicylic acid, and more concealer. I had no bad side effects, no migraines, no need to use the bathroom every hour, except for that my period has been on for ten days. I used to have terrible period cramp as well, but this time although the period is incredibly heavy, I feel nothing, so I'm not terribly alarmed. I'm going to keep using and see if I would get more used to it. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16451179214I have only been using my custom formula for about 3 weeks so I can't really say whether I am noticing major changes just yet. So far I haven't had huge side effects besides some peeling which I know is normal. Going to continue to stick with it in the hopes that it will greatly improve my skin! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16451179214This stuff is great, I love it!!!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16450315225I am in week three of using this product, and it is keeping my acne cysts at bay. The true test was last week, a week before my period. I had no new outbreaks. I'm very happy so far. Just concentrating on clearing up the damage already done. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16450315225Amazing, easy no side effects and great service!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16449451225I just started using this product and am seeing results, slowly but surely. Just takes patienceSpironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16448587224I have been consistently using the Doxycycline for the past two weeks and I am seeing a an improvement in my skin. I see a lot less scarring and overall improvement on how my skin feels and looks. I also am not feeling any side effects to Doxycycline which i am very happy about. So far so good! Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16447723225I have been consistently using Tretinoin + Clindamycin for the past two weeks and I am seeing an improvement in my skin. I've noticed sometimes it does make my skin very dry, so i'm constantly using moisturizer but I have seen a big difference in the improvement of my acne scars Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16447723225I had some leftover tretinoin from another prescription that I decided to use a bit of before my Apostrophe formula arrived and I broke out so badly. I'm assuming it was a purge, but once I was able to use my new formula my acne faded away within a week. I still have some blemishes but my skin is much smoother in texture.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16445131225Super easy to order and received it quickly. I've been using it nightly since it arrived and am having no issues! Thank you Apostrophe!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16445131225Just started using for the past 2 weeks, first week a lot of peeling, less now in week 3. Skin is soft and looks clearer.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16444267224I recommend anyone who cannot get access to a dermatologist right now especially because of COVID to check-out Apostrophe. The doctor you are in touch with is great. The customer service is great. They answer all questions and concerns. Obviously, results take time, but I have noticed a difference already within 1 month of using this. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16444267225I have been using this cream for 3 weeks. Although I have seen a decrease in my acne, I am still getting new cystic spots Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16444267224Have been using daily. Works great to treat and prevent breakouts and to get rid of dark spots. The only down side was that the formula was a bit drying, but dryness quickly goes away with some moisturizer.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16443403225it feels like it's working, my skin is smoother, but after a couple of weeks my skin is very dry. it's a waiting game, hoping to see some big changes soon.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16439083224So far, its only ben a week in using the product. Yet I can see small resultsTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16438219233I've only used this cream for a month and I already note a difference in my skin. Less oily. Less breakouts.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16438219235I have to admit I was a little sceptical going this direction with my skin problems, but I found that this was exactly what i needed. I'm only 2 weeks into my treatment so I remain optimistic as things progress. I hope to have this continued success so that my confidence will shine again. Susan Nelson, Grand Rapids, MN Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16437355225I was surprised at how quick and effective this treatment was. After just a few uses, my skin looked SO MUCH CLEARER!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16437355225This is working great on my, however, it is very drying. You need to use a good moisturizer (this is with any retinol product). Seems to be working on my wrinkles. Love it!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16437355225Its clearing up acne at a pretty decent rate. Dont expect it to work like magic but I have seen minor improvements over the last 3 weeksClindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16434763234Just in the short amount of time of using Ive noticed a big change in the overall appearance and health of my skin.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16434763235Product is unbelievable. So happy Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16433035225Extremely happy with this productClindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16429579225I've been using this for a couple of weeks and so far I'm seeing some good results with no side effects. My skin has always been very oily, but since taking this it's been significantly less oily which I think is helping to lessen my acne. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16427851225This is the final key to glowy skin! The oral spiro has been super helpful, but the topical has really made that final push!Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16427851225My face already is seeing improvements. I dont have as much irritation as my last skin topical. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16427851225I have rosacea that was getting worse. My skin was very itchy a lot of the time. I started using this medication and the itching has almost completely stopped. My skin looks a lot better. Its more blushed red now than a deep red. I feel like it looks a lot better and feels smooth and soft. Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16426987225This was such an easy process. The formula is definitely helping to lighten my melasma and sunspots. I noticed a difference after just a few days of use. Now, after using the formula for about 3 weeks, the difference is very visible. Before using hydroquinone, I had IPL done twice (which for whatever reason was not effective for me) and had liquid nitrogen applied once (this made a difference, but it was mild. I think my derm was conservative in her application). Three weeks of hydroquinone has been more effective than both of these expensive treatments. I'm a believer! Highly recommend for hyperpigmentation! Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16425259225It has been working for me! It does make you have to pee ALOT so you have to stay hydrated or there is a little sense of dizziness. Over all the over production of oil on my face has really reduced which has stopped clogging up my pores and causing so many breakouts. I feel like i have the proper amount of oil on my face now. Im happy about it. Thankyou. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16425259225Since adding this my skin has improved. It has helped in conjunction with the spironolactone to improve my breakouts. It does give me a bit of dry skin if I use it several nights in a row so I dial it down to a few times a week. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16425259224I started using my custom formula a few weeks ago. Since then, I can see a noticeable difference. This formula paired with my oral prescription of Spironolactone has been great!! I notice my acne scarring has disappeared and less breakouts are appearing.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16425259225Words can't even explain how happy I am with this medication. For the first time in my life I haven't had a single break out since starting it. Even before my period - NOTHING. 28 years and I'm finally happy with my own skin :)Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16421803225Skin is better not super clear but it is less red and cleared up somewhat Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16420075223This formula brought almost immediate results where other treatments have failed. Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16419211225I saw results within 3 weeks of use!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16419211224Have only used it for about 3 weeks and I can see the acne scars fading. I've used other "lightening" creams for acne scars but this is the fastest I've seen results and I use very little of it.Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16419211225It lightens my dark spots (that acne left behind) so fast. It only took about 3-4 days for me to start noticing results. Will continue use as directed until my next scheduled app. Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16419211225It takes a few weeks to show the effects on the skin but it is worth it. I am starting to see results.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16414891224My hyperpigmentation is slowly fading but I can already see the difference and it's really working. I'm so pleased. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16414891225It is definitely working. Its making my skin purge right now. But its drying things right along. Tazarotene formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16414027225New to this product. Start slow as directed because can cause peeling. Hoping to see positive results soon!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16413163224It took about a week or so to receive the facial cream, however it was DEFINITELY worth the wait. Side note, I was prescribed an oral antibiotic medication along with the facial cream, but man those two together seemed to work some magic! My peri-oral dermatitis is about 100% cleared. Whether it was the oral antibiotics OR the facial cream OR the TWO in conjunction nonetheless--I am very satisfied. Now the true test, we'll see if the treatment duo continues to fend of the dermatitis through this winter season and hot showers!!Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16410571225this has helped my acne improveClindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16408843224Worked immediately and without side effects. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16404523225The overall process to get the cream was so quick and easy. Maybe 5 minutes to fill out the questionnaire, plus another 2 hours for the derm to review my profile. I received the product about a week later. Im experiencing a little peeling but nothing crazy. I've def been telling my friends about this, I highly recommend it. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16404523225On the advise of the dermatologist, I am only using a gentle wash and moisturizer in addition to the two prescription lotions. My skin has never looked better! Plus, the dark spots are lightening which seems amazing to me! Now, my drawer is not so cluttered with a zillion products, my routine is much shorter, the price is so affordable AND my skin is happy-happy! What else can I say? Thank you! Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16403659225Very happy I found this website. Team was very helpful putting a plan in place that really works. doxycycline is working and no side effects. So happy they are knowledgeable and follow up and answer any questions or concerns you have.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16402795225The medicine has really begun to clear the patient's face up. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16402795225I just started taking spironolactone for the 2nd time and I am about 1.5 months in. The first time I took it, I definitely wasn't taking enough because I didn't see results after 5 months. Now only being 1 month in, I can see a huge improvement in my skin. Although I am still getting pimples on my chin I can tell it is my skin trying to get rid of all the gunk below the surface. Fingers crossed for continued improvement! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16400203224I am using this all over my face to help with recurring bacterial breakouts. After just a couple weeks I've seen a massive improvement. I have been alternating with using a topical Clindamycin in AM and this formula at night. I need to use a bit more than was prescribed to cover the entire face, so I wish there was either a larger size or the formula spread a bit easier. Hoping the amount lasts the entire 3 months.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16395019224I've been using this formula for a few weeks now and my skin is actually clearing up- I'm not having a purging phase so far. I'm only using a small amount (pea sized) as recommended after cleansing (Averr Aglow skin cleanser) and a toner (Thayer's witch hazel lemon). I use a nice water creme moisturizer (Averr Aglow). This is my nightly routine. Morning routine is same cleanser, then add some benzoyl peroxide and let dry, then use the same toner I use at night. I apply the hydroquinone, and then follow with moisturizer and sunscreen before applying makeup. My skin is doing a light peel nearly every night, so I use a washcloth to buff off the dead skin before cleansing. I have very oily skin and this routine works well for me. The Tretinoin + Clindamycin Formula is making a huge difference. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16394155225I contacted Apostrophe regarding my adult acne. I submitted photos and explained my problem. The doctor reviewed and prescribed doxycycline. Works wonders. Thank you so much. I look and feel so much better.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16391563225Best combo for my skin. Topical treatment slays the bacteria and i love it!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16391563225I decided to start using tretinoin again after stopping hormonal birth control. Previously, birth control was the only thing that helped my acne. I used tretinoin in the past to help my post-acne scars and did notice a slight difference. I decided to give it another go for my post birth control acne. I had a few bumps coming in and I always treat them with 2 percent salicylic acid acid, hydrocolloid stickers and 4 percent sulfur. No matter how early I caught incoming acne, they would always reach that stage of being very noticeable on my face. BUT then I started spot treating incoming acne with Apostrophe and they were nearly gone overnight! I'm also using this prescription all over my face as well to prevent any future acne. I was just so surprised how well it worked on active bumps. It applies nice and smooth with no bothersome smell. I was getting dry spots but I've been able to manage them by decreasing frequency and avoiding certain areas of my face. I've tried one other online tretinoin prescription brand in the past, but I think I will stick with using Apostrophe! I just wish they would add niacinamide to the formula so I don't have to use a separate serum (but I'm also just trying to cut back on the products on my vanity!). Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16390699225This was an awesome kick start in clearing up my skin. That being said, make sure you follow the directions to take it with food. I made the mistake of taking it on an empty stomach and paid for it with nausea and vomiting. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16389835224The amount of inflammation and active cystic acne has gone way down.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16389835224Title says it all. I'm in my late 30s and have struggled with cystic acne my entire life. I tried every topical treatment under the sun, and nothing really worked. Antibiotics worked alright, but gave me chronic yeast infections and are really not good to take long term. But since I started on the spiro, I haven't had a single new cyst. I'm so relieved I could cry. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16389835225My blemishes and redness have cleared up so quickly. I did notice that with my sensitive skin, using it daily way drying my skin out. Once I switched to every other day, no dryness and skin continued to improve.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16389835224My skin has completely changed! So grateful for this and to see where it goes.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16388971225Love this so much!! As a first time retinol user I couldnt recommend enoughTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16388971225The ease of ordering was amazing! So much easier than making an appointment, taking my daughter out of school to go to it, and then having to go to another store to pick up a Rx! Did it all on line, heard back from the Dr quickly, and product arrived in no time. She is experiencing the 'tretinoin purge' a bit now, but things seem to be clearing up and we are looking forward to seeing complete results soon.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16388107225Although it will likely take another month for my skin to truly show improvements, I will say that this formula has helped with the day-to-day irritation with my skin. It has also helped to gently exfoliate my skin in a way that does not cause further redness. That is something I had previously struggled finding a balance with. So far, I am extremely happy with this formula and service! Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16382923225This one is working very well with no breakouts or drynessClindamycin body formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16382923225I've used a branded formulation of doxycycline before, and it does a great job of keeping my nose from being bright red! But it does take a while to see the difference, so stick with it. This is my first time trying this generic version, but I do see the red area shrinking after a month or so, which is a good sign. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16380331214i think this stuff is the key!!! it's a holy grail. i will definitely be getting another shipment.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16378603225everything is great so far. i love it. i am so happy i did this!Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16378603225I have noticeably clearer skin, still a few breakouts though.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16376875224I am starting to see some improvements with my skin. The texture feels softer and less bumpy. However, I still have my under the skin pimples on my chin and have gotten some new ones since starting the treatment. Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16376875223While this dried my face out for the first two weeks, it has rapidly reduced my breakouts and my skin texture feels so much better.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16375147225Works for my skin. Doesnt cause purging and it is not irritating.Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16370827225So far Im really liking this treatment. Skin is staying clear, and any time I have a pimple it usually goes away the next day/overnight! Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16369099224This is the treatment my skin has always wanted but I've long denied it. So great seeing my skin respond to me showing it some love. Love my clearer, more controlled skin.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16368235225Love the combination of treatments in an easily spreadable gel cream.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16367371225I love the way my face feels softTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16367371225After using this product with light ceve lotion my skin has never been softer and is clearing up faster than I couldve hoped!Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16366507225if your acne is caused by excess testosterone production this is a godsend.. I had cystic acne on both sides around my jawline and it has cleared up ever since I started spiro. You do have to drink a lot of water when on this medication or else you will be constipated. I have noticed my pmdd symptoms have been much better as well but that may be the diuretic effect that helped pre menstrual bloating. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16366507225I've started seeing results pretty quickly! I'm hoping it stays this way! The only thing I'm disappointed about is the size of the bottle. Its extremely small. There is no way this will last me 3 months. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16365643224This medicine is way way way better than Curology. Works from the inside out. Which some people really need. I was on Curology for 2+ years, and I always would have some spike in skin issues. My chin was so up and down... I actually liked wearing a mask... Now I'm so happy to show my face without any make-up on. Thanks a ton, apostrophe!!!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16360423225Definitely seeing results Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16360423225Amazing products Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16360423225I so far am loving this stuff! Like absolutely obsessed. My skin feels brand new. Before I started this formula, I was so inflamed, I couldn't do anything to get my acne under control. Now my acne actually feels under control, my skin isn't inflamed, my skin is so much softer. I can't wait to continue using this stuff and keep seeing the benefits because I know Tretinoin has anti-aging benefits so I am excited to see how it keeps working. Love this stuff!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16360423225Ive noticed a difference in my acne but i am still breaking out. It has only been 3 weeks on the pillsSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16359559224This is the first product I've tried that has actually worked. I was starting to feel pretty hopeless but I am now more confident in my skin than I have ever been. It's been less than a month and I could not be happier with my results so far. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16359559225I have used this before and it does make you break out a little at first for me but then my skin is so nice:)Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16356103225I've always had great skin hardly any acne throughout my life but lately as I'm getting older I started to break out here & there, plus now I apparently have rosacea. As soon as I started taking this medication & using tretinoin is has vanished & my skin feels so soft & smooth again! Not even kidding 'like a baby's a**' lol Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16354375225My skins reaction was quick and positive. It did create some flaky dry and dry areas, but I expected that. I just simply exfoliated the skin gently. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16354375225I love Apostrophe! My derm was able to diagnose my problem with photos. I received my prescriptions promptly at a fair price. My problem was resolved within days. I will definitely use this service again. Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16353511225I've always had some hormonal acne issues, but all hell broke loose on my chin seemingly overnight. This Tretinoin + Spironolactone + Clindamycin has helped tremendously. I'm breaking out way less, in frequency and severity. I love it. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16353511225I've had hormonal under the skin acne for a while. Being able to just take a pill daily to help my skin clear up ha been incredible. I noticed results within a week. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16352647215The antibiotic has made a tremendous improvement already...week 3Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim ReviewHyperpigmentation16352647215Don't be alarmed, you have to pump it a lot the first time upon receiving it before it comes out... like a lot! I like how it actively fights off my acne, while not being too hard on my skin overall. Love this product. Don't know how I went so long with out. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16352647215So happy with my face. It has cleared up and looks fantastic. So nice I no longer have the pain or embarrassment of the acne on my face. It was a perfect combination of a simple Rx routine to give me my confidence back. Thank youDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16350055225Acne is better, still not 100% but I am in the journey for the long haul. This makes my skin feel soft and bright. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16350055224I am so far really happy about the results I did some research into the formula I was prescribed. It helps to build barriers which I find has been really helpful and was not even suggested to me by an in person dermatologist!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16349191224Does not irritate my skin and does seem to be improving my acne Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16347463225My skin definitely looks lighter - especially the areas with dark spots and sun damage. I still have a lot of dark spots though and wish they were fading faster.Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16347463224I was breaking out a lot. It's been about 2-3wks of using this product and have had no big flareups. I purged a bit; not as bad as I expected. Watching to see how it gets better.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16347463225So far I've seen better skin glow and fewer breakouts!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16347463224I've been using the 0.025% Tretinoin (acne/wrinkles) + Niacinamide (calming) formula for about a month now. I started the first week every other day then switched to nightly, since I saw little to no result/irritation. I had some acne from the purging phase but not too bad at all! The problem I've had is moderate to severe dryness around my eyes, nose, and corners of my mouth. I backed off to every other night again and used Cerave's moisturizing cream to get my skin back to normal. I have not noticed a difference in my fine lines/wrinkles.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16347463225I love this formula! I have been using it in tandem with another from Apostrophe. I haven't had any side effects and my skin looks fantastic. I have never used a topical treatment that cleared my skin like this and didn't burn my sensitive. I have had a fantastic experience with Apostrophe thus far. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16346599225This formula has cleared up my skin in tandem with another and I haven't had any side effects! I have tried DOZENS of topical treatments and have never seen progress like this before. My skin looks fantastic! Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16346599225Best thing for acne ever.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16346599225It seems to be working for me! Thanks!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16343143215The only thing that worked on my acne before was anitbiotics, so I was super excited to try something geared towards hormonal acne. I must say, the dosage was a bit high for me and I did have some side-effects (dizziness and fatigue especially), but the Apostrophe team was quick to get back to me and told me to decrease my dose. After that, it's been a really smooth ride with spiro. I haven't had a painful, cystic breakout since starting this medication and I'm super excited to see what my skin looks like in a few months!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16343143214I've been wanting to try Tret for a long time, and I'm so happy I found this company. I'm dealing with hormonal acne at 27 years old. I cannot remember the last time I had acne this bad! This has been the only thing that's worked for me (besides the spironolactone also from Apostrophe!). It's super potent, though and I could've started out slower. I'm so excited to keep using this to see how good my skin can get!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16343143214I contacted Apostrophe for a refill of my tretinoin script. The customer service, speed, cost, etc. has been awesome and I plan to use this amazing service for a long time :). I was using .025% and was up'd to .05%. It was def. stronger and I had to go down to every-other-day use (for now). With most tretinoin, it was a bit irritating to my skin at first, but this is totally normal and I knew what to expect...stick with it! Now, my skin is soft, I'm seeing more clarity and I'm glad the dermatologist recommended the higher concentration. I do wish it came in an aluminum tube like the script vs the plastic pump (I just prefer cosmetics this way)...but not a deal breaker ;) and I understand it assists with "dosing" the right amount. Overall, I've been very happy with this product and Apostrophe! Thank you!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16343143215It makes my face really soft, which is awesome, but I don't think the formula is strong enough for what my face has going on right nowTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16340551224I've been taking the Doxycycline for about three weeks now and haven't experienced any adverse side effects. I take it at lunch right before I eat a full meal with a 16 oz. bottle of water. It appears to be decreasing the purging process of the acne Tretinoin + Azelaic Acid Formula treatment.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16339687224This formula is just right. I could see my skin changing just one week in but it's not so strong that I'm peeling like a lizard or anything. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16338823225I've been on Minocycline for about a month now and I know it is working; I don't get as many zits (maybe just 2 since I started) and my skin doesn't get as inflamed and the other parts of the my skin is smoother (smaller pores). The problem is that I began with a few problem areas and they're just taking a really long time to clear up (I think my hair follicles are dying and slowly pushing up to the surface (this began before I started Minocycline)). So I think once those clear up, I should basically have clear skin almost all the time. We'll see though. Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16337959224So happy with how my skin has been looking. Between the internal pills and the cream it's never looked better!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16337959225So far my chin is acne free! Im so happy. I did notice one day I took a nap and when I woke up I was a bit light headed but it hasnt happened again. Hopefully when my menstrual cycle approaches I will still have clear skin! Thank you Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16337095225So far so good, Seeing the result , no side effect Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16337095225This product has been a great help to my skin without the drying qualities of some more harsh topicals.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16336231214I decided to go the prescription route after I had plateaued on my skin progress with the products I had been using. Though I was prescribed an oral medication to go with this, I decided I didn't want that unless this wasn't doing enough on it's own. I'm happy to report that I'm super pleased with the changes to my skin using only the Tretinoin Formula and no oral med. My routine has gotten so, so simple. I use the sensitive skin dove bar soap morning and night, then the CeraVe 30SPF moisturizer in the morning, and in the evening I use my tretinoin formula (every other night) and the CeraVe gentle evening moisturizer. Done! It's incredible the difference this has already made to my skin. I can even see that my scars are changing! I've been using this for about 2.5 weeks now. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16335367225I had used a hydroquinone fomula from a different company at a much lower dose several months earlier. But this summer my melasma went nuts and I felt like a monster. So I went all in- this is one of the highest % fomulas and then supplemented with some ordinary serums. A month later there's a big difference and I am happy to see my face again.Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16334503225Love the branding o this company. It's helping a little bit, but I may need something stronger. No side effects so that has been great. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16334503223I like the results that I am getting. I just wish I could have started with a stronger dose. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16334503225I am excited to have a topical alternative to Spiro. I'll have a true telling after a few months use if it is effective or not. I am please there is no drying, or burning so far.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16334503224 Ive only been taking for a few weeks, and I feel like I found my holy grail skincare routine at the same time that I started taking the pills. My skin is much clearer but Im not sure what to contribute it to, my routine or the meds (seems too soon for the meds to have taken effect). However I have had zero side effects from the spironolactone so I will continue taking it for nowSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16331911214working well, but need to use slightly more than what is suggested to be able to cover the whole faceSpironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16331911214Ive definitely noticed my skin tone evening out and my pores are starting to appear to be smaller. I have experienced some purging breakouts but not horribly. Also my face feels very soft and I havent experienced any burning irritation. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16331047224I started using this 3-4 times a week roughly six weeks ago and Im seeing a noticeable difference in my skin and hyperpigmentation. Despite tretinoin being a scary ingredient, this formula is gentle but effective my skin barely flared up, even in the first weeks of me using it. Sandwiching is key, but on nights that Ive been in a rush, the tret doesnt cause irritation. A pea sized amount covers my entire face and is fairly easy to spread around. 10/10 recommend!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16331047225I'm not having any side effects or problems, but I'm still experiencing hormonal acne under my chin and jawline. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16330183213So far, I'm happy with this product. I feel like my skin has improved in a short amount of time. I look forward to using it and I can't wait to see what my skin looks like in 3-6 months. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16330183215The only reason why I didn't give this 5 stars is because in conjunction with my TRETINOIN + CLINDAMYCIN + spirolactone formula, my skin has become rather thin and flakey in some areasAzelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16329319224Only been a few weeks but I'm hopeful my dark spots will go away. Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16329319225I am definitely noticing a difference in my skin. Smooth to the touch and much less break out even when I eat more sugars which usually breaks me out pretty bad.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16329319225After using this product for only 2 weeks now, I am so impressed with the results. My melasma has actually, noticeably started to fade. My skin looks glowy and I have not had any irritation whatsoever. I literally want to cry, I have tried everything over the counter for the melasma and to see these quick results is beyond amazing. Hydroquinone tretinoin fluocinolone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16326727225While I haven't seen dramatic results. I have seen some lightning up of the acne spots.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16325863224Haven't used this long enough to make a good review. I'm 3 weeks in but so far so goodAzelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16324999223I'm pleased with the results of the product, but couple of things I'm disappointed with. The pump didn't work when I first tried to use it. I have to unscrew the cap to get the product out. This is a pain and messy to use. Also, my skin is very oily for most of the day. I like the dry feel of my skin rather than this oily sticky face feel. One more thing. Not sure if the product will last until my next shipment. Better ship one week earlier. Other than that I like the product. Thank you, DennyAzelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16323271224I've been taking Spiro for years. I recently switched to Apostrophe instead of my local derm and my skin is still doing well on this medication. I still get a few pimples every month especially around my period but my skin is mostly clear. I get cystic acne MUCH less. Mostly smaller pimples. The one downside to this medication is you will pee a lot more than usual when taking this drug. I hope with topicals I can eventually go off this oral due to side effects. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16323271224Here are the things that have changed since I first started this formula. However, correlation does not equal causation so take what you will from my review. I have not switched to using this every night, but still at a pace of every other night: - Less breakouts but still breaking out - When I do break out, the acne seems to go away quicker and is smaller. I used to go through pimple patches like crazy. Now I am using maybe one a week - No noticeable changes to previous acne scars I am determined to stick with this until it runs out though so good luck!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16323271224I have had stubborn acne for my entire life. Even after Accutane, I wasn't free from it. Topical Tretinoin + Clindamycin really cleared my skin and have kept me acne free for the first time in my life. It's truly amazingTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16323271225I have been using it for a month and my skin looks so much better already. The "mascne" are finally under control. I love it!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16323271225The medicine has helped with clearing my face. Its also make my face not feeling that oily. Also the side effects are more bearable than the previous medicine I was on.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16322407225I love the tretinoin it is causing the old skin to peel off leaving a better complection. Thank you.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16322407225My skin started to clear up after 2 weeks and it has been glowy, clear, and smooth ever since with minor breakouts here and there. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16322407225I was at a breaking point with my cystic acne. I am so glad I ordered this! It has been a few weeks, but I do not have any new breakouts and the old ones are healing well. My skin did dry out, so be sure to moisturize! Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16320679234Had immediate results with these products! So very happy with how my skin looks! Thank you thank you!Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16318951225I think this product has really helped regulate my hormonal acne. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16318087225Makes my skin smooth, prevents breakouts, and definitely is helping to clear any old acne marks. Easy to apply with no smell.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16318087225The azelaic acid formula didn't irritate my skin (though I did notice a lot of tingling from the Niacinamide - I'm thinking that prior irritation was not due to the tretinoin but to the niacinamide). However, I also did not notice any change on the acne, spider-veins, bumpiness, etc. that are part of my rosacea. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16317223233I have been really happy with the results over the past 3 weeks that have come from using Spironolactone. I have seen a significant decrease in my acne, and even dark spots. The pimples that I have gotten have been few, and also non cystic. Previously I was having trouble with cystic acne and I really think that this medication has helped.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16316359225I love how quickly is lightening my hyperpigmentation and keeping my acne away. It is not overly drying with the percentage of tretinoin I have in my formula. Spironolactone has been the big reason my acne has cleared so excellently. I am so happy I have found apostrophe. So much more affordable than a in person dermatologist.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16315495225This is the first time that an acne treatment has ever worked. I am only a month in and seeing so much progress.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16313767225After four weeks of using this formula, I've noticed a reduction in overall spots and pimples - even the hormonal kind. Happy to keep using it!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16312903224I have issues with PCOS and Ive seen results already! Slowed hair growth tremendously. Excited to continue with Apostrophe!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16312039225This seems to be helping somewhat, but I am still having some breakouts. I will probably give it another month or two. The "three-month supply" is a tiny little bottle that will probably only last 1-1.5 months.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16312039223Product seems to work well. Oddly enough this also helped with my tinnitus!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16311175225While I haven't been using this long enough to see effects, the HQ cream has been fine. No redness or burning, doesn't break me out. So far....so good. Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16311175225I was a bit nervous to try a pill to treat my acne due to some of the side effects I've heard, but I haven't experienced anything three weeks in! I take it at night before I go to sleep. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16308583225Since Ive started using this formula, Ive noticed a gradual change in my face. My face texture is less bumpy than before so thats a great improvement for me. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16306855224So convenient. After a few months on the products my skin is doing great!Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16305127225The doxy helped tremendously with my textured and bumpy skin. When I run my hands over my face, it's all so smooth. I don't experience as many whiteheads anymore; I'll get one or two here and there. But one huge thing I've noticed is that my face gets SUPER oily. My skin type is oily so I'm used to dealing with it, but this past month my face looks like a greased up pan within a couple of hours after doing my skincare :/Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16304263224I am very happy using Apostrophe Tretinoin so far. My skin is tolerating the formula very well, no discomfort, drying or redness. I apply the prescribed tiny amount nightly after cleansing, and follow with a very basic moisturizer. I still do exfoliation once a week, not with the Tretinoin. My skin feels satin smooth at 2 weeks of use. The hyperpigmentation (sun damage & freckles) and minor wrinkles will take some time, so nothing to report yet.Good things take time. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16304263225These do help, but the side effects aren't fun. I make sure to take these after I eat to avoid nausea.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16302535223Approaching Week 3 using Doxycline at 200mg daily. This antibiotic clearly works. I am no longer experiencing cysts in areas on my shoulder and back. Whiteheads have become rare as before they were severe in the 30+ range daily across my back. So far great results, past acne is beginning to clear.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16302535225So far I feel that the spironolactone is working. My skin isn't as oily and some of my more recent breakouts are smaller. Since I'm only a few weeks in I'm staying patient with my results.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16302535224This is my second order of medication for my face. The first treatment I had worked incredibly well! It was a mix of Tretinoin + Spironolactone + Clindamycin 0.018%-5%-1% with an oral Spironolactone 50 mg pill. However the face cream became gritty and stopped working before the 3 months were up. This new mix of tretinoin + Azelaic Acid was suggested to try to solve that issue, but it hasn't really been as effective with preventing break outs like the first treatment. I feel I am actually getting pimples in areas of my face I haven't really gotten them before. Not sure what significance that is. I would love an option to continue with the first treatment but with Monthly or every 2 month shipments instead of 90 days to prevent the original issue in the first place. Perhaps with time there will be a different combination that works better for me. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16302535223Out of everything I'm taking I might love this the most. It shrinks my breakouts down bit by bit. Stings a little if the breakouts are open but nothing crazy. Definitely need to moisturize and apply sunscreen with this treatment.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16302535225Works really good and easy to apply also non greasyTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16301671225Its a little pricey thats why its 4 stars BUT the formula is great. Little to no irritation or side effects and my complexion is improving its only been a month so lets see the results Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16300807224Ive used this for a few weeks now. It doesnt make my skin dry or anything. My breakouts have significantly reduced! Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16299943225I started birth control right after getting a prescription for trentinoin. Intially there was no impact on my skin from the birth control and then I switched to a pill that allows you to skip your period. The pill that lets you skip your period is a steady dose of hormone and my acne has disappeared. I haven't had a single white head in over a month. I love tretinoin because it has helped fade a lot of the scarring I had gotten from having acne for the past 13 years of my life. I'm only writing this review because I'm telling you if you haven't tried a steady hormone dose of birth control pills you have to give it a shot. I've tried everything and i've been on several birth controls but never one that is a steady dose that lets you skip your period. Life changing. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16299079225I still have a lot of acne on my problem areas. I have noticed it is a different type of acne. I'm hoping this is progress, but not sure. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16298215223The lotion really dried my skin out, but it is not itchy. I think it is working to help draw out the acne. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16298215224 Have been using this product over a week now and am noticing a good "peel" of my skin which leaves me with fresher, smoother skin finish.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16298215225Quite easy access to dermatologists that can provide and treat a variety of conditions at a great price. Everything is very well put together and extremely efficient. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16297351225I like the product. Seems to be clearing up my face. My face is soft and discolorations are disappearing but the pump dispenser bottle doesn't work properly. Need to tip upside down and depress the pump many times before anything comes out. Makes it difficult to get a consistent amount each use. Metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16295623233Wasnt expecting a tretinoin prescription when I submitted my pictures- thought I just needed hydroquinone so glad the doctor did though! Definitely pays to put your skincare in the hands of a professional. Been about a month and my skin texture is smoother and more even than when I began- excited to see where it goes from here. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16295623235It worked on my skin really fast in 7 days I saw a big change on my skin !!!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16295623235I had to stop taking the oral form on spironolactone because of my potassium level in my bloodwork. This formula was a god send - took care of all my breakouts and my skin has been consistent ever since. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16293895215ive only been taking this for a little under a month and i dont have any side effects but i havent seen any improvement in my skin. hopefully i will soon!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16293031224I have had minimal / no side effects and it seems to work really well for me. I already see a big difference! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16293031225ive been using this a little under a month and havent seen any real results. on the plus side i havent gotten any side effects except for a little bit of drier skin but thats to be expected. hopefully i see some changes soon Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16293031224It has cleared up my acne and redness on my face in a few weeks!Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16292167225The formula has been really helpful in lightening some of my acne scars. It has also improved the texture of my skin, but leaves my skin very dry, so I recommend not forgetting to moisturize.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16292167224I am pleased with the results! I am beginning to experience smooth clear skin! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16292167225My skin is still breaking out at the same frequency but I am hopeful that after continuing to use the product, it will gradually get better.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16292167223This product works. It is cleansing. I can actually feel the medicine working through my pores.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16290439225this cream has no smell and no grainy texture like what i got last time. Even though it was supposed to be stronger than tret 0.1%, i found my skin got along with this well with minimal to no peeling, even when i applied this directly to my dry skin after cleansing (i usually apply moisturizer first before this). Tazarotene formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16288711225I definitely do not think that my acne would have improved at the current rate it is improving without taking Doxycycline. However, the side effect of bloating and diarrhea are real, and unfortunately the bloating has continued 2 months in. While I am happy with my results I look forward to not having to take this anymore, because looking 4 months pregnant is not a vibeDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16286119224I think this, in combination with the antibiotics, has really helped my skin improve. This formula feels nice on my face and is not sticky, or oily. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16286119225I've received only my first subscription and the Dr. recommended to start with the lowest 0.5 tretinoin formula. I can see some improvements, but I definitely would need a bit stronger version in the future - especially due to having really oily acne - prone skin.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16286119224I have been using this for about a month and my skin is clearing up! I'm so happy. It does make your skin dry and peel a little, but you put it on at night and I use a ton of lotion so it isn't that bad! The only annoying thing is that it is hard to spread, a little doesn't go a long way. The bottle says to use half a pump, but I end up using a little more than that (not the whole pump though). I don't want to use more than I'm supposed to though and make my skin dry out too much. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16286119224I was on accutane about a year ago, and my pesky hormonal acne started to come back when summer hit. I immediately decided I should get a prescription as my former derm had told me I should take oral spironolactone and use a topical retinol if I ever saw any cystic acne occur post accutane. Since I moved to a new city during the pandemic, I was no longer able to see my former derm and I was struggling to figure out where to go. After looking at multiple online prescription sites, I landed on Apostrophe. The service has been wonderful and the price is pretty unbeatable considering I did not have to use insurance and didn't need to go in for any formal office visit. My medication has been great so far and I can already tell my skin is clearing up. I have had no side effects outside of my skin drying up, which I needed since my glands tend to go overboard due to hormonal problems. Overall, Apostrophe has been a lifesaver for my skin and I could not be more grateful! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16285255215The tretinoin formula makes my skin very very dry, flaky, and red. However, I have noticed that any pimples that come up are healing very quickly, much faster than they usually do on their own. It has been three weeks, and I am still only using it every other day.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16285255214In addition to my oral spironolactone prescription, my derm prescribed me with a topical retinol. I had just started using an OTC retinol, so the transition wasn't bad at all. I am just now getting out of the "retinol uglies" phase and my skin is looking great. I have been able to purge any existing cystic acne and my skin is starting to look clear and beautiful! So thankful for this prescription and the wonderful service provided by Apostrophe! Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16285255215$90 for a 21g creams for 3 months, that's expensive. Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16284391223I did not notice a difference in my acne with this medication. I continue to break out and have cystic type acne. Cephalexin ReviewHyperpigmentation16281799221I know you guys are putting less in the bottles now but I actually thought it was empty, it was so light. I don't see how this will last 3 months.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16281799223Very good product. I tend to have sensitive skin but this cream hasn't been harsh when used correctly and taken with an oral medication prescribed to me I have noticed great results which has encouraged me to take better care of my skin everyday.Another important, vital lesson I learned to make part of my everyday roytin: Sunscreen: you can never go wrong applying liberally to skin.So no matter what products I incorporate into my facial regimen I never go out without it. I always make sure I put sunscreen on.Winter or summer and often times I reapply throughout the day if I feel it is needed. You can never be too safe when it comes to your skin. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16280071225Its going good so far and Im excited to see the results!Tazarotene formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16279207224Love this - my acne is nearly gone. After the adjustment period, my skin is smooth and nearly flawless. Using this in combination with oral spironolactone.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16279207225The topical helped with the pesky cystic bumps that hung around for awhile.Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16277479225I don't usually write reviews, but I was having horrible hormonal acne for 2 years. I had tried everything under the sun ( or so i thought ) my derm had prescribed me retinol and it did not help my acne or scars much, so I thought this would be the same. But no! After 2 months my skin was breakout free. So then I got a different prescription to treat the scars from my breakouts, and now those are almost gone too! ILY Apostrophe. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16277479225Seems to be helping acne somewhat, but side effect of diarrheaMinocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16276615223This stuff smells like onions or food cooking. Not my favorite thing to put on my face. I've used a topical spironolactone from a custom compounding pharmacy in the past that had no smell so I wonder if this could be improved. In addition, my first shipment of this formula was super grainy. Customer service fixed it right away so I did not deduct any more stars from the rating. I feel that it has been helping clear up my acne. Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16276615224Helps to calm my face but acne still present 2+ weeks later.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16276615224My facial patch is still there and not fading as I expected Will continue to use for a few more weeks and see! Thanks RamHydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16275751223For hormonal acne, it's the only thing that works for me!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16274887215It's done wonders for my skin on my face and my butt/upper thigh areas. And it was very fast acting and a lot of the scarring on my butt has also gone away. 10/10Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16274023225My Melasma for the first time is fading. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because i am not totally sure if this product is the reason for the fading or if it's the Retin A.Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16274023224Not only is my skin discoloration starting to lighten, the texture of my skin is also changing. It looks much better. My wrinkles are smoothing a bit in just a short time and my top layer of skin has been slowly exfoliating. I have used so many products over the years only to be discouraged, but for the first time I seeing results. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16274023225One thing is too see the transformation, the other is to have others tell you. I'm on my 1st month and while there have been challenges adjusting to the medication, my skin has gradually improved and is taking on the medication at least 4x a week. I started with 2. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16273159225I'm only about 1 month into the 3-month plan with the Oral antibiotic but there is not inflammation or acne breakouts.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16271431225I started use daily as I have used previously. I am currently about to cut back to once every other night in order to prevent excessive drying. All in all. I like the effects. I am able to tell a difference with how smooth my face has become and also with more of an even tone. I plan to continue.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16271431225This has worked fine for me no redness or anything, and I feel like my acne might be slightly better. Not sure if I need to take this longer to see the full effects, but I am still getting painful cystic acne around my chin despite applying this as directed and using gentle cleansers, moisturizer, and wearing exclusively non-comedogenic makeup. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16269703213Im seeing changes in my skin only used it two weeks Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16268839214Notice the results with in a couple of weeks. Team at Apostrophe have provide great service, easy communication, and have been just great. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16265383225 I do see some improvements but with purging as well. I'm staying consistent with my topical every-other-day. Considering I am purging with more active acne, the pimples themselves don't last the usual 1 week, with the topical they last from 1-3 days max, but then I am left with more hyperpigmentation. I'm aware it takes more time to see improvement so I'm just staying consistent. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16265383224This formulation smells like old gym socks, but it has been of great help in reducing my acne scars!Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16265383224I knew my skin problems was hormonal because I tried every topical cream that was available and my skin didn't respond well. Spironolactone, its definitely working. Its not even three months yet but I noticed the difference on my skin. I am so happy to waking up in the morning without that greasy look on my face. For the first time, I don't have to use Clean and Clear's oil absorbing sheets for my face, yay!!! I am so glad I found out Apostrophe, my face saver!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16263655225I saw results immediately. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I am still having to work on a couple spots. It is never ending. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16262791224The recommendations of the dermatologist, along with the Tretinoin Formula, really cleared my skin up quickly! I'm very happy with the results!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16262791225My derm provider is such a great supporter. She always listens to my concerns. The summer heat really messed with my face. I have terrible hormonal acne and the skincare routine that was recommended to me worked immediately. I still have acne scars but I know that they will heal over time. I hope that it will stop the incoming pimples so that I can focus on my skin texture. Big thanks to the Apostrophe team!!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16262791225This stuff does not smell good at all. I have been taking it for a few weeks and haven't really noticed a huge difference. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16261927223Been using this every other night for about two weeks now and my skin feels so flawless that I feel no need to add much else to my routine besides regular moisturizer and a gentle face cleanser. My skin is less red too from the rosacea. Had little to no bumps since using it. Best part is how smooth it made my skin. Noticed my acne scarring is less bumpy too. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16259335225It has only been a few weeks, so I am cautiously optimistic. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16258471224Great blend of ingredients, already seeing results!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16258471225I'm definitely seeing improvements. The small acne has gone away and the redness has subsided. I hope that the redness goes away completely in the next month or so.Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16257607224I really like the texture of the product, I have been using it for almost 3 weeks and I am already seeing a difference in my skin. I did have a little purging at the beginning and peeling but that is just part of the process. I'm excited to see how my skin will look like in a month from now.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16257607225I have been using Apostrophe products for the past few months. I had a different topical formulation (tretinoin+spirinolactone+clindamyacin) that I enjoyed. It was smooth and I noticed a good amount of clarity in my skin, especially when it came to overall skin texture and hyperpigmentation. The current formulation I have has swapped out the clindmyacin for tranexamic acid, and although I have only been using it for a month, I do quite like it. The formula is a bit grainy, which makes it hard to spread onto my face, but I have noticed a difference in my skin. I am anxious to see what other improvements I see long-term, and I hope I can keep the large, painful, cystic breakouts at bay. Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16257607224Has a weird smell to it but hoping it's working. Only have to use a tiny bit at nightSpironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16255879213I've never been the best at swallowing pills and these ones are large and chalky type. I've been cutting them in half and once the hit water or your tongue they start to melt. Definitely having problems getting them down compared to other pills, but could just be me. Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim ReviewHyperpigmentation16255879213I noticed that I have more collagen and fewer wrinkles, which is great! However I have to be super, super careful because I got rosacea under my eye. If I forget to drink enough water I wake up and my skin is puffy and dry like a sponge. There are definitely ups and downs with this stuff but I'm making progress!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16255879214I have very minimal acne now, But the texture is very gritty, and it dries down a little too fast. I'm on week 2 or 3 now and i have dry patches all over my face. I heard that is normal and will subside. I haven't noticed any oil reduction yet.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16255879213Had a sudden breakout of rosacea out of nowhere (no previous symptoms) and got this from doc. Quickly stopped the itchiness and redness. Been using for 4 weeks and all goodAzelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16254151225Using this topical Spironolactone cream on my face is the only thing that managed to stop my adult acne after many years of finding a remedy.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16254151225This antibiotic has helped clear up my cystic acne. It has taken a couple of weeks for it to notice the effects. For me, it first prevented new pimples from forming before the current ones faded away. The side effects I'm getting are a mild yeast infection and vaginal itching. Both are tolerable; maybe I could have a probiotic to prevent the yeast infection.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16253287215I'm using this medication with a Doxycycline antibiotic and Clindamycin cream. So far, I'm loving this medication! I can't tell which medication is helping clear up my acne more, since they're all working together. It takes about 2 weeks to notice any real effects. First I noticed that it prevented new pimples from forming, before the current ones faded away. Now I'm waiting for the acne scars to fade away as well. I haven't had any side effects with this medication so far.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16253287215My face has finally started to clear up thanks to thisDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16252423225I have been using this product for a few weeks now and it has helped my acne a lot. My face is almost completely cleared up which is amazing. I have been dealing with adult acne for so many years and I just turned 40 this year. I have had no bad reactions or any issues with the product. It does have a kind of funky scent to it, but you use a small amount and it doesn't linger. I would say if you have stubborn breakouts and black heads this stuff would be great. Just make sure to follow the skin care routine the Dr. gives you.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16252423225I recommend 100% I started like at the beginning of June and am still going but I see a difference happening already. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16250695225While I am still in that weird "purging" phase and experiencing some breakouts around my chin, my overall skin texture and tone have evened out SO much in recent weeks! My skin is smoother, I have less redness, and I'm even noticing some fading of my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Receiving care from Apostrophe has been a breeze, and is so much more convenient than trekking to the derm's physical office space. Looking forward to seeing continued results!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16250695225I had a severe flare-up of acne rosacea and let me tell you, this cream has been nothing short of a life saver! The inflammation has gone down drastically and I feel my confidence coming back. Thank you! Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16249831225I put this formula on after washing and toning my face each night. It feels a little tingly on contact, but I don't mind. I have used benzoyl peroxide as a spot treatment before, so I don't have much irritation. I did switch to a heavier night cream because my skin felt a bit dry and tight after a few nights of using this formula. Since then it's been working well. I personally haven't seen any problematic interactions with the other products in my routine, including retinol.Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16249831224I had a lot of acne in various stages of development when I started the doxy. Within a couple of days I saw some purging of the newest/deepest zits, and the more mature ones were starting to scab over. After about a week, I had no active pimples. In Week 3, I am beginning to see some fading. I only plan to take it for another week (for a total of 4) because I think 90 days is an unreasonable amount of time to take an antibiotic. The main side effects I saw were fatigue and some digestive upset for about the first week, but they sorted themselves out. I'm happy with these meds!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16249831224My skin is peeling, which I understand is normal.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16249831225This medication has helped my cystic acne and dark spots a lot. I still have a few zits but nothing like how it used to be. I think my skin also looks younger, brighter and clearer than it used to. Layers easily with my other skincare layers.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16246375225it's working to some extent but I still feel like I break out a little bitSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16245511213I've been using this product for a month now and my skins texture has really improved. Also, some of my dark spots are starting to fade!Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16245511215I was expecting some kind of side effects from the medication. However, it really didnt do much to me on that aspect. It is working extremely well for my acne. I am seeing less and less breakouts. Way less hormonal cystic acne. The active spots i already had have gone down or away. I see maybe one new spot a week.I used to receive one everyday. They say it takes three months to fully work and I dont doubt that I will be acne free by then. Thank you so much apostrophe for making this easy to connect with a dermatologist. Very affordable as well.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16244647225I love this topical cream. It is not overpowering. My face is a little dry, but nothing crazy. I have noticed significant improvement just from two weeks of use. I noticed a difference in the first week. I used to wake up everyday with a new zit. Now it is maybe only once a week. I am excited to see after the first three months how great my skin is. Thank you apostrophe!!!!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16244647225I find this formula very tolerable. I haven't experienced any irritation. My one complaint (which seems to be a pretty common one) is that it's a little gritty. I wish it was as smooth as the original tretinoin formula. But even so, it's not so bad that I wouldn't continue using it!Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16244647224Guys, it works. My skin is getting better day by day. I'm an adult woman in my late 20s. I've been fighting mild/moderate acne my whole life. My acne is hormonal and birth control pills were the only thing that seemed to help with my acne until now. I decided to stop my birth control pills last year and my skin got so much worse. But then I found Apostrophe and started taking Spironolactone and it's working great so far. Even my boobies are bigger (btw tbh I love this side effect haha). Ladies, if you feel like nothing is working, you should definitely try Apostrophe. Customer Service is also great, fast shipment and delivery and fair price. Thank you, Apostrophe. I'm so glad I found you.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16240327225I'm three weeks in and can already see visible improvement of my skin on my face and back. I'm seeing fewer blemishes and dark spots have started fading as well.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16240327225I've used this formula before when my skin was really breaking out a few years ago and it cleared my skin! I had an insurance change recently and so I couldn't afford it and I found Apostrophe online. It's been a few weeks using the azelaic acid and I can see the improvements in my blemishes clearing. It even helps with the hyperpigmentation. I feel like it's a stronger medication so I use sparingly. It does work but use as directed by the doctor. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16239463215Overall, no problems with the product, but it doesn't seem very strong. Hoping to see more of a difference in the next few weeks. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16239463213Havent sent any changes yet, but I am still hopefulSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16238599223I've been taking my Spironolactone 100mg for 3 weeks now. I am treating adult, hormonal, cystic acne. My face has not only cleared what I had when I started using the product but it has also stopped any further breakouts. I am, for the first time in years, able to wash my face and feel "smooth" and no pain. I could not be happier with the results thus far of this medication.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16238599225I love it. Thanks Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16237735225I have been using this therapy for nearly three weeks. It is very effective for my acne, especially on the forehead. The acne on my forehead basically disappeared, only a few whiteheads still there. I think these symptoms will all disappear if I continue to use this. During the period of use, there were no obvious side effects on my face, it was just a little bit dry, but it didnt affect anything.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16237735225Maybe I don't have rosacea, but I have not noticed a difference using this prescription.Metronidazole formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16235143222This is changing my life! I've been dabbling into skincare for around three to four years. However, Apostrophe makes going the prescription route accessible and easy. In the last month alone, my skin has never looked better and I fee confident that I've found a solution that will continue to clear up my acne as well as prevent aging. I've been telling everyone mom, best friend, coworkers how great this is. You won't regret giving it a try! Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16235143225Upon first use I definitely noticed a difference in PH level, especially in the lady parts region. Despite taking a probiotic, thing started off a little rocky. It seems to have calmed down now. The severe breakouts on my forehead have calmed, but i do still have some redness and imperfection spots.Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16234279224I have been using this almost 3 weeks now. First week I started at half dose and now take 1 pill/day in the evenings. I take in the evenings because I wanted to avoid daytime dizziness. I do sometimes feel dizzy though (actually, more during the day than in the evening... so maybe I need to change the schedule haha) but otherwise haven't had any other noticeable side effects. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16234279224I love the lightweight texture of the formula/product. I do think the amount given for 3 months seems light. So far no negative reaction, but hoping to see more improvement in the appearance of my skin as time moves on.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16234279224I have been using this for almost 3 weeks now. I haven't noticed any over-the-top dryness or other side effects. My acne hasn't improved yet but sometimes I notice a subtle glow that I wonder if it's from the tretinoin. I'm optimistic to keep using it. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16234279224I've only been using this product for a few months, but it seems to be effective! Terrible smell, however...Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16234279224No irritation - good for starting a retinol but I think it could be a little stronger. Nice packaging - easy to use and helpful instructionsTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16233415223First 3 weeks, My skin gets worse I see more break outs on my skin but its been almost 1month my skin starts to calming I don't see big difference yet but I'll keep trying Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16233415223this medication has cleared my skin up nicely. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16231687235I have struggled with my skin for so many years. This has really helped calm down my acne. My skin looks brighter, and my pores smaller. I have not had the huge breakouts I have had in the past. I am hopefully that I will continue to see these results...if so I will be a customer for life! Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16231687235My daughter started this medicine 2 weeks ago. She started slowly and only applied every 3 days, then every other day, and now is applying 1 time per day. She has very sensitive skin but so far has not experienced any side effects or adverse reaction to the medication.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16231687235excellent product for hyperpigmentation and melasmaHydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16229959225seems to be working fine but the percentage of tretinoin is lower than what I have used in the pastTretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16229959224I stopped eating peanut butter about a week prior to starting this formula as I thought it might be contributing to oiliness/cystic acne. Just from doing that and using nothing but a basic cleanser and moisturizer + this new formula my skin has improved rapidly! I was on a higher-strength tretinoin + TXA + niacinamide along with vitamin C serum and sulfur soap prescribed by another derm for over a year before this.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16229095225Doxycycline has really cleared my skin up.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16228231225I have no idea if this works or not but my skin is more clear since starting this routine LOLTretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16228231222Been following instructions for washing and UV protection and my skin has significantly improved! Old and deep under the skin acne has been hardening and slowly getting pushed up to the surface, so the smoothness and texture of my skin has improved! Only reason it's not a 5 star is I might've missed some instructions to refrigerate, or the formula is a little sensitive and there's this very slight graininess of one of the ingredients that happens about 2 months in. It still works great, just gave me pause for concern when I noticed!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16228231224Its working but it takes time to see results, hoping once I have been on Apostrophe regimen for some consistent time, my skin will be recovered ! Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16228231224I have been using this for about a month and have seen mild improvements, but not much more than I have with OTC products. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16227367223I am amazed how quickly I was able to see the results using Tretinoin + Azelaic Acid for my face. I have suffered from acne and blackheads for many years and tried many treatments but nothing worked. I love how it is convenient to get a prescription. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16227367225Im being consistent but havent seen yet a dramatic improvement Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16226503223This product has changed my skin drastically. Love it so muchTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16226503225I started using apostrophe 1 month ago. I immediately noticed a difference in my skin after the first use. I read reviews and many say that they went through a purge and had dry flaky skin, but that did not happen to me. I already had very dry skin that further exacerbated my acne. My skin no longer feels dry, it feels more moisturized and I don't see as much acne as before. The reason why I am not giving it 5 stars is because although, I see some improvement, I do still have active acne. I heard it takes about 3 months being consistent, so I just need to be patient. I will review again in a few months. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16226503224I've been dealing with breakouts for the better part of two years now - I don't know what caused them or why they started to appear in my mid-20s, but no amount of healthy eating or over the counter face wash was working. I'm so glad my friend suggested this combo and working with Apostrophe was so, so easy. I just sent in some pictures of my breakouts and they gave me a prescription/ shipped the medicine within a day or so.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16225639225Not sure yet as I don't see a change. Red spots on my cheek seems to be biggerTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16223911213Knock on wood I think I've found something that's working! It's only been a few weeks but my hormonal acne appears to be going away. Thank goodness for Apostrophe!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16223047225Had to discontinue use after redness and small bumps on face within hours of use. Contacted a derm and she suspects it was an allergic response, or a sensitivity to niacinamide which seems to be in all formulations. Formula is probably wonderful for others, but it's not right for my skin. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16222183222I can definitely see a difference in my acne using this product nightly, but I am still experiencing relatively regular breakouts. That said, they are less severe and don't last as long when I use this product, so overall an improvement!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16221319224I have been using spironolactone + clindamycin for almost a month and can say that it has stopped my cystic acne! Prior to using this formulation, I would get between 4-6 painful bumps along my chin line per month. I learned about Apostrophe from Cassandra Banksons Youtube channel and am so happy with the results I have seen in such a short time frame!Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16220455225This has worked well for me. I love how easily it absorbs into my skin. I haven't experienced any negative side effects. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16220455225I dont really know if this is working or not. I dont know what its supposed to do but if its supposed to stop me from getting acne then it really isnt working that well. I understand that it has only been 3 weeks since i started to take it and medication doesnt take imidiate effect so I will still wait to see if it affects me at all and keep this updated.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16219591223Although my skin is not entirely clear, I am very excited by the progress being made at one month. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16219591225Since starting 2 weeks ago I have noticed increased pimples but they come to a head much quicker and go away in a decent time. I guess it is working Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16219591224I have been noticing a clearing of my skin. I have been using it daily and at first I did have a slight burning sensation but as of recently I have not felt it. Apart fom that there hasnt really been any issue with it.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16219591224I am having a hard time using it even once a week without my face completely drying out and flaking. I realize the potential benefits and know it gets worse before better in most insistences with new medication but my face has been in a happy state for a year now and this is a major disruption to it right now. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16219591223this medication is effective and I have not noticed many side effects. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16217863225the dark spots are half way gone actually, its slowly deleting from my face. thaaaanksTretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16217863225Working well, already see a bit of improvement in spots. No tingling or peeling though.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16217863225This lotion is tough on acne but can be very drying to sensitive skin.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16217863224This medication is a magic bullet to combating cyclic /hormonal acne. I am already seeing an improvement in frequency and severity of breakouts. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16216135225I have been using prescription retinoids for years and this formula is awesome! The addition of the niacinamide helps keep this formulation from drying out my skin. Even after two weeks of use I am seeing positive results, less breakouts and smoother skin.Tazarotene formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16216135225I've been struggling with acne since puberty. I've tried all kinds of products and had some bad reactions to some of them. This has been tough on my breakouts but not on my skin! It's done wonders. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16216135225I recently learned about hydroquinone and its use for eliminating dark age spots, but I was not sure where to find hydroquinone. The Apostrophe website had an easy-to-use interface for submitting my information and questions, and the Doctor responded quickly. I've been using hydroquinone for a couple weeks, and I will continue using it for three months prior to a follow-up. So far, it works well, and my dark age spot is fading away. Thank you!Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16215271225At first pill made me urinate alot and dried my mouth for first weeks it has gotten better my pimples have somewhat decreased but still getting breakoutsSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16215271223Saved my skin! I dont get pimples anymore.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16214407225Still having skin peeling from this medication but I am pretty sure that's what it's supposed to be doing. Excited for my healthy new skin to appear after the peeling is over.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16214407224I can tell my inflammatory acne has been calming down since I have been on the medication.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16211815224The spironolactone has definitely been helping my hormonal acne and the acne around my chin and jawline. I have not have any side effects.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16211815225I got this as a step down from .25% with the added addition of Spironolactone and TRX (to treat old breakout scars). I've been really pleased by the lack of irritation from this formula, which means I can use it more often than the higher concentration. I haven't noticed any major differences, yet I do feel as if my scars are lightening and overall my skin is becoming more even. Less breakouts as well, but I think that's because of the oral spironolactone. Overall, much happier with this than the retinol alone and can't wait to see what the next few weeks hold!Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16210951224I am 41 and suffer from adult acne. When I get flare ups the only things that help are an antibiotic AND a strong topical regmine. This is one of the safest and most effecitve ones I have taken. Finding the right dosage is a little tricky sometimes but it is effective. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16210087224I had so much hormonal acne and nothing was helping it, especially since I have PCOS. I was also struggling with my period lasting over 3 months, and I'm happy to say my skin is clear and my period has finally stopped and is now just a monthly hassle like normal!!!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16210087225Not sure if this works or not. The doctor was concerned this regimen would make my sensitive skin dry out more and peel and after being on it for 4 weeks, I havent had any type of reaction like that. So I might need a little change in dosage now. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16210087223I have used it for about a month but it does not seem to help or do anything to my skin. My skin got irritated in the beginning but now it went awayAzelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16209223221I have super sensitive skin and this cream has been really easy on it -- no irritation at all. It also seems to have made a major difference fairly quickly -- I normally break out right around my period, and this month I just had two big pimples pop up instead of 10-15. I'm optimistic that I'll see even more improvement by the time I've finished the course of treatment.Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16209223225It's only been 3 weeks so I can't tell how effective the medicine is yet. I do like it so far.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16209223223I can tell my skin is beginning to even out, but it has only been one month. I want to see how far it comes in 3 full months. Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16209223225I have been suffering with acne my entire adult life and I honestly felt pretty hopeless about finding a solution. It has taken about 3.5 weeks but now I am really starting to see results. My skin actually feels smooth! I dont have hard, painful cysts! I still have red marks from old pimples but I have seen a significant reduction in new ones now. Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16208359225Hi! This is fairly new, and a 3 month prescription feels like enough to maybe last a month and a half? So I'm slightly worried since were in the purging state! Wish me luck! Great feedback from my Dermatologist. Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16207495214This medication did not go well with my acne condition. Would not order again caused more breakout. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16207495213I'm about 2.5 weeks in on using my tretinoin & niacinamide formula. It did make my acne get worse, like apostrophe said, and made my skin very dry. I was pretty nervous until about 2 days ago, when it seemed my skin had turned a corner- no new pimples, old ones are drying up. My pores seem to be shrinking, and the areas of my skin that didn't have much acne to begin with are looking smoother and more healthy. It's too soon to tell if improvement will continue or if I'll have another group of breakouts but right now I am hopeful and keeping fingers crossed that it continues to trend towards improvement.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16205767223Ha ha ha, I didn't. Just did a few pumps every night and then all of a sudden my lips were so dry I couldn't keep them moisturized. So, listen to the doctor's orders. Otherwise, the Apostrophe experience has been so great. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204903224Recently switched to this formula after 3 months of tretinoin and niacinamide and I'm seeing quicker healing of my cystic acne. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204903224I'm about 3 weeks in and have seen great results. No stinging, peeling or side effects at all. Just great, clear and non-red skin!Azelaic acid metronidazole ivermectin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039225The medication seems to work fine but it will really mess with your stomach and give you an upset stomach / heartburn.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039224I am a HUGE fan of using Apostrophe for my skin care needs and the doctor recommended doxycycline and it worked great!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039225I would give it negative stars if possible. Not saying it's a bad medication or that this is a bad service/company, but it didn't work for me. I only took it for a few days before it started giving me a splitting headache and I am still struggling with my deep, inflamed acne too. Thankfully the headache went away after stopping the medication. Very disappointed. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039221I'm three weeks in to taking Doxycycline 50mg and it's done wonders for my skin! A lot of the redness and small acne bumps are gone. I was worried about the side effects, but no side effects!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039225the pills themselves smell a little funny, but have a slightly minty flavor to them. I love that they send stickers to put on your bottle, I enjoy seeing them. I've been taking this for a little over a month now, I havent had any serious breakouts, or any large pimples. My skin isnt completely clear yet, but the difference is night and day. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039225Finding the right skincare regimen can be a lot of trial and error, especially when it comes to stubborn adult acne. Ive tried so many prescription products, many with mixed results. Some would be effective for a short period, while others seemed to cause more irritation and breakout. Thanks to this combination of medications, I have FINALLY found a solution to my cystic acne. Within a week of starting this duo, my cystic acne subsided. Deep, painful bumps disappeared from my jawline and the overall texture of my skin became smoother. Everyone responds different to medication, but if youre still struggling with acne or other issues, dont give up! It is so worth it when you find something that works for you (because something eventually will!)! Spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039225I have been on Retina before and at first the skin seems to get worse before it gets better, I completely understand that. But this tretinoin has taken my breakout to a new level. Small blackheads and a few larger bumps. I have stopped using at this time. Maybe will give a try again in a few months. I wanted to LOVE this so bad.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039222When combining this with other OTC medications be sure to have moisturizer or it will burn your face.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039224I had been using only Tretinoin for about 6 months, but was still experiencing some pesky breakouts along my jaw. It was recommended that I switch to the Tretinoin + Spironolactone + Clindamycin Formula a few weeks ago and so far so good. I am only using it every other night while my skin adjusts, but I am starting to see an improvement in my breakouts already. My jawline breakouts seem to clear up in a few days now. I excited to see how my skin reacts once I am able to apply nightly. This formula is definitely drying to my skin, but I am happy with the results so early into starting this new formula. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039224This topical combo was new for me, when nothing else worked - this has. And it's only been about 30 days for me. Process was so easy and smooth - thank you.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039225My skin has been purging pretty bad, I am applying only every few days to get my skin used to it. It does have a very odd grainy texture, I am also not a huge fan of the packaging and the pump. Hoping that I have clearer days ahead with consistency! Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039223It doesn't dry out my skin if I pair it with moisturizer during the day. My skin feels so smooth.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation162040392251 pump goes a long way. Yes it does smell absolutely terrible. I promise you kind of get used to it after a while. The smell does fade after a few minutes. I then put a moisturiser on. Following this pattern, I have no issues with my skin drying out at all. Over all my skin is doing so much better. I havent had any serious breakouts or any large pimples, even around my period. My skin still isnt completely clear but Im hoping with time itll finish clearing up.Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16204039225This topical treatment is wonderful. The dr. told me it would be drying and it is slightly but nothing that bad. It has changed the texture of my skin and has got rid of my acne over night. Thank you!Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16201447225My skin is smoother and more even than ever before. I am only a month in, so I can only imagine it will continue to improve as I go. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16201447225I was a little skeptical finding this online but Dr. Kyle is wonderful and informative. This product helps with my hormonal acne and we are working from the inside out. I love it my skin is looking wonderful. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16201447225I've had cystic acne most of my life, and have tried many treatments over the years. The Tretinoin + Azelaic Acid, along with the Doxycycline regimen, have transformed my skin. I'm only a month in, and I see an immense difference. My skin is smoother and more even toned than ever before. Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16201447225I think the cream is working, but it just smells so bad!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16201447224The texture of skin in the area of lesions feel smooth and supple. Even the bumps are reducing in size. It quickly treats new one and reduces size in days, but it doesn't management incoming lesions in an area where I rarely break out. This is new and more comes in. I have change my pillow cases daily, washed my pillows as well. And keep a simple routine. They will not go away.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16201447223This is how dermatology should work! I took a picture of my skin in the comfort of my own home, answered a few questions, and received my prescription in about a week. I didn't lose my precious time getting dressed, driving to an office, waiting to see a Dr., waiting at the pharmacy, etc. I may never visit another dermatologist office again. I will Definetely be using this service on a consistent basis. Hydroquinone tretinoin fluocinolone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16200583225If used consistently, this is a game changer. I suffer from hormonal cystic acne, and this has helped keep it under control. Paired with oral Spironolactone, of course!Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16199719225I'm really loving my results so far! Just taking off one star because the texture of my formula is grainy, especially as I near the bottom of the bottle. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16191079224I was extremely hesitant to resort to an antibiotic to help with my cystic acne, but just two weeks in and I'm blown away. Inflammation immediately went down, and I have only had one small new breakout since, while the rest of my existing acne is healing every day. No major negative side effects, other than the adjustment period my stomach had in the first 1-2 days. DEFINITELY make sure you wear SPF with this medication though!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16176391215Super happy with this so far. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16176391215So when I first started this new skincare routine, I was using the moisturizer too much and it ended up giving me this weird lip blister. It was huge and painful and I was really upset because it looks ten times worse. So I didn't even use the cream you sent me because I didn't want to irritate the blister thing worse. It was literally connected to the rest of the problem area. So I used the face wash and the moisturizer you recommended. I also used neosporin cream to help reduce the blister. And that worked great. So now I'm officially about a week in on the cream you sent and it has reduced the problem area tremendously. It's not completely gone, but it looks like it almost is! So I'm very happy so far :)Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16173799224I like the mix of ingredients in this, I just wish the formula was a gel or a lighter cream. This cream is heavy and has a strange, musky smell to it. It's almost unbearable, but luckily it does not linger. I've used clindamycin + tretinoin before in a gel and it had zero smell. I'm guessing it's the spironolactone that smells off. Otherwise, it's a good, potent formula. I experienced dryness and flakiness, but I feel for me that was an important and expected factor of cell turnover that help me shed the dark spots and redness. The dryness was manageable. Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16173799224No side effects other than clearer skin. I know its supposed to take weeks to see a difference, but Ive seen improvements in just one week with my plan. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16172935225I use it sparingly, mixed with a little face lotion on clean but dry skin 3x a week and it had made an amazing difference. Wish I had worked with a dermatologist for prescription skin care years ago!Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16172935225If you're over the dance of needing dermatologist office visits then sifting through pharmacies, coupons, insurance requirements to get your meds at a reasonable price... you're ready for Apostrophe. Thorough but simple, prescription but no hassle.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16172071225I started using this daily which is what was prescribed. My skin started to severely peel and became really tender. I did a bit of research and lots of people stated that tretinoin is a great acne fighter however it's really strong and until your skin is used to it should not be used daily. I've cut my use back to twice a week and while I'm still getting a few white heads my deep cystic acne has cleared up and the peeling has gone down significantly. If/when the peeling stops all together I will up my usage. Tretinoin spironolactone txa formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16172071225So far, I have noticed a smoother texture to my skin. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16171207225Thank you so much Apostrophe for making online tretinoin purchasing so easy! I love my formula and will be a regular customer!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16171207225Feels great on my skin, and only gave that tingling sensation a few times after initial use. It really has helped with the redness and breakouts. It is slow moving but it really works after a while.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16168615225Within two weeks the daily pill has cleared up my skin significantly! I'm less red, inflamed and the acne pustules I usually have are non-existent. I do get the odd pimple but it seems to heal itself much quicker. Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16168615225My acne scars are already improving with the medication I am taking and I can already tell that my face is clearing up. I hope that it keeps working and clearing past scars and preventing acne in the future. Thanks!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16167751224I am a tret/retinol veteran and I feel like this is the only professional formula that has not immediately destroyed my skin. I followed the schedule the Dr. made me and I was already seeing a different in tone, texture, and the redness on the face (probably due to the Azelaic acid) I did start experiencing some discomfort and dryness. But I reached out to my Dr. who gave me suggestions on how to alleviate that. So far everything has been great.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16166887224My skin definitely cleared up and also less oil production on my face after a couple of weeks. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16166023225It definitely cleared up my acne and acne scars.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16166023224This works very quickly. I was on Tretinoin by itself with a lot of drying and not much benefit. The Azelaic Acid made all the difference, for the acne and the pigmentation.Tretinoin azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16165159225I don't feel like it absorbs well, it is gritty and leaves a residue on my face. I can't put lotion on over it like it recommends due to this.Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16165159223I havent started my oral medicine yet, but can already see improvements using just this as a topical! Excited to seethe full results Tretinoin spironolactone clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16163431224I am loving the Doxycycline. Within DAYS, the persistent, cystic acne on my chin had NOTICEABLY begun to heal. I haven't experienced any negative side effects from using this medication. It's been about 3 weeks of using this product, and I only have one pimple on my chin right now!!! This is the only Apostrophe product I am using at the moment, but I plan to add Spironolactone and Azelaic Acid as recommended per the Apostrophe Derm soon. I wanted to add products slowly, to better help me determine what was helping and what was not. The before and during progress so far is mind-blowing, and I'm so thankful for the Doxy alone! Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16162567225Were amazed at how well this worked with such little irritation! Had used Differin and the past and was very irritated. This is far superior!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16162567225Been taking this for about 2 weeks now and I do notice the redness have been reduced. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16161703224First time using spironolactone. I went into it knowing that it wouldn't be an overnight cure but once it started working it was THE cure. After about a month on it I am starting to see significant changes! My skin isn't 100% yet, but simply seeing any change for the better is really motivating. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16161703225After taking it for a couple of weeks, my skin is now clear, and I'm really hoping it stays that way! I'll have to see longer term results before I feel confident saying that this is what did it, but I'm optimistic. I haven't had any negative side effects yet, and I also haven't changed anything else in my skin routine aside from making a deliberate effort to pick at my skin less.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16161703224Have been using this for about 2 weeks now and the results are good so far. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16161703224I have been using Tretinoin for two weeks now and can definitely see improvement in my skin. It is smoother and softer, lines softening. Surprised to see results so soon!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16159975215I've only been using this product for two weeks, so I'm still waiting on results. Ask me again in about a month. Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16159111213I have been following the directions very closely by starting out slowly, every other evening for a few weeks, then slowly incorporating nightly use as tolerated. It hasn't irritated my skin and my skin does feel a bit smoother. I am really looking forward to my results with prolonged use.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16159111215NOTHING clears my cystic acne like Doxycycline! Cysts clear in about 2 days!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16157383225I've started using Apostrophe spironolactone after being on it for years. The effects seem to be identical to the spironolactone I've taken in the past, so I am very happy with this easier and cheaper way of getting medication. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16157383225Nothing has ever worked better for my severe PMS water retention and my cystic acne!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16157383225To preface; I've had some stomach issues with harsh antibiotics in the past so this may not apply to everyone. I had to stop use after two days due to some serious light-headedness and stomach discomfort, even taking with food and water as directed. The symptoms were bad enough that I had trouble sleeping.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16155691221Love this formula- nothing you can get over the counter compares. When using on top of a moisturizer as my provider recommended, there is zero dryness or flaking!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16155691225I'm roughly a month into treatment and I think my skin has improved a fair bit already. I'm noticing a lot less new acne forming, and my complexion is slowly evening out (Dark spots appear to be fading). This product does dry my skin out a little, but if you use a moisturizer as directed you should have no problems! Excited to see results after more time.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16155691224I think it helps but Im not sure. im taking twp other acne treatments as well. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16153963224No side effects after switching from half a pill to a full pill. I already feel like my skin is clearing up a bit!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16153963224Cleared any active acne within a few days of starting the medication! I always make sure to take it twice a day with food and have not experienced any side effects.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16153099225I think it's too early to give a full review as I've only been taking it for about 2 weeks but I haven't had any side effects yet that I was worried about. Crossing my fingers for it to really kick in and work for me! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16153099225I've been using this for about 2 weeks, so I've only applied it to my face 4-5 times, but so far I've experienced mild purging which was to be expected. My doctor gave specific orders to help me avoid dryness and antibiotic resistance and it all seems to be working so far. Hopefully it's a smooth course from here. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16153099225The best I have used. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16153099225Still in peeling phase between use, but already seeing some positive results. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16153099224This process was so much easier than visiting my derm. It was more cost-effective, effortless and overall more convenient. The turn around time was super fast and customer service was astounding! Highly recommend!!!! Save your money and your time! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16151371225So far this has been working fairly well. I still have some breakouts but im hoping it keeps getting better. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16151371223This med is really starting to work. My son is still only taking one dose a day and the acne on his acne as really improved. I think with continued use, the results are only going to get better. Thank you!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16149643224This has been the only thing that has cleared my cystic acne in the past 10 years. Much milder side effects than doxycycline. Wish there was a topical treatment that worked just as well.Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16149643225What can I say except after 3 or 4 days my face really showed great improvement. Self-ego went way up.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16149643225I'm definitely seeing an improvement taking this antibiotic. I took it once before about 10 years ago and saw similar results so I'm glad it's working again. I know this is not a long term solution though so I can only hope the results last. Also make sure to take a probiotic using this product!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16148779225i have noticed a difference in my skin texture in a decrease in the amount of breakouts I get. I still gave blackheads and the occasional pimpleTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16148779224After almost a month, I enjoy using the azelaic acid because it doesn't burn when I apply it and it seems to be working against the acne and scarring. I am hopeful to continue to see progress with it!Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16147915225I switched from a differin gel to this tretinoin lotion formula. The change from a gel to a lotion consistency took a little bit of getting used to, and I do actually prefer a gel consistency typically, but after getting used to the change I really like how easily this goes on the skin and I haven't had any irritation so far!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16147915224Hello! So far I have been using Doxycline for about 1mth now (or close to it) and have seen little to no results. However, the doctor did prescribe a 90day supply and told me it may take a while. Is there something else I can do for the chest/back acne in addition to the antibiotic? Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16147051212Im very pleased with how the medication is working so far, i think my face is clearing up and am excited to see how it progresses as I continue to take it! No strong side effects eitherSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16147051214Its only been about a month, not even and all of my large spots of hormonal acne are gone and all I really have at this point is just the small little bits that pop up here and there. I am so happy so far and hope to keep this going over the next few months!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16147051215Im very pleased with this, my face is clearing up and I havent experience dryness or flaky skin like with retinol, Im excited to see how it goes, half a pump sometimes feels like too little though when applyingTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16147051214Week 1 of using this product was pretty rough. My face broke out horribly with cystic type acne, deep in the skin. My skin became inflamed and flakey, and began peeling. I toughed it out and it has improved during weeks two and three. I was aware that my skin would purge and the provider recommended I stick with the treatment and I have. My skin is softer and smoother. I can't wait until my skin finishes the purging process.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16147051214with the combination of this and spironolactone, my skin is noticeably clearer after just 3 weeks. I was suffering from pretty bad acne breakouts, and they have definitely calmed down. I wish this formula did more for the dark spots left from previous breakouts, but maybe in time! Also, i put this on before bed and when i wake up in the morning my skin is dry and flaky. however, its not red or raw and after washing my face in the morning and moisturizing, my skin looks totally normal again. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16146187224This formula seems to be working good. I follow the instructions to a T, and I have not had any issues. I just wish it did more to counteract some of the redness I have on my face (not from the RX, but just how my skin is). I love the service and the convenience of Apostrophe. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16144459224i see visible improvement overnight with this yet it's gentle enough not to cause peeling / flaking. Love it!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16144459225I have been using tretinoin for almost a month now and the texture of my skin has never been this good. It has also controlled the oil on my face without overly drying it out. The key is to use a super hydrating moisturizer. As for my acne, I still get a few baby pimples (Mostly from maskne) but the overall number has significantly gone down. I cant wait to see what month 2 has in store! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16143595225This isn't my first go-round with Tretinoin so I should know better, but I never do. So I'm going to warn you, go slowly with this. LIke, once every 4 nights and then work your way up to every other night. It's very drying. It works, but it's drying. So go slow, make sure to have a good moisturizer on hand and be prepared because I always purge a little when I start this. Totally worth it, just save yourself the agony and go slowly! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16142731223The Spironolactone has been fine so far, it's only been a few weeks but I haven't had any of the horrible side effects some have mentioned. I've been taking it at night so maybe that helps. I had a small headache the first few day but that was it!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16141867214A little purging and dry skin but no large new breakoutsTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16141867214I started seeing less redness, smaller pores, and clear skin in less than a week! I have tried so many over the counter and "personalized" skin care treatments, but Apostrophe and the formula they made for me was the only one that actually shows long lasting results. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16140139225My face has never been this clear or less red! I love that this medication worked immediately and it is really easy to take. I did experience mild side effects, but after talking to my Apostrophe Dermatologist, I was still able to take this amazing medication. They really care about their patients experience and needs. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16140139225I took Doxycycline before, about a year ago for a separate infection and noticed it also cleared my skin. I had an acne flare up a few months ago and it's taking too long to clear up so I turned to Doxycycline once again. Taking it this time around it seems to be working more slowly, makes me wonder if I should take Spironolactone as well but I'll finish the quantity that remains first, or not if I get impatient.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16139275224I have been on the oral medication for about three weeks now and I am beginning to see a difference!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16139275224My skin is just as bad as it was when I started and it's been almost a month. When I contacted Apostrophe they said to give it 3 months. I've seen dermatologists in the past and there is no reason it should take that long. That's ridiculous. I would not recommend this product. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16139275222I noticed a very very slight decrease in the redness and I get this reaction of red itchy dots all over my face. I'm trying to use it every two days to lessen the reaction.Metronidazole formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16137547224I have struggled with very oily skin my whole life, which is now causing problems with acne now that I'm an adult. After using it for about 3 or 4 weeks now, I do notice a difference and my skin seems to be producing less oil. Fingers crossed it continues to work!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16137547225It has a very strange taste and smell to it but other than that I'm noticing my acne disappearing.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16137547225i just stared my treatment few weeks ago i think i need more time to see some resultsDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16136683213I like this medication, it seems to be effective so far. I think I need a higher dose. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16135819224I think this is a good topical medication!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16135819224So far its working well. My skin looks smoother Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16135819224This product is great so far .... skin did peel and is dry but is also getting used to the formula so i look forward to the future results Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16134955225The clindamycin + benzoyl peroxide that was prescribed to me was a different percentage of the key ingredients than I had requested. I really like the dispenser which doesn't waste any solution at all and keeps it sanitary, but this solution is a bit drying to my face. My face has been red and I've had to compensate with lotion.Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16134955223product works fast on pigment spots .... Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16134955225Third day no breakoutsSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16134955225Well, to be honest I was going to say I'm not convinced. But now that I really examine my face and think about it, a lot of the dark spots I had have toned out. (I did however get a facial before starting treatment and it has been about 2 weeks post facial). And I had a pimple that was forming, but it never developed, and two days later, it has disappeared. Let's see what happens in the long run. :)Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16134955224This product is great so far .... skin did peel and is dry but is also getting used to the formula so i look forward to the future results Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16134955225I had perioral dermatitis all around my mouth and eyes. No matter what I did or didnt do, it just kept getting worse. The doxycycline cleared it in less than 3 weeks and I am so thankful. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16131499225The medicine is easy to take and I had no bad side effects.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16130635215This topical medicine is making my skin brighter. It is helping with my skin color. I am having less acne.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16130635215I experienced minimal side effects with this medication. I had a question regarding a missed dose and thankfully my question was clearly answered with the drug fact brochure provided by the team. I liked the organization and layout of this much more than the typical drug fact sheet. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16128907254I have been on Tretinoin before but love this formulation and packaging. The pump format for this product makes it so much easier to adjust the amount you are using and not waste product. Typically my previous prescriptions were in old school metal tubes which was messy and less accurate for getting a pea size amount. I found this formulation to be very gentle compared to others I have used in the past and I liked the addition of niacinamide. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16128907255I made a total skincare change, so I'm not clear what part this rx has played. I don't have any new breakouts, but my face is fairly red. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16128043243Spironolactone has stopped new breakouts within three weeks. The small pill size has made it easier to take every night.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16125451245I LOVE Apostrophe! They were SO helpful and the whole entire process was super easy and fast! I looked for DAYS online trying to find me some doxycycline, and out of ALL of the sites I found that would prescribe it, Apostrophe was the CHEAPEST! It was also the easiest and I'm positive they have the nicest and most helpful staff! Definitely 10/10 recommend!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16124587245It is working greatly for me. I hope this trend continues this way so I can have a clear skin in a few weeks. It is almost three weeks now and I am seeing great changes. Thanks to Dr. Kober and the team. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16122859235I am really loving this nightly ritual. I am seeing a reduction in acne. I am experiencing some dryness but I just use a fragrance free moisturizing cream and I am good to go. This service is so convenient because during the pandemic, going to a derm is not accessible for all. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16122859235I was prescribed this medicine in addition to 100mg of spironolactone for hormonal acne. I have been using the tretinoin cream nightly for 3 weeks. After one week, I noticed major dryness in my skin, which is typical. Apply a thick moisturizer 20 minutes before tretinoin if the cream is making your skin too dry and painful. My skin has cleared up significantly but is still quite dry and flaky. I believe the flakiness will go away in a few more weeks of using tretinoin. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16118539245I had trouble taking this at first. I have a weak stomach but I have noticed that my breakouts have calmed down on my face. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16116811234Starting to show results after two weeks in the combination with a b. peroxide body wash it's definently making me feel more confident about my back and chest.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16116811234I've only been using this a few weeks so far but it has been effective at preventing new break outs and improving my skin texture/tone. I haven't experienced dryness or other any other side effects.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16116811235I actually look forward to my nightly skincare routine. Not only is it an effective routine, but it's quick and easy. I love the mix of niacinimide in with the tretinoin, and the pm moisturizer you recommended is lovely.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16116811235It took about 2 weeks, but thanks to spironolactone, I no longer have cystic acne on my jawline.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16113355225This product definitely doesn't work overnight. However, through continued use, it has significantly improved the texture of my skin and the number of breakouts I get. I no longer break out in large areas but rather get one or two pimples here and there. It made my skin peel a lot at the beginning to the point where I couldn't wear makeup without looking like a zombie, but that subsided with time.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16113355224My skincare journey with my prescription Tretinoin + Clindamycin is going well. The formula spreads evenly upon application and I've only experienced mild symptoms as a result.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16112491234I'm thrilled that my treatment is going so well. The convenience and genuine care Apostrophe provides has really given me such a positive customer experience. Love love love!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16111627235I am thrilled with the results of using this product. My skin has cleared up tremendously. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16107307215I am having really amazing results with this formula. I was scared to use tretinoin because I have sensitive skin but it has caused no irritation and my blackheads are gone! I tried everything for years and this is the only thing that has helped!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16104715215Helping to clear up the sensitive acne spots that pop up from mask wear, ppe at work (healthcare), and pre-period hormonal changes. This was exactly what I needed. Something to prevent breakouts and treat spots that pop up. It definitely dries out the skin so moisturizing is super important. What a wonderful company, so quick to respond and meet your needs in a time where insurance and in person visits are complicated and drawn out!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16103851225I have started using Tretinoin and the results are beginning to be visible. The effects are gentle, and there is very minimal peeling. I would recommend.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16102123215So far so good! There was a "purge" period where I broke out kind of bad (but could have also been due to pms). Since those pimples healed, my skin has been very calm! I noticed the azelaic acid reduced the post acne spots very fast, even faster than my prescription retinoid cream with far less irritation. I'm really looking forward to seeing how my skin will look in a few more months of using this cream.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16099531215I'm only about a month into using this, so I'm still waiting to see an improvement. My understanding of Tretinoin is that it's a long game, with improvement coming several months (if not longer) after the initial start. So, I'm still waiting, but I have high hopes. I believe right now my skin is "purging" as I've been getting pimples in areas that are normally clear. Since this seems to be normal for Tret, I'm waiting it out and sticking with it. Results TBD!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16099531214I have used OTC clindamycin creams in the past, and they slightly worked, but with Apostrophe's formula that mixes clindamycin with benzoyl peroxide, my acne is clearing up within days instead of weeks! It's amazing!Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16098667215I could start seeing a difference after 2 weeks but I was having insomnia & a restless body. They dont tell you these things as a side effect but it turns out this is due to raising potassium levels. Ive had to stop & get my body to normal levels by taking magnesium.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16098667213I received my tretinoin formula a little over a week ago, and I can already see improvements in the texture and dark spots on my face! Compared to other topicals I've used in the past, tretinoin has definitely supplied better results!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16098667215I have tried many creams, lotions, spot treatments, from Proactive to drug store products, and this is the BEST! In two weeks of continued use my face is now clear! No new acne at all. I still have acne scars from many years of horrible acne but that is going to require a separate product, possible Retinol. Overall, this product delivers what it promises. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16095211215I really love the product and the packaging with the stickers was so awesome. The product already began working after a week as well. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16094347225I give it four stars. I still have a few pimples/puss pockets on my scalp. It has made most of them go away, but there are still some there.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16093483224It has been nearly a month since I began taking Spiro and my skin looks great. My skin was dry at first, but with proper water intake, it's much better. I noticed I feel lightheaded on days when I forget to take it at my usual time, but that's my fault and not the medication. Other than mild lightheadedness, I haven't felt symptoms. I will continue to use this medication and see its improvements.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16093483225I had done my research on Spironolactone prior to asking my Dr. I cannot say that I regret using this product. It has caused my face to start clearing immediately. I have yet to experience any of the side effects that were mentioned. However everyone is different. I do not know why I waited so long to use Apostrophe. Thank you very much!! One happy customer...Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16093483225In addition to taking Spironolactone while using this product my progress has been WHOA!! Of course, I had the normal purge but with the skin routine they provided while using this medication it has done wonders for my skin. I am now using this every night and am amazed at the results I am seeing. I have finally found a routine that works for me..Thank you so very much!!!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16093483225It has been about 3-4 weeks now and have noticed significant improvement in my rosacea, in terms of the itching and burning discomfort that accompanies my rosacea. I continue to have blotchy redness, but less overall. Skin texture improved as well. I use the azelaic acid in the morning and tretinoin at bedtime. Plan to keep this going. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16086571214I was on tret before, and was curious if this would finally help my stubborn acne around my jaw. But after consistently using this cream I haven't seen much change. Still having whiteheads, still having cystic acne. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16086571213It has been a few weeks since I started the Tretinoin and so far so good. Noticeable improvement in my skin texture. My face is smooth and soft. A little redness occurs after application, but resolves by morning. Dryness helped by moisturizing twice daily. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16086571214Still waiting to see if the spironolactone works. My skin hasnt gotten any worse, but still not better.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16085707224This has been a great formula so far and my skin seems to be improving. I have been battling acne for over 20 years.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16084843225This drug works better than Doxycycline. After 10 days of use, I am almost completely back to normalMinocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16083979225So it's hard to give a full review since it's only been 2ish weeks. So far my acne isn't really any better yet, but maybe just not as many flair ups? I've had some crazy effects since taking the full dose so I cut the dose in half. A few things being dizziness after workouts, extremely thirsty, my period has been 13 days late, my boobs hurt, haaa. The pharmacist wasn't much help when I messaged saying this is happening. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16081387222Noticed reduction in acne and large cystic acne.Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16080523225My skin hasn't been irritated or flaky since starting with the weakest tretinoin formula from Apostrophe, but it has appeared brighter and glowier. I'm looking forward to increasing the strength after my skin has totally adjusted to it. As always, Apostrophe is so easy to work with. :)Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16080523225So happy to have found Apostrophe! I love the ease of the service, especially with Covid. This tretinoin is easy to apply, smooth, and smells neutral. The easy-pump packaging also ensures that it's mess-free which isn't what I've experienced with tubes in the past.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16079659225This was an excellent formula that was created to help brighten and solve my hyperpigmentation issues. Within a month, I've noticed a significant improvement in dark spots and reduction in redness overall on my skin. It can be a bit drying so I have to make sure I properly moisturize when using it. But I've been very impressed with how much better my skin has been looking.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16077067224No changes to the hormonal, cystic acne along cheeks at all in the weeks I've been taking it. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16077067221Ive been using this for two weeks and my skin is still purging and getting worse I dont know what to do I need a different course of action. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16077067221I've so happy with this formula so far on my Apostrophe journey. It's helped reduce the amounts of breakout I get as well as how long they last as well. It's also helped speed up the healing process from current and previous breakouts as well. I have experienced a bit of dryness, irritation, and flaking but I make sure to take a break when needed. I also have to moisturize a lot as well to ease the irritation. I can't wait to see how well my skin will look months from now.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16077067224works great but you need to hydrate like crazy. note that sodium intake is important in helping your body absorb the needed water at a high dose.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16076203225Skin is started to dry out and I am continuing to break out. Thinking this may be the purge or I am still waiting to see the effects of the Tretinoin. I think it is too soon to accurately review this medication.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16076203223It is hard to review this separately from the other medication I am taking in terms of acne reduction, but I know when I forget to use this I lose my newfound glowy morning skin. I am not experiencing any irritation either. It is quite small and should be much bigger at this price (same formula as many other sites, way higher cost) as I am using it all over and you need to apply a good amount. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16076203225I really enjoyed my Apostrophe experience! From submitting my visit, to the med that was prescribed and the instructions and expectations were clear and easy to understand! I will be recommending this company to others should they need similar treatment! Thank you for what you offer and the help you provided me thus far on my clear skin journey!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16076203225Its working! I have been staying consistent and i havent had any trouble with taking this medication. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16075339225USPS lost my first package, luckily Apostrophe worked with me. It wasn't their fault. Nice packaging, meds came quick the second round.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16075339225I have been using for 3 weeks now and I can already see an improvement in my skin. Breakouts are healing and discoloration is starting to fade. I'm excited to see this through and can't wait to show off more healthier, clearer skin!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16075339225I feel like its working. I have noticed a difference in my skin and will continue to apply it as instructed. :)Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16075339224GreatTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16075339225I've been on it for about a month, and so far it's too soon to tell how well it works. Otherwise, the side effects are minimal.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16071883224I have been fighting cystic acne for about twenty years. I have tried everything under the sun, including several topical retinoids. None of them had any lasting affect on my acne. Bactrim/Sulfamethoxazole is the one and only medication I have ever received that has cleared my skin completely and kept it that way, but only while I'm on the medication. I'm afraid of what will happen when I go off of it because dermatologists won't allow me to stay on this. The only downside I have experienced is not being allowed to take this forever. Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim ReviewHyperpigmentation16071883224I tried 1% Tretinoin years ago and it did not go well AT ALL!! This formula is a little more elegant than the straight subscription. Also, I think it is going much better because I am using only .05% and taking it slowly for a month (only applying every three days). It is very tolerable so far. Only noticeable results is that it seems any whiteheads or pimples that start dissipate within a day or two so I don't get that need to pick at them. I may have less oil as well by the end of the day. I will certainly re-order when this bottle is out. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16071883225This prevented ingrown hairs from my last shave, and cleared existing acne REALLY quickly with no drying or anything. A cystic pimple on my chin was gone within three days instead of a week like normal, with no scarring. Unbelievably good stuff.Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16070155225I've noticed fewer breakouts in areas of concern after three weeks on. I haven't experienced any dizziness but had some nausea initially; however, I have a sensitive stomach and have since adjusted. I'd like to see how I do for a few more weeks before giving five stars but all is well so far!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16070155224The title says it all! My diet is extremely controlled because I am a competitive runner, so it can only be linked to one thing: the spiro. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16070155222I really like this formula that it is matte and not sticky on my skin because this is the first step I apply, if it was sticky, I would have hated it. It goes very well with the rest of my skincare steps with no extreme side effect. Best thing is, it doesn't make my skin goes red or breakout. However, do be careful around the mouth area because I accidentally forget to avoid my dry area (which is around my lips), and oh my god, my skin was so dry it started peeling. But yes, read instructions, I believe it does tell you to avoid mouth corners. I do have extremely dry area so I avoid to apply on those too. With my extremely dry skin during winter, I have to use 2 moisturizer (one very simple and light, and another one to lock moisture).Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16068427225Definitely has the minor burn for a bit after use, but cleared up my acne in a few weeks.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16067563225Three weeks in and my skin has somewhat improved and is noticeably less inflamed! I really like the formulation because it is somewhat moisturizing on its own without feeling heavy. I am optimistic about my results once I give this product more time. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16066699224I've been on it for about a month for hyperpigmentation and have already noticed a positive difference in my skin. I use it less frequently than prescribed as my skin was getting quite dry and flaky, and 2-3x a week still has me seeing positive results. Other days I use heavy hydrating moisturizers. I'm excited to see how my skin continues to improve!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16066699225still to see results but good so far! Hydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16064971215I haven't been on the medication long, but so far I'm seeing a reduction in deep cystic acne, redness has improved and the texture of my skin as well.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16064971214My skin seems a little better from when I started my regimine 1 month ago but things aren't clear yet.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16064971213I've used tretinoin for years. It is definitely one of my favorite products. I haven't had any tolerance issues.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16064971215tretinoin is the best of the retinoids- and you will peel. It doesn't last forever and you can always moisturize with a gentle cream or lotion first (let it soak in) to reduce the peeling- but I really don't mind it bc no one sees me in quar- this is literally the perfect time to get started on tretinoin. So far I really love it and definitely see improvements in texture and brightness. I haven't seen improvement with the perioral dermatitis around my nose, but apostrophe has good customer care and I know if I message my derm about it she'll have suggestions. DO IT! besides sunscreen, this is probably the best thing you can do for your skinTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16064107225This formula appears to work well at removing skin from the surface and causing some flaking, however it has not impacted my acne scarring. The scars are still present and at times appear darker. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16061515212great product, but it can dry you out and make you itchy. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16058059224It has been working great for me! I cant wait to see my progress in 3 months.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16058059224Too drying for me to use everyday. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16057195222I'm only 4 weeks in to starting my tretinoin, but so far so good. My skin seems to be tolerating the tretinoin formula quite well. I have only experienced mild peeling with some periodic purge breakouts that clear quickly. I have been following the prescribed instructions and I am almost up to nightly application. My face is feeling very smooth these days and I can't to see the difference in my skin in few more weeks. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16056331235love my results so farHydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16054603225I have experienced no side-effects or issues caused by this medication. I have not been taking it long enough to report on progress of my skin.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16053739225I'm so thankful for the access to this product during the pandemic! I am prescribed the .1% and I find it can create some peeling if I don't use a moisturizer with it, however redness and irritation are absent or minimal.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16052875225The antibiotic really works but it does take a few days to build to a theraputic level in the body. After 4 days I noticed a big reduction in the amount of new pimples and after 1 week I've only had a copule new pimples. I'm very pleased with the Rx. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16051147224I am in my late 20s and unfortunately still suffered from hormonal acne. It seemed nothing was helping my oily skin until I got prescribed this. I now can wear makeup and have it last all day without having to worry about being an oily mess. It has also stopped my breakouts not only around my face but also my back. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16051147225I've been using Spironolactone for 3 years and, when there was nothing that worked in the past, I can now participate in all the fun skin care that everyone else seems to be able to do without having crazy breakouts! This is the highlight for me. It took about 3-4 months for me to notice a huge change, but after a while, I just stopped breaking out altogether. I am so happy to have found Apostrophe to fill my prescription again, as I lost health insurance and needed something accessible to get the prescription filled. I especially know this works because I had 6 months with no prescription and started breaking out again. I have no side effects besides peeing more often! And drink extra water to make up for it.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16051147225I can tell this is going to work, my acne has reduced in redness and is beginning to dry out - which is what I was hoping. But I know that this medication takes a looonnngggg time to really kick in and have lasting effects. Its only been 3 weeks, I have very sensitive skin and no bad reaction. I'm committing for at least a year to see!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16051147224my face got so sensitive after using this, my skin got dried up harden and peeled. Harden like sand paper. i stop using it.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16050283211I have only been using for about a week, and already see a improvement in the wrinkles above my lip, and the texture of my skin all over seems to be softer and glowing.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16050283215Doesn't cause any irritation or stinging. Goes on nicely with my other products. Had to discontinue use of my cerave benzoyl peroxide wash while using this though. Caused my face to sting after applying it but once I stopped using the BP, it's like it never happened. Maybe I just need another BP wash formulation, or I can try short contact time. Either way, no complaints for the Azelaic Acid at this time. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16049419225Minimal irritation at this time. I may be experiencing some purging, I have some new small whiteheads near my temple where other lovely pustules and flaws reside. Either way, it's my third week and I have no complaints. Plays nicely with my other products. My skin isn't as dull. More improvements may be on the way, hopefully! Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16049419225I have been using the medication for 4 weeks and have not seen any improvement yet but I am hopeful.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16045963214Since it is the first month, I have not noticed a huge difference in my skin. I will say that I have been very tired. I usually run and workout regularly but it has been hard to have the energy for that lately. A friend of mine had these issues but she said that they even out as you get used to the medicine. I am going to stick to it because I heard the best results happen at 3 months.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16045963213I have been using the product for 4 weeks and have not seen any improvement yet, but I am hopeful.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16045963214My skin is really dry from using this. I usually have oily skin so I feel that it is just the start of balancing out my skin. I may have more to say in like a month.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16045963213I have been using the formula for about a month now I think. I'm not sure how much it's actually helping. I think I might have to use it awhile longer to see for sure tho.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16045099223Ive been taking Doxycycline as directed and my breakouts have seem to have been shorter, and not as severe. I haven't had any negative side effects from taking it, and its easy to work into my regimen. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16044235225I have seen drastic improvement, but I'm afraid for when I'm off of this medication, will the pimples and everything come back?Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16044235224Although its only been 2.5 weeks and I expect to see more improvement as time goes on, I have noticed the texture of my face being smoother, fine lines and wrinkles seem less noticeable, and my face feels smoother. Definitely notice an increase in acne right now, early on, but I know its because its opening my pores.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16044235224I have been taking Tretinoin as directed, and I am very pleased with my results! After a couple of weeks I noticed the pours only my nose appear visibly smaller. And my breakouts have been shorter and less severe. It can be drying, but my nothing light moisturizer doesn't fix. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16044235225AWESOME :)Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16043371225THE MEDICATION WORKS GREAT I NEVER FELT SO MUCH BETTER IN A WHILE THANKS.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16043371225Works well, just takes a while to see results Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16042507214So far this topical medicine has been working well! I had a different formula before that didn't treat the redness in my skin, but my doctor switched upon my check in because this one is better suited for acne rosacea .. and I can tell. I think I still have a journey ahead of me, but so far I really like it!Metronidazole formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16041643225So far (almost a month in) I haven't experienced any negative side effects of Spironolactone. I have noticed a significant reduction in my oil production. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16041643225I have only been using taking this medication for a couple of weeks and I definitely am breaking out less. I take it every day at the same time. I can't wait for a few months from now to see the true improvement of my hormonal acne!!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16041643225I really can't say what the effects of this antibiotic have had on my rosacea because I am also taking Metronidazole. All I can say is that any side effects have been mild, maybe some insignificant digestive issues.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16040779223This medication is providing some positive results, but still has not eliminated all of my rosacea yet. In fact I have had a couple of new occurences during the course of taking it.Metronidazole formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16040779223My face has never been this clear before sine I started using this!Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16039915225My skin has never been this clear and I have never had this many people ask what I did I feel way more comfortable in my own skin! Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16039915225It keeps my skin hydrating and doesnt feel like a I have a board on my face like my last skin care creams did this I think has helped clear my skin with the medication so wellTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16039915225My Doxycycline has been working well for me, but users should note that the dermatologist's instructions are key. My bottle had a sticker form the pharmacist claiming that the medicine is best absorbed on an empty stomach, whereas my dermatologist told me to take it on a full stomach. When in a rush one day, I took my pills before breakfast, and I vomited within the hour. Listen to the dermatologist's advice since the database used by the pharmacist may be outdated. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16039051225I have seen some visible results using the Treitinoin treatment for about two weeks. My skin is brighter and clearer! It is not irritating like over the counter Retinol products. I really love the results.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16039051225I've taken it before for other things, and it works really well for the eruptions. Thank you - I would like to keep it handy for those times that I do have problems.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16038187225Working good so far can see the differenceAzelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16035595225Working good so far big differenceSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16035595225I have been taking Spironolactone for a couple of months, but I have developed an allergy. My skin gets itchy and I get huge bumps.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16035595222In the last few years, I have shifted everything from my food, cleaning supplies, and beauty items to all natural and organic, due to the damaging effects of chemicals. But when your skin breaks out, and it starts to ruin your self confidence, THANK YOU for science that invented these chemicals. A fix for my skin, and not something I plan to use long term. Thank you for telemedicine and Apostrophe for making this possible!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16035595225have been seeing good results. i double up my prescription some days if i start to feel itchy. working well. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16034731225This has been the only medication that has noticeably improved my skin. It's been about a month and my skin has become less oily and acne prone to the point where I'm starting to see healing around the consistent problem areas of my cheeks. I'm going to continue with taking a 50mg pill a day as you're supposed to see major improvements after 2 months. If you've tried benzoyl peroxide, minocycline, birth control like I have with little to no improvement, I'd definitely ask your derm about spironolactone. I usually take a pill after lunch because if i take it first thing in the morning without food, sometimes I'll feel a little nauseous. 100% worth it, I only wish there was a way to wean off of it once my skin has cleared up - I've tried spiro on several occasions, only stopping once I switched health care providers, and the effects of it would wear off after 2 months, so I think you have to continuously take it each day for best results.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16034731225The clindamycin has been effective in fighting the bacteria on my skin that is causing acne. I like that it also contains some tretinoin to help regenerate skin cells and push out the dead skin with all the hyperpigmentation that I have. I used to use a much higher tret cream, but I've found that while this formula isn't as strong, the clindamycin does a really good job of keeping my acne under control during the week leading up to my period.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16034731225Still experiencing some acne but i just started. Excited to see what will happen.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16033867224I just started taking this about 2 weeks ago, and I'm about to start my period in 2 days. I have still experienced a few pimples leading up to my period, so I think I need more time. One thing I noticed, and I'm not sure if this is related, but I was really anxious and emotional for no real reason earlier this week. I rarely get moody when I PMS, so I don't know if the spiro had anything to do with that. I also experienced brown spotting, which I don't usually have prior to my period. One thing is for certain, hormones are shifting around... TBD if it helps with my hormonal breakouts!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16033867223No symptoms and it's working!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16033003225Within a few days I noticed dramatic improvements and was brave enough to start venturing out in public. Within 1-2 weeks my skin has never been better, and I wish I had a lifetime supply of this stuff. My one piece of advice...take after food. Otherwise, you may get nauseas and end up wasting a pill ;) Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16032139225Everyone body reacts differently to medication. Mine react negatively with Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim . One tablet and my entire body itches and burn like pepper. Sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim ReviewHyperpigmentation16032139221No side effects or anything.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16031275225This has already helped my face so much. It's reduced the dark spots significantly.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16031275225It heals zits fast and it doesn't bother my skin.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16031275225Overall, this formula has done wonders for erasing my existing acne scars and reducing oil production on my face. What I have not seen improvement on, though, is the prevention of acne as well as treatment. It feels like it takes forever for any pimples I have to go away, and the rate at which I'm getting them hasn't seemed to slow down since I started using this formula. That being said, I'm just starting week 4 of treatment, so I'm still hopeful that I'll see improvements in the coming weeksAzelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16030411223This has helped my acne so much in the 3 weeks Ive been using it! Ive seen such an improvement! I had acne all over my face and now I only have a view pimples on my entire face! It hasnt entirely cleared my skin yet (but its only been 3 weeks) but the difference is definitely noticeable! Im able to walk out my door confidently without makeup nowClindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16030411225I was pretty reluctant to hop on another course of antibiotics since they always make you feel really sick and I used to take them on an empty stomach, but they always do the job. All the inflamed, giant bumps go down while my topical tretinoin formula does its job right. Obviously cycle off them when you can and keep using your topical treatments, but always does the trick. Overall I used to have bad scarring acne and now my skin is really clear with an occasional blemish.Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16030411225I've been taking this medication for about 4 weeks now, and I have yet to see any significant results. It's supposed to help reduce my hormonal acne on my chin, and while the bumps haven't been as painful, they are still present and don't seem to be slowing down. I'm hopeful that in the next few weeks I'll finally see some improvement! P.S. - They are not joking when they say you need to stay hydrated. My water intake has increased significantly since I started this medication, and I feel thirsty more often than not nowadays.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16030411222Having taken this for 3 weeks now Ive noticed an extreme decrease in the oiliness of my skin! I take this with birth control (implant) so it really helped to control my hormones. The only issue I have with it is that it messes up your period cycle and Ive been getting a lot of spotting. For my skin though it has done a lot!! This paired with my topical has cleared my face significantly! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16030411224I havent seen any noticeable progress , still hoping as time passes that I can see some results. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16030411223Tretinoin has worked wonders on my skin in a short amount of time. I have been dealing with minor acne, blackheads, redness and scarring. Several days after using this regularly, it has made a huge change to my skin. I only had minor dryness/flaky skin the first week and made sure to lotion more than usual. All of my skin issues are no longer noticeable, especially with makeup, which wasn't the case before. My chin was the reddest and most acne/blackhead prone and is now gradually clearing up and much closer to my normal skin tone. I have also noticed a significant improvement/decrease in the amount of oil my face produces each day which has been a lifelong battle. I strongly recommend this product to a full skincare routine! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16030411225This helped improve my skin care regimen two fold! Thank goodness for it!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16029547225i have struggled with hormonal acne for 2 years out of nowhere and a month into this plan has already changed everything! My face is softer, no more little bumps and CLEARTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16028683225I cant believe how quickly Ive responded to my Tretinoin prescription! After just two weeks of use, a considerable wrinkle in my forehead has all but disappeared...I wasnt expecting such extraordinary results as far as my aging, as I was purchasing this more for my problem with melasma. My melasma is responding really well, too. Large patches of it are completely clear, and those that are left have faded tremendously, and I look for them to be gone with further treatment. This is an inexpensive treatment in which one can get priceless results.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16028683225Giving it 3 stars due to irregular period, I may need to lower the dose but otherwise no major side effects and my skin seems to be clearing up, time will tell. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16025227233Works within 2 weeks.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16025227235Too soon to tell but I think this treatment is working. Dark spots are starting to fade and texture of skin has greatly improved. Also, no side effects. No dryness or flaky skin.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16025227234I really like the texture and it seems to be effective. Tazarotene formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16023499214Three weeks in and my acne is actually starting to clear up. It'd going to be a long process (don't we all wish for an overnight miracle cure), but I'm on the right track.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16021771225Not gonna lie, at first the peeling was super annoying and itchy. But it's really working. I've also gotten a feel for when to take a day off and let me skin recoup.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16021771225When I was on the prescription name brand for my rosacea, my skin was irritated and then I had to pay the bill as well. Apostrophe's rosacea blend cream is amazing. My skin is more even and not breaking out. I love Apostrophe. I get personalized attention without being over-charged and having to go to an office. The products are high quality and pure. Thank you!!Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16020907225I have been loving this product. thank you for sending it! Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16020043225I've been using the product for 3 weeks and I can definitely see progress in getting rid of the Melasma I have on my checks and forehead. So far so good.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16019179225I have PCOS and have suffered from coarse facial and body hair for years. I recently started noticing male-pattern baldness around my temples and knew this was a hormonal problem, as I was tested for high testosterone. I started noticing results within days of taking the spironolactone, way sooner than I thought I would. Within a week I was only having to shave my face every other day rather than once or twice a day, and then it dropped to every three days. I'm still having to shave but it keeps coming back slower and slower every time. My hairline has stopped receding and is slowly growing back. It's only been three weeks and I'm already so happy with the results. I have had some side effects but they have been very minor. The only one that bothers me at all is breast tenderness. I had some hot flashes the first week but they went away quickly. Sometimes I'm a little nauseous or headachy, but only if I don't drink enough water. Since this is a diuretic, you need to stay on top of your water consumption and try to drink as much as you can every day. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16019179225I'm getting phenomenal results and I only started using it a couple weeks ago! All my old scars and hyper pigmentation is clearing up! Thanks!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16019179225so far in few weeks i can certainly see my my acne improving and also skin is looking fresh. Its a slow process i feel as hyperpigmentation spots from acne takes a bit time to fade. Also i haven't had a new acne breakout yet. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16019179224It's only been two weeks, so I know I won't be seeing a miraculous new face. I have had none of the horror experiences others have mentioned. In fact things have gone quite smoothly. I use it every four days and so far so good. I did feel some tingly on the face for about 30 mins after the second application but other than that it's been great. I will finish this bottle and in a month or so go to every two days and see how that works. But I want to very very slowly get my skin acclimated to it and not have any dramaTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16019179224Initually it worked great then began to taper off.Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16018315223I have seen a decrease in my acne. I feel that the Doxycycline is working appreciate the people at Apostrophe, Thank youDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16017451225This treatment has done wonders on my skin.Hydroquinone tretinoin fluocinolone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16016587225All of my acne is on my jawline and cheeks - definitely hormonal and sometimes 1-3 cysts that turn into boulders under the skin and linger for months on end...only to swell up again. I saw a dermatologist in-person that thought it "wasn't that bad" and didn't prescribe me anything, topical or otherwise. I guess it's heart-warming (we always think it's worse than it is) at the same time I knew my skin could be better. I was interested in trying spiro before birth control, just because it's easier to get a hold of, cheaper (I'm uninsured), and potentially fewer side effects. And so far, so good! I did 4 days of half a tablet per my Apostrophe derm's recommendations and with no side effects, I went to a full 100mg tablet. I was worried about lightheadedness or nausea, but I haven't had any of that. Admittedly I do take it at nighttime to avoid any side effects interrupting my day and that means I do get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. It's not a big deal to me and honestly, this makes you pee all the time, all day. Taking it in the morning wouldn't change that. As far as results - not sure. I'm only 3 weeks in and while I'm heading into my pre-cycle week, I've had a few minor whiteheads on my jaw, but no cysts. It's hard to say if it's a lucky month or the spiro is already working (it can take 2-3 months to see full effect). Either way I'd say it's got no side effects, it's reasonably priced for 3 mos/90 tablets, and it's a better long-term option than birth control (for me, I need to see a gyno to get the right hormones I need and seeing a specialist like that is way out of my budget right now). I am noticing a lot of tenderness in my chest region prior to my cycle, which is unusual for me, but nothing intolerable.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16016587225I had my hesitations about starting tretinoin - while highly effective at keeping acne at bay, it can also be intense and cause a lot of "retinoid uglies." But hey, the things we do for beauty. To be fair, I've been using an OTC 0.1% adapalene for many months now, and I think that helped make my transition smooth. I am on week 3 now and have seen minimal irritation - and only around my mouth and in the chin crease. Some minor flakiness, a little redness, nothing severe. I use CeraVe Moisturizing Cream (in the tub) 2x a day and La Roche Posay hydrating cleanser 2x a day. I have two really ugly scars on my chin from cystic breakouts that I think already appear a touch lighter and the other breakouts I've had are minor and turn into a whitehead in 24 hours and disappear thereafter. My only concern - the bottle is small and expensive! I know you're only supposed to use a pea size amount, but I'd like a little extra in case Apostrophe is delayed in getting me a new bottle or something happens otherwise. I feel like there is 0 room for error with only 36g of topical treatment for 90 days. I guess I am also paying for convenience, as tret 0.025% and clindamycin 1% individually are less than the money I paid for my small bottle. Oh well - if I see results it might be worth it.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16016587224This makes my skin glow, my pores shrink, and my acne heal fast. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16012267225Finally, some help for my hormonal acne. My skin's not perfect yet, but those nasty cystic bumps that could appear overnight and last for weeks, are not happening anymore. So happy I tried it. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16011403225I have only used it for 2 weeks, I wish I had this a long time ago!!! Many dermatologists cite studies that show the efficacy of Azalaic Acid against acne and post inflammatory pigmentation. So far I see changes in acne. When I don't use the product, I feel more bumps and existing zits grow. Benzol Peroxide has similar effects however its not good combining BP with products that target hyperpigmentation. Since using Azalaic Acid in conjunction with Spironolactone my acne has reduced by about 50%.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16010539215In just 2 weeks, I truly do believe that the Spironolactone is helping to reduce my acne by about 50%. So far I have not had any side effects and I'm keeping a close eye on that.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16010539215I was skeptical about trying this company but I decided to try it out. This is week 3 using this medicine and let me tell you my acne and dark spots are resolving so quickly !! My skin feels so smooth and I dont have any more acne, just some hyperpigmentation thats fading away fastTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16010539215I've only been using this for a few weeks, but so far it seems to be doing what it's supposed to. I have a mix of .05 tretinoin and 4% niacinimide. I don't have sensitive skin at all, and while I've noticed a bit of peeling, other than that have acclimated to using this product very well. As long as things keep going well, I will definitely plan on keeping this up. Working with Apostrophe was easy and convenient, and I have recommended them to friends!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16010539215I am seeing so much improvement just a few weeks in. Can't wait to see how it goes!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16009675225I believe it's working as it should - my cystic acne has been majorly subdued. I hope I see lasting results after my 3 month stint.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16008811225I got a little rash on my chin/neck but that's probably bc I went balls to the walls (against what Doc said to do). But I scaled it back and the rash went away. Will start again, but slower. Results so far are softer skin. Love it! So Easy!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation160079472253 weeks in, I have not seen much difference in my skin yet. At this point Im not sure if it was purging or just more flare ups in general but I seem to be consistently breaking out. Im still keeping my hopes up with this one thoughSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16003627221I use this at night and when I wake up my skin feels really soft and smooth.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16001899225I did experience some flaking, peeling and burning in certain areas from this at first. But I followed the doctor's recommendation to use Cerave cream on those areas and they have almost completely cleared up. I also read a great article that said you can moisture before putting this on and that seems to have helped a great deal. I use a very rich but oil-free moisturizer from Clinique.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation16001899225Going on 3 weeks, no noticeable improvements Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation16001035223I've been taking spironolactone for about 3 weeks now and my hormonal acne (for me this manifests mainly on my back and chest) has decreased significantly. I didn't have a heavy infection to start with, but right now I have no active blemishes. I'm also tolerating it well, with no noticeable side effects after the first week.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation16000171225It seems that my acne has gotten worse and I don't know if its because my skin is getting used to it and hopefully it will clear soon but right now my skin seems very irritated Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15999307223After three weeks, the texture of my skin is greatly improved. I have fewer bumps, almost no pimples, and dryness is gone, though that may be from increased use of moisturizers. I still have redness, though it is less patchy and blotchy and more even.Metronidazole formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15998443224It helped for a few days now I notice that I'm braking out againSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15998443224The spironolactone has helped my acne around my jaw some, but not a whole lot. The dosage may need to be upped. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15998443223I have hormonal acne in my jawline/chin area. Since using the tretinoin for the past few weeks I have had no breakouts.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15998443225I'm only on 0.025% and not noticing even any dryness or any purging, but I have very oily skin.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15998443224I've been on spironolactone for about 2 weeks and I can see my skin is improving alot! I took the advice to take this meds at night so I wont get to deal with its side effects.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15997579225My face has never been this acne free! Wish I had this years ago! Just do it you won't regret it!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15997579225Be patient, just starting to see my skin clearing up. Excited to see what happens in the next couple of months.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15995851225I had previously been using a different Tretinoin + Clindamycin topical medication that was mildly effective but also drying. I have found this topical to be more effective and less drying than the previous product I was on. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15995851225 I had tried so many other "remedies" until I finally gave up and went for the antibiotic. It was gone within a week after starting the doxycycline and have not had any flare up since discontinuing. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15993259225I used to be with Curology for 4 years, but they could never get my prescription quite right. I'd have one or two big breakouts per year and my skin was better than it used to be, but rarely did I have a "great skin day". After 2 weeks using my FIRST Apostrophe formula, I'm having nothing but great skin days. I'm PMSing as I type this and I'm not having my normal mini-hormonal breakout on my chin. They aren't afraid to Rx stronger Tretinoin which is what my cystic acne, scars, and fine lines have needed this whole time. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15993259225Definintely helping my skin. You go through the dryness and irritation but eventually it calms down. Really enjoy this.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15993259225No great impact either way at this point but I heard it can take a few months. I have not had a regular flare up from my cycle this month (yet?) so I am optimistic.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15991531224Ive been using it for a couple weeks and my skin already feels better and my acne scars arent as noticeable!!Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15988075225I apply this cream every other day to avoid over dryness but despite the low dosage, I can see that it's drying up my acne. I hope after 3 mos, I'll have a clearer skin.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15988075223Within just a few days of taking this regularly, my skin was starting to clear up. I've been battling hormonal acne on my face and back for the past few years - it was getting increasingly worse as I got older and when I came off of the birth control pill, it was to the point that it was painful. Nothing helped wrangle it - not Proactiv, not Differin, nothing. I still seem to get smaller pimples likely from these stupid bacterial filled face diapers we are forced to wear, but the more painful, under the skin breakouts have subsided. My forehead which was covered in little bumps is also cleared up. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15986347225I feel like the medication is helping dry up the cystic acne I was getting on my face and neck. I am really anxious to see the results in months to come. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15983755224First week caused sensitivity and peeling that was very easy to manage, but a little embarrassing. Since then, hyper pigmentation, blackheads and hardened cystic pimples has disappeared entirely and skin is more easily hydrated, even toned and blemish-free. I'm wholly confident that the final remnants of scarring will vanish before I'm through my second bottle!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15983755225So far I have noticed that this topical treatment helps to diminish my active acne. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15983755224I have been taking the medication everyday and I dont notice any change.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15982027223I'm seeing some results in a pretty small amount of time.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15981163225So far, I am seeing particularly better results with this addition to my routine. Like the fact it can be used in the AM.Metronidazole formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15981163225I haven't been on it for that long, but already I think it is starting to make my face produce less oil. I am also using differin gel, so that may also be the cause of that, but I started differin about 2 or 3 weeks before.. so who knows.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15977707224I always felt ugly because I was insecure about my skin. Now I feel confident about my skin but I'm still ugly. This really works =)Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15977707225Seems to be starting to work, definitely fading my leftover red spots! So far so great! I still got two large pimples over the past month but much improved.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15977707224This medication gets a five start review because I didnt have side effects. It helped clear my acne with a combination of a drying facial cream. Glad I took the leap and did apostrophe!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15975979225This medication was great for me and was able to dry up my acne. The only complaint I had was that is dried out my skin. This is a side effect of the medication but I was able to combat it with a good facial lotion. That is the only reason I would give it 4 stars.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15975979224 Your service is great! BradDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15975115225Ive never used this combo before. As expected it causes a fair amount of peeling and redness. I would say that after a few weeks of use, it has reduced the appearance of melasma around my nose/chin by 30% which is decent. For the price though, I would like more than decent.Hydroquinone tretinoin fluocinolone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15975115223The minocycline had too many side effects for my teen daughter including extreme nausea and crazy anxiety and erratic behavior. We had to stop after 7 days. My teen son took it long term with no side effects. Everyone is different but if you have a teenager, be aware of mental health side effects. We will try another antibiotic to see if it works better. Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15975115221A little goes a long way. My teen daughter has see great results from just this (as she had to suspend oral minocyline because of side effects). It is very drying and she has had to play around with the dosage and placement of product but we are very pleased with it. This along with the recommended benzyl peroxide wash, CeraVe daytime moisturizer and EltaMD sunscreen have greatly cleared up her skin and made it glowing.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15975115225I was on Tik Tok actually when I saw a dancer say that as a model and dancer she suffered from acne and spent thousands of dollars on treatments until she discovered Apostrophe and got cured from her systic acne. Since I had never heard about Apostrophe and had been to dermatologists as well over the years I googled and found this company on the web. The questionnaire was easy to answer and the pictures weren't hard to upload either and I'm not computer savvy. I received a Dr. right away and I was happy she was a woman too. She put me on Azelaic Acid and I have been very happy with the product. I was told to wash my face with either CeraVe or Cetaphil (so over the counter stuff, not expensive) and use the cream she prescribed and finish with a Cetaphil or CeraVe cream moisturizer. I chose Cetaphil wash and moisturizer and have not been disappointed by the products. For me with sensitive skin, the product isn't greasy, it soaks right in and it doesn't sting to apply or burn or anything like that. I do my regimen morning and night and have no dryness in the areas I apply the cream to. It's nice to see that the breakouts don't last and have been going away. I'm very pleased with this site and will continue to recommend and use it myself going forward. Great experience. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15974251225I haven't noticed any change, actually my acne is worse.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15974251223I've been taking Spironolactone for almost a month now, and have started seeing some good progress and results now that before and after my time of the month is over. Haven't had any side affects so far. I just take my one pill and go about my day, nearly forgetting that I'm even taking acne medication! So far I've noticed a decrease in oil production, breakouts, and the healing time. I'm also using natural skincare, taking my meds, increasing my water, and natural eating.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15974251224I have PCOS and adult acne has been one of the worst symptoms for me because it's on the surface so you can't hide it. I had been asked if I was using drugs more than once because of the severity of my cystic acne and a picking disorder. I have tried everything OTC and prescription creams and retinoids and this was my last option before accutane which I've avoided due to the risks. Spironolactone is a miracle in a pill! My face clears up pretty quickly and stays clear! Even if I forget to wash my make up off before bed which usually meant I suffered the consequences for several weeks! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15973387225I haven't been using it for very long (was using up the rest of my previous, lower-concentration prescription first) but I like what I see so far! It's *so* much easier to spread than the previous prescription cream I had. Can't wait to see results!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15972523225I enjoyed the low-hassle process of getting the prescription. However, I have been taking it for 3 weeks now and have not seen a change. I will continue to take until the prescription runs out and reassess. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15969067222Great Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15968203225Exactly what I needed to calm down my cystic acne without birth control. It makes me sleep and urinate a lot though.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15967339225I've previously used this medication before I lost health insurance and knew it worked well for my skin, however I wasn't able to get a refill so the effects of the med didn't last long. Now that I found Apostrophe I am excited to restart this medication for a longer use and actually get the desired end results. I have not had any issues with the medication, besides the nausea which is my own fault for not eating a meal before taking the pill. Besides my own mistake and the constant urge to pee I have had minimal break outs happen and less oiliness on my skin. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15967339224Feels like a lux spa treatment but it is also powerful medicine to treat my rosacea. Noticeable improvement in the way my skin felt and looked very quickly.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15966475225Using as directed I am getting great results. My skin is way more comfortable and visibly healing. Fantastic!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15966475225Huge improvement after 2 weeks of use. New issues arent happening and im healing. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15966475224I've tried so many acne topical medications in my life time and it's been a frustrating journey. I'm so glad I tried Apostrophe. My doctor prescribed this to me and it has helped improve old acne scars and current acne (even though I am purging into week 3). I'm excited to see my results a couple month from now.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15963883225This has helped me tremendously !This solution has kept my skin calm. No cystic acne at all since I started.Still have small bumps but it is quickly clearing up daily. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15963019215very easy drug to take and so far no side effect , will continue will it..Cephalexin ReviewHyperpigmentation15963019213My acne ebbs and flows with my hormones. I was on my period last week so I had a break out right when I started the Spiro, it is clearing up now, but this happens without the spiro sometimes after my period. I think I will need to wait a few more weeks to see. Skin looks good today, only a few active zits.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15963019213I love everything about this product, but I wish the base did not have olive oil in it as it has been quite comedogenic for me in the pastAzelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15962155224Although it took from 6-8 weeks to start really helping, it has made a difference.Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15962155225This is a quality formula for anti-aging care. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15962155225I haven't seen any positive changes in my skinSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15961291221Don't think I can live without this. It is kind of hard to get it out of the bottle, so not sure how long this will last, I wish it was in a tube to get the most out of it.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15961291225I've used spironolactone off and on for a little over a year now. Every time I run out, I begin to notice the difference in my skin and hair. This is an absolutely great product for me, and with Apostrophe, I don't have to worry about not being able to get in to see my doctor to get my prescription refilled. Extremely affordable, so easy--thank you for creating such a great program!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15960427225When my face started freaking out a couple of months ago, I grabbed a non-prescription retinol product at the drugstore thinking it would help eliminate my bumps, fast. Wrong. It did nothing for my acne, but everything to make my face start peeling in great big uncontrollable sheets that I couldn't make stop. Way, way, WAY too strong! (How has the FDA allowed that?) So while I definitely need a retinol in my life, I need a very mild one. This formulation fits the bill. I've just stepped it up from using it once every third night to every other night, and I'm noticing only a little mild flaking--nothing extreme. I might take it back down to every third night for another week or so to give my skin a little more time to acclimate, and then try again. But this feels very much as if I am in control now, and my skin is getting better by the day. I feel human again!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15960427225I can see the difference within one day, it`s incredible. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15959563225I am impressed that such a low dose of doxycycline worked so quickly. Within one week, my face was already clear. I had no side effects either. I'm so glad I found this site. I don't have health care so I am very thankful. I have a nice, clear face again!! Thank you!!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15958699225I have been taking this pill for about two weeks. The acne on my chin is definitely still there, but the number of cystic zits is probably 75% reduced. I notice dizziness when standing after sitting a long time and slightly increased need to urinate (nothing life-interrupting though!). All in all, not too worried about side effects and excited to see results after longer usage.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15956107224I have only been using this product for about two weeks. While I still have quite a few small bumps, I notice my skin turnover rate has increase and the life-cycle of zits is shorter. My skin looks smoother and refreshed upon awakening. The feel of this product is also wonderful and easily absorbed.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15956107224Love this treatment! It has been effective since Day 1 and I have seen such a difference in my skin. It is a bit drying but the skin treatment plan provides great recommendations for accompanying OTC moisturizers.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15955243225I have noticed my current acne is starting to subside, but I still have had about 5-8 blemishes show up in the last 2 weeks - a little bit less than usual but still a lot. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15954379223same response as medication, a little dryness but nothing extreme. starting to notice some improvements in acne, but nothing crazy. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15954379223I've only been using this for a short time with no problems. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15953515225I really think this has been clearing up my skin! My cystic acne seems to be slowly going away. It also looks to be bringing some deeper impurities to the surface and my face overall is becoming more even. I'm about three weeks in so looking forward to see where this is after my first 90 days. My only complaint is that the pill smells absolutely horrible but it's a small price to pay.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15951787224I like this cream so far. I'm using it every other day to start. I can see it dry out my skin and I do think it has slowly healed some minor impurities. I have seen less cystic acne but think this is in combination with the Spironolactone. It has made my face a little more blotchy in the sun but I make sure that I use sunscreen before going out. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15951787225I have only used it for 1.5 weeks, so far so goodAzelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15950059223I found this product good Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15950059225Not experiencibb n g the skin sensitivity and getting better results.Cephalexin ReviewHyperpigmentation15948331225It is working great so far - I fear when taking me off what will happen, we will see at that time.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15948331225I've been struggling with moderate perioral dermatitis for months. I didn't have any of the common causes for having it, so it was weird. I can only assume it was brought on by stress. My dermatologist was closed because of COVID-19. I was so thankful to find Apostrophe. I submitted my pictures and within hours I heard back from the dermatologist with a prescription. I love that the Metronidazole formula that's prescribed is not formulated with any yucky chemicals such as parabens unlike a prescription I would've picked up from my local pharmacy. I saw an improvement within a week and my PD is completely cleared up now. I'm religious about applying the cream twice a day. Thank you, Apostrophe, for helping me not feel ashamed and embarrassed about my skin anymore.Metronidazole formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15948331225I've only been on my medication for 3 weeks but my adult hormonal acne has gone down so much! It's nuts! The right side of my face has been really stubborn but it's clearing up day by day. My left side is almost all clear. I had one or two zits pop up on my jaw line and neck since I started treatment but nothing crazy and I know that's a part of the process. Excited to see where I'm at in 3 months and I'm very grateful to have found Spironolactone and Apostrophe. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15948331225I'm only on week 3 but I can already tell this is working, can't wait to keep seeing results! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15947467225Its been two weeks and I am seeing some small results although a little slow.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15946603224Need to be consistent with this or else it will take a while to show improvement. Only use it at night when your going to bed.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15946603223So far this seems to be helping, but I find it makes me very greasy so I can only use it in the evenings. Overall very happy with this service.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15942283224Three weeks in and no hormonal breakout from my time of month. The side effects are minimal besides occasional headache or dizziness but I'm hoping these subside when my body gets used to it.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15942283224I have been taking Spironolactone 100 mg for 3 weeks now and I feel like my skin is already looking better. My skin is extremely oily with large pores and frequent breakouts. After trying accutane, laser acne treatments and tons of washes and topicals, I can say that nothing has ever given me results like these. My skin is purging so I have some acne coming out but I think once that cycle is over it will be all clear. The oil is dramatically reduced. I keep blotting papers on hand but I haven't had to blot nor have I noticed the usual buildup around my nose. I can't wait to see the results continue!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15942283225Doing great, but could up my dosage. I used to be on 100 mg a day with zero side effects. Currently taking 50 mg Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15942283224I'm not quite sure if I'm loving this. It does dry my oily skin which is great, but it's not helping with blemishes. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15942283223I am using the Tretinoin in conjunction with the spironolactone and I love it! It's only been 3 weeks and my skin has shown dramatic improvement. My skin is super oily but and the oil production has greatly reduced. My pores appear smaller and overall the texture of my skin had smoothed. I was worried that using it daily would dry me out as some others have reported but so far that hasn't been an issue for me.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15942283225I switched from .025 strength generic tretinoin to the .05 Apostrophe tretinoin. I experienced almost no irritation during the transition, and my skin is fairly sensitive. The formula is so much lighter and glides on nicely. The generic formula I used felt heavier and greasier. The Apostrophe tretinoin just sinks in to my skin and disappears. I really like the addition of Niacinimide. I don't ever want to go back to generic again. And the stickers! The whole experience was delightful. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15942283225takes a while to get resultsTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15942283224Cleared me up in a couple of daysClindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15937099215As I have only had this a couple of weeks I cannot provide a complete and thorough review. In addition, after reading more about hydroquinone on Apostrophe, you should use it for a period of time then stop for 1-3 months and then begin again. As such I have now stopped using it for a monthHydroquinone formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15937099213After life long acne struggles I'm on week 3 of daily Spironolactone and so far I could not be more pleased. The ordering process was a breeze with no hidden nonsense and quick shipping. Besides that, I've had no noticeable side effects and my skin looks the best it has since high school.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15937099215results arent immediate but its good!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15937099215I've been on this product for about a month, and it's not until now that I'm really seeing the results in my skin. You have to work through the flare ups and dry skin to really start seeing a difference! Aside from the dry skin side affect, this product seems to be working really well for my acne. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15937099214Thanks, Apostrophe!Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15936235215Had been on low-dose birth control (Yaz) for about 6 months but was having some hair loss side effects and the lower dose meant annoying sensitivity to missing my pill-taking window even by a few hours. If I missed taking my pill by more than 4 hours, even just once in a pack, I would have break out bleeding for days. So, I wanted to find an alternative to balancing the hormones without affecting my cycle quite so much. So far, I haven't had any adverse mental side effects from the hormonal adjustment. Yet I hypothesize that's likely because I transitioned from the BCP so was already a bit adjusted to changing my hormones. Only noticeable side effect thus is frequent peeing, but that's expected. My acne seems to have settled down more consistently than on Yaz. I'm combining this with small amounts of .05% Trentinoid every other day and so far so good. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15936235215At the beginning I was just trying to try something because my skin has been so bad the last two years. I went to the doctor, use expensive creams and treatments. Did laser, micro needling and everything you guys can imagine! My skin has never looked better than now NEVER! I just follow the indications and that's it. And I use a lot of make up and it looks so BEAUTIFUL like a have a filter on it! Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15936235215This works so well for me. Doesn't dry out my skin but gently clears and moisturizes it. Really balances out my skin tone.Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15935371225As a woman in my 30s with hormonal acne, I've tried basically every single topical product, antibiotic, etc to clear up my skin. A few years ago, the NP at my dermatologist's office recommended Spironolactone off-label to treat my acne. It worked amazingly and my skin was pretty flawless during the time I took it. Eventually my insurance changed and I could no longer see that dermatologist, so I let my script lapse and hoped that my zitty days were over. Unfortunately, my acne did come back eventually once I quit Spiro, although not as bad as I had previously had it. Still, I found myself with more scars and feeling ashamed of my face. I longed to get back on Spiro but didn't want to deal with the hassle of finding another doctor, going there, going to the pharmacy, etc etc. Apostrophe popped up one day recently in my Facebook stream and specifically advertised that prescriptions for Spiro were available. I went to the website, filled out the forms, took some pics of my acne-ridden face, and within a day I had a brand new script for Spiro as well as tretinoin/niacinamide, which is also great. Both prescriptions were shipped to my door within a week. It was SO MUCH EASIER than what I had to go through before to get my prescription and enjoy living a life of clear skin. I'm now on my third week of treatment and my oily skin is balancing out, and I've only had a couple of breakouts since beginning the Spiro and Tretinoin regimen. If you're a lady in your late 20s to 50s, and you're still struggling with acne, Spironolactone may be the solution to your skin problems, as it addresses the hormonal component which is causing the excess sebum and acne to begin with. The only side effects I've ever experienced are a flatter tummy (due to diuretic effect), bigger boobs (win!), having to pee a bit more in the beginning, and my period is harder to predict (kind of a great thing though, since I've suffered with PMDD for years and it usually disrupts my life significantly, but with Spiro I don't have any PMDD symptoms, so I just get a surprise period. I'll take that over PMDD any day!) Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15935371225This cream is amazing love it Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15935371225I've tried so many prescription benzoyl peroxide treatments, over the counter salicylic acid treatments, you name it - and this absolutely helped my skin as well as the best prescriptions I've gotten from my private dermatologist. t is not drying or irritating. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15935371225So far I really like this perscription. I have had many friends rave about how this solved their acne issues. Only draw back is there is a weird taste but that lasts about 2 seconds so not really an issue.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15930187225I haven't had any issues with this so far. However, I am still using it every other day since I am still within the first month and have had some minor drying. I am a little worried about how drying it will be once I move to every night but hopefully since I have eased my skin into this, it won't be too bad.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15930187224I absolutely love this tretinoin cream. My skin looks already better after 2 weeks of using it. I won't be without it from now on. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15930187225I really enjoy using the formula so far, no irritations and it does seem to help heal acne faster. However, the pump is extremely hard to use and I have a hard time getting product out. Not sure if I just received a broken one. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15929323223I gota rash after drinking this pill.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15929323221A little help to me with the acne and rossaceaDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15929323223This medication does work for me, but I do experience a bit of light headedness upon waking in the morning. This is a common side effect. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15929323224I've been using the Tretinoin Formula 0.018% topical cream every other night for the past two weeks. My skin feels incredibly smooth, and I've had no irritation! I think I'm ready to begin using this every night. In the past, I tried to get started with a 0.025% formula, but the skin around my nose got so raw and irritated that I discontinued using it. I'm hopeful that this lower strength formula with niacinamide will allow me to achieve my goals of keeping my skin looking young and wrinkle-free! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15929323225My formula is a very lightweight cream, it spread very easily so its not difficult to use the small amount of retinol that you are supposed to. Its definitely effective, Im still in the stage where no results are shown yet but Im excited to continue treatment! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15928459225Works well without making your skin overpeel. Wonderful creme and results are almost within a week. I have gotten so many compliments on my skin since using this and Apostrophe products and suggestions. So reasonable and cool that you offer different products that range in price. I am really appreciative of that. I have to say my skin looks the best it ever had. My daughter recommended Apostrophe and I was so impressed with the evenness of the skin tone (we both have rosacea) , the clearer, smoother skin - I wish I had listened earlier. Two of my friends signed up. And I am in LA - where we women are VERY sophisticated regarding all things relating to skin care and looking younger. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15928459225I was not pleased with this medication, it seem to dry my skin out terribly. I drank a ton of water while taking it and my skin was still severely dried out. I have now stopped taking it. Was just a little stronger than I think I needed for my adult acne. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15927595212This formula has worked wonders on my adult acne. I will continue to use it daily. It has not dried out my skin as most acne products do. I am 50 years old and do not need any product that will intensify my dry skin or wrinkles and this product has been wonderfulTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15927595215I like it. Still going through some peeling and purging but it seems to already be slowly down and nothing too bad. Just waiting to get fully past this.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15927595214Its just been 2 weeks since using tretinoin cream. I see little bit of purging but I see my face is getting neat and clear. I believe that it would surely show visible results after a month or two. Still patient!! Hope its works!!!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15927595214Thank you very much for a job well done. I have been using azelaic acid 15% + niacinamide 4% for 3 weeks and honestly I have already seen the decrease in my hyperpigmentation. I hope to have good results over the long termAzelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15926731215I have been taking spironolactone for 2 weeks now. The pill is easy to swallow and it has an after taste of mint. I am also using a topical ointment so I am not sure which product is causing which side effects. My skin is very dry, has been peeling this week. I am drinking more water due to the dryness in my body. Due to dryness my skin is also very itchy. But I trust the process. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15926731214I was using over the counter retinol formulas before this. They can be irritating, and didn't make much difference. I followed the instructions for this and worked my way up gradually. The results have been excellent so far. I wish I'd saved my money on all the other formulas I was using previously. They really do not compare to prescription tretinoin in terms of brightening, clarity and anti-aging effects. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15926731215The base for the cream contains some pretty clogging ingredients such as olive oil my skin has hated this in the pastTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15926731213The change in my skin is subtle, but much more than I expected in such a short period of time! The overall complexion is more even and my scarring has faded significantly.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15925867225I've used spironlactone in the past, and its seriously a game changer for me. My acne is very much hormonal, and I have high androgens which includes oily skin, a bit more little hairs on my chin than would be considered normal, acne, and prone to being aggressive. When I go on birth control, it also helps, but I hate the side effects from birth control and the fact that I am putting artificial hormones into my body. Spironlactone doesn't have the negative side effects of B.C and instead really focuses on reducing the androgens, which is the main source of my problems. I don't mind the diuretic aspect, if anything, it keeps extra water weight and bloating down. I avoid taking it at night anyways and take it when i wake up in the morning so I'm not getting up to go to the bathroom during the night. It really helps me feel more calm and "feminine" if that makes sense ... I'm less aggressive when taking it and it also makes me more submissive in a way. The only slight side effect I don't like is that it can make me spot a bit and have a slightly abnormal cycle - but its not enough of a big deal for me compared to the positive benefits. My final word - if your acne is hormonal based/androgen induced - PLEASE try spironlactone! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15924139215I like this a lot for drying up zits fast! But it really turns over your skin cells quickly and makes you peel like CRAZY! I am in the sun a lot too, so that made it even worse. I can't personally use this every day, and I've tried to use it more as a spot treatment. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because it dried my skin out A LOT when I put it all over my face, but it really does what it is intending to do.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15924139214The trentinoin formula has been very easy to adjust to. I've never used it before, but I've been following the directions to ease into it. Great communication and ease of use!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15924139215This product does not completely stop acne from reappearing but it has helped control it. I am not getting as many. When mixed with my moisturizer it tingles a bit but nothing crazy.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15924139214This was easy to order and works great. Thank you!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15924139215It's working great. I can feel the skin shedding and its revealing a glowTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15924139215Not too harsh (now that I use the .025% - found the right percentage) makes a difference in my skin texture and clarify. Love this product. Much better than over the counter retinols.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15923275225Since I have been taking this medication I have experienced no new breakouts. It has also helped decrease my skins oiliness. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15921547215I will say I was expecting my skin to completely dry out and flake but it has not so thats a plus. Check back in a month or so and we shall see how my results have come along. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15921547213It was convenient and easy to answer questions and complete my online appointment. My prescription was delivered quickly and I am satisfied with the product and its performance. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15921547215This is my second time using Clindamycin for hormonal acne. I previously used the medication through another dermatologist during a time when I had health insurance. This experience with Apostrophe's Clindamycin (so far 3 wks), has been ok. I honestly can't really tell if it's working. In the past the Clindamycin I used did not have Niacinamide. The Clindamycin in the past also seemed to immediately make pimples go away/reduce in size. With this Clindamycin when putting it on pimples it definitely does not make the pimple go away/reduce in size immediately. But I guess I can say maybe it's helping keep pimples away or not last as long. I will have to keep monitoring to really determine if it's effective. I am also taking Spironolactone so I'm not sure if that's whats keeping the pimples to a minimum or the Clindamycin. I plan to stop the Spironolactone after maybe 6 months (personal reasons about meds) so I'll be able to really tell then. But I can say that prior to the treatment plan I was experiencing about 6 or more active outbreaks/pimples at a time. Now I have about 2 or 3. Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15920683224This is my second time on spironolactone for hormonal acne. The first time I was prescribed the medication through another dermatologist during a time when I had medical insurance. During that time the medication worked great, no side effects and great results. This time around with Apostrophe I still have high hopes for the medication. However I am experiencing a bit of a rash/itching under my neck and am not quite sure if its due to a reaction from the medicine or something else. After doing research I did find out that the manufactures for the spiro that it I took from my former derm and the manufacture for Apostrophe's spiro is different. So that may have a slight impact. Or it may be that I now take probiotics regularly and maybe its having an impact. I can say that when I spread out the time between taking spiro (morning) and when taking probiotic (now before bed) I don't notice rashes/itching. But I am two weeks shy of my first month back on the meds so I will keep tracking results. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15920683224This is my second time using tretinoin for hormonal acne. I previously used the medication through another dermatologist during a time when I had health insurance. This experience with Apostrophe's Tretinoin (so far 3 wks), has been pretty good. Previously I used straight Tretinoin with no Niacinamide. So initially I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this product. But I think that it's really been toning and brightening my skin fairly quickly. My face peeled almost immediately using the cream (0.05%). But I think I started using a little too much. But the peeling worked to my advantage because I noticed some smoother blemish free skin in some problem areas. I personally use a exfoliator face pad (very gently with my face wash twice a week) just to keep my face from looking peely. This also helps the appearance for me with getting rid of the dead skin. All in all I think the product will work fine for me. Its taking some time to completely clear things up. But that's expected even from my knowledge of using it in the past. OH please don't use on areas like neck. I did so and completely burned my neck (chemical like burn rash). Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15920683224Not seen any improvement or results. I have started to break out again.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15919819221I'm not giving this 5 stars just yet, as I've only used it for just under a month, but so far, so good! I've noticed that my face is not as oily as it normally is, which is nice, and my breakouts ar subsiding. No issues with tolerance or adverse side effects. I'm using this in conjunction with azelaic acid, and they seem to pair well together. Keeping my fingers crossed this continues to work!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15919819224I was using spiro for some time a year or so ago and it was always wonderful. Recently, I started taking it again and within a month I am seeing results. :)Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15919819225This is a great product. It has helped me decrease acne, reduce scarring, improve skintone, and improve overall appearance. I am so glad I was able to get this quickly online without having insurance. It has really helped my self esteem and skin issues. Thanks to Apostrophe, and I recommeded it to other people.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15918955225I do see some result but compare with price it's too little. 3 Months supply even didn't come for a month.Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15918091225I wish I knew about Apostrophe sooner, I've tried so many products before nothing has worked like this has for me. Advice: Follow dermatologist treatment plan to a T. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15918091225I am on week 3 of spiro. I am still getting new breakouts--all over my face and body--on a daily basis, but I have noticed a lot of side effects. I haven't gotten any of the breast enlargement, peeing a lot, weight loss side effects, but I have gotten leg pains, my veins hurt, trouble sleeping, anxiety/panic attacks, dizziness, etc. Hopefully I start seeing results with my skin soon...Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15918091223I have been taking Spironolactone daily for 2 weeks; I have experienced some minor rash on my body. Have not yet seen an improvement in acne breakouts, but I am told i need to be patient...Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15918091223I love this product. I sort of ordered it on a whim. I have noticed in a matter of a few days, smaller pores, smaller fine lines and wrinkles. I am super pleased with it. I am 57 years old and have not taken the best care of my skin. I have had more comments recentely about how young I look and I really think it is due to this product. I have had some deep seated acne that I have tried to get rid of and finally it is clearing up blackheads and tightening my pores. You won't be sorry! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15918091225Visible difference in two weeks.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15918091225The finish is shiny and sort of make my face oily. It hasn't really helped with my rosacea/acne.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15917227222The apostrophe 50mg does not seem to be working for me. Have been taking for a couple of weeks and continue to have breakouts.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15917227221So far, this product has done well. I've had a little drying of the skin in some areas, so i let the Apostrophe team know. They informed me of what to do and it is getting better. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15917227224After using Apostrophe's Tretinoin cream for almost a month my face feels baby soft. My mother asked me what I was doing to my face because I had this beautiful healthy glow.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15917227225Good but will do follow up thiss coming week my need stronger rxSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15914635225I have been really happy with this! I feel like I have noticed a decrease in my skin's oil production and hope it continues through the summerSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15914635225I've tried antibiotics, accutane, and mind-numbing quantities of expensive over-the-counter topicals as prescribed in a 50 step routine by SkincareAddiction. Nothing had really helped, but recently I've been taking Spiro and my chin breakouts are rare. My skin is half as greasy. I no longer have the oil reservoirs of the Middle East in my face.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15914635225Good but my need something stronger Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15914635223This with amoxicillin have finally cleared my post menopausal cystic acne to almost none. Apostrophe is awesome for many reasons.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15913771215I have used tretinoin for years but this is the first formula that has given me noticeable results without the irritation I experienced with other prescriptions. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15913771215I like the poduct. I have used it for a few days and luckily it only gave me some mild reaction (as expected) such as dryness, itch or flakiness. I will continue using it for a bit longer to observe the effect. I am wondering if you can add more Nicotinamide to ease the skin reaction? I noticed it is currently 4%. Are you able to dial it up to 10% if the customer's skin is able to take it? Will you offer customized fomula? Thanks Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15912907224Is gentle enough for my very sensitive skin and my skin is already looking better - fresher, less pink, fewer breakouts. hoping it continues to improve!Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15912043225I used to wake up with an extremely oily face. I would wash it, only for it to get greasy again throughout the day. It was getting really bad before I was prescribed spironolactone. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and over the past week I've noticed that my skin really isn't oily at any time anymore. I've had some very minor purging over the course of two weeks, but I would only get 3 small bumps at most and they would disappear fast. I do notice, though, that I have a lot more blackheads around the creases of my nose. I'm not sure if that is part of the purge, and it isn't obvious unless you look up close, but it is not a pleasant sight. I am using this in combination with tretinoin so it's hard to tell which product is contributing to this. I took off a star because the pills smell and taste absolutely terrible. Mine smell like weed and taste like weed smells. They also taint my breath so I have to take this before brushing my teeth in the morning. I have a friend taking spiro as well, and she says her pills smell/taste like rotten fish... so I guess that's just the nature of the medicine. Lol.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15912043224I've been on this for two weeks and haven't seen much of a difference. I feel extreme nausea and dizziness.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15912043222I've been using this in combination with spironolactone for a few weeks now. My skin is usually really oily in the morning and gets that way throughout the day, however for the past week, my skin no longer feels like an oil slick at any time. The one issue I've had with this cream is that even though I' only applying every other day, it's inducing some dryness and flaking around my mouth and nose, as well as a spot on my cheek. It's not horrible, but it is kind of embarrassing. I'm tapering down to using it twice a week and am waiting to see if it helps.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15912043224I started using spironolactone about 3 weeks ago. I was told it could take months to see the difference but I did notice my skin calmed down and new breakouts stopped within the first week. Overall Im really happy with it, after suffering with hormonal acne for over a decade. It does seem to be giving me results. The only drawback Ive experienced is that it seems to make me EXTREMELY drowsy. I take the pill at night with dinner so that I am less drowsy during the day, but I still wake up in a fog and have to fight sleepiness most of the day. I notice that after another meal in the morning, I am almost normal energy level most days, but if I tried taking it in the morning or during the day, it makes me drowsy enough that Id be concerned with driving and other responsibilities. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15911179224Week 3 on tretinoin and I am waiting to see results. No noticeable change yet, but I am hopeful:).Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15907723222I'm loving this so far! I've already noticed the inflammation in my skin going down and it's only been about 2-3 weeks. I can't wait for the long term results.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation159077232253 Years I suffered with horrible blemishes all over my face...they only got worse when I was pregnant and the year after I had my baby was the worst. 4.5 weeks into my treatment and they. are. gone. I cannot believe this, I really feel like it cant be true. thank you. really from the bottom of my heart. kaitlin Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15906859225cleared my face up within a month.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15906859225I have been taking spironolactone for a few weeks now and my acne has definitely gotten better but I'm was also prescribed a topical acne treatment so I'm really unsure of what is doing the work. Whether together they are clearing my acne if one of the two works fine alone. I haven't experienced any adverse effects though so I'm gonna stick with it.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15906859224I was extremely scared because of the side effects buts it has done wonders on my skin .. I just hope it gets better . Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15906859225My skin started peeling from this product but perhaps its for the fact that I started using it every night so thats my fault but amazing product overall .. I need more time to see what it will do for my skin but so far so good Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15906859224Worked very well clearing up my skin!! Only downside was it made me extremely photosensitive and I began breaking out in hives when in sunlight. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15905995223 I like seeing the symptoms of change. I did have to back off to using every other night for awhile, as I face was getting itchey or sensitive with using every night.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15905995225I love the tretinoin formula prescribed to me. It's helped immensely with my skin texture.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15905995225it seems to be working greatTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15905131224I was already using a .05% tret, so Apostrophe was able to up my dosage to .1%, which I love. Shipping was fast, and the packaging was adorable. My skin was not irritated by this formula (which I know is a potential risk when starting tret), and though I experienced a little peeling near my nose, overall the effects have been very position. I have fewer active breakouts, and I am seeing a fast turnover of scars. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15905131225The cream worms really well and I love the packaging and pump it comes in! Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15905131225Just finished my first bottle--it lasted several weeks longer than I expected & I used more than a peasized amount most nights--so it's definitely worth it cost-wise! As someone whose used OTC retinol for 10 years, I was hoping to see a bit quicker, more drastic result from the prescription (e.g. lightening of dark spots/sun damage), but that was probably unrealistic. I can gladly report that I've noticed improvement in my dark circles that I wasn't really expecting. I will definitely continue to order. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15905131224 I ordered the Tretinoin Formula but received 4% Niacinamide and 0.025% Tretinoin. This is a rip off as Niacinamide doesn't cost $70 which is how much I paid for this product. If I wanted Niacinamide I could have got it from the drugstore for MUCH less. I thought I would get a high concentration of Tretinoin however, Dr. Jin Lee prescribed me a product that basically doesn't have the ingredient that I was seeking. A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I want a refund. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15905131221I keep waking up with new acne pimples. Even though I am drinking a gallon of water a day and I am vegan. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15902539211I am SO happy I stumbled across Apostrophe on youtube. LOVE the product!!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15902539215still breaking outTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15902539211My skin is getting better gradually. I notice a change for sure. I still have a bit of acne scaring but I think that takes time to heal, right?Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15901675214I was experiencing hormonal acne in my 50's which was really confusing to me because I never had acne even in my teens.I did a bit of research on drugs that were very helpful for mid- life acne and the drug that was recommended the most was Spironolactone. It's a well researched drug that's been around a long time and I've experienced no side effects.It has just a touch of progesterone in it and it cleared me up almost immediately. Highly recommend. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15900811225at 50, I had planned on getting laser and microneedling on my face, but after only three weeks on tret, I have cancelled those appointments and will reconsider years from now. This is completely re-working my face!!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15900811225I was worried this would be really drying on my sensitive skin, but it's done a good job of reducing my acne without causing flaking. While I do still have acne, and dark spots from older breakouts have not changed much, I see a big difference in the size/scale of new breakouts and they do not last nearly as long as before.Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15899947224I feel like this formula actually works for me. Much better than generic antibiotic. Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15899947224This medication caused me increased anxiety and paranoia. I could not handle the effects it had on my equilibrium either. I feel like the side effects were not discussed with me at the length that I would have liked.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15899947221I wanted this to be able to work for me because I know it has helped many other people with hormonal acne. After using for a couple of days I had concerning side effects. I felt extremely out of it, like my head was in a cloud, and I had a strange sensation in my fingers. After researching this prescription more I found that I wasn't the only one experiencing this and I found even more information that concerned me. It may have helped my acne if I continued taking it, but I wasn't willing to sacrifice my overall well-being to find out.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15899947222My skin looks so much better. I haven't observed any new pimples on my chin or upper lip. The only side effect is thirst, but it's not that bad. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15899947225It turns out that the cause of my breakouts are due to an egg/cow's milk sensitivity, but the tretinoin helped tremendously in healing the breakouts I had. In addition to hormonal acne on my chin line and cheeks, I had these little under-the-skin flesh colored bumps all over my cheeks. You could only see them when light hit my face but they drove me crazy and I could never get them to go away. This stuff made them disappear! Yes, my skin temporarily got "worse" before getting better, but I expected that to happen. I also got dry patches on my face but this is also a normal occurrence and went away after using regularly for about a month. Super happy with this!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15899947225I've been using Apostrophe tretinoin for about a month now and so far, so good. After reading all about Retin A, I was expecting my skin to be flaking and peeling by now. While I have had some slight irritation (some redness and very light burning feel -- much like a light sunburn), I haven't had anything more than that yet. It helps, I think, that I eased into using it and that I always follow its application with a good moisturizer and don't go outside without sunscreen. I also think it helps that Apostrophe's version of tretinoin includes niacinamide.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15899947225No side effects and helped speed up the healing with my breakouts. I'm allergic to many antibiotics but this one was fine. Cephalexin ReviewHyperpigmentation15899083215It has worked really well for me, but it also has some side effects. I've had horrible headaches while taking it, and I have also had a yeast infection bc it killed literally ALL bacteria in my body. It definitely works, its just very strongDoxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15899083214I couldn't be happier with the entire procedure in dealing with Apostrophe. Not only has my face cleared up, every step along the way has been easy. Best part is that it actually works, honestly!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15899083215Really helped clear my face. I actually have a glow to my skin now. Seems to help reduce dark spots also. A bit of a learning curve with amount of product to use and how many days a week your skin can tolerate. It does dry and cause some peeling at first. But within a few weeks all is good!Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15899083215It works well, and is actually very gentle on my sensitive skin.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15899083215I was reluctant to try this but glad I did. A Dr reviewed my health history and photos of my skin. I received my Rx very quickly and so far am receiving the expected results. I had a question that was quickly answered by the doctor. This is fast, easy, convenient and the product is as stated. Very happy and highly recommend.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15899083215This topical is working as it was expected to with making my skin peel to help remove the marks and fine lines, I also think its helping to minimize the already existing breakouts and prevent new ones but to some extent i still feel it is early into using it to tell for sure how well it is helping. Will keep using, as it is directed every other day but some days i just have to skip a day or two to give my skin a break from the dry peeling. I use a little light scrub pad in the shower to remove the dead skin which is essential I think when using this topical.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15898219224Been using this for a few weeks now. I'm not having any negative side effects, but my skin is still adjusting to the medication. I see less break outs occur in my major problem areas so far though.Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15895627223Face has completely cleared up but chest has gotten worse. Not sure what effect doxy is having.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15895627223Although I must say that my skin has slightly improved, though I can't be sure if it's the medication or dietary changes I've made, the heartburn and chest pain make me doubt if I should continue with my treatment. I believe there is a different form, doxycycline monohydrate, that causes less side effects. I am not sure if Apostrophe makes different formulas for certain meds. I do make sure to stay sitting up or stand after taking the medication, take it with food, and drink lots of water (about a gallon/day) without fail. The heartburn, chest pain, and odd sensation in the throat are really affecting my daily life, especially sleep. Oh, and boy does it hurt to go outside now, even if i wear long sleeves. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15895627222This medicine really does work,I have no side effects from it but it seems to work pretty quick as well i was seeing results within the first week of use be sure to drink plenty of water as well they both play hand in hand and you will see your skin glowSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15895627225My face has almost completely cleared up but my chest is getting worse, still need time to know whats helping/hurting my acneTretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15895627223I would recommend this service to anyone who has pretty basic skincare needs and would like a tretinoin prescription. I know that with my insurance, this is cheaper than picking up a tube of tret at my pharmacy(usually for me, a tube of tret is $35-45 for a months supply). The bummer with this service is that even though I am insured, this platform charges 5 times what I would pay at Walgreens/CVS for an antibiotic. I'm not sure why this platform isn't more collaborative with accepting insurance. I am not paying $50 for something I could get for $10 at my local pharmacy.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15895627224Three weeks in and my skin has cleared up dramatically! I'm thrilled!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15895627225As a busy mom of four in the busiest years of my life, getting to the derm is almost impossible. The ease of ordering online was the initial appeal but the quality of the product will be what keeps my loyalty in repeat purchases.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15895627225I should have found out about this medication along time agoSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15894763225I just got my period and I still got pretty inflamed and painful breakouts. Not sure if it's the Tretinoin formula doing it's thing, but the last time I was prescribed Spiro I got pretty loose bowels with good results in two weeks, and without Tret. I barely have any side effects, might need to go pretty strong with next dosage, I have very stubborn hormones. I can't remember what "mg's" I was first given but it worked. Still trying to be patient.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15894763222It has so far smoothed out my skin, it's soothing when applied. Have been using it every night, sometimes with Finacea with no problems. Some hyperpigmentation has been reduced, but congestion all over face and cystic acne persists.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15894763223Honestly know a huge difference in my skin when using it.Can't wait to see it more clear skinTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15894763225Spironolactone has helped my skin immensely. I've had hormonal acne for over a decade now. I went on birth control and that helped some but did not completely clear my skin. I decided to stop taking birth control after years of being on it and my skin went crazy. I went onto Apostrophe's website because I couldn't see a dermatologist due to COVID. It was an easy process, I sent in a few photos and in a day or two, received my prescription for 100mg spironolactone. I put in an order and got it in the mail 2-3 days later. When I initially started, my skin purged and I had the worst breakout of my life. I'm now 3 weeks in and although my skin has been healing from that initial breakout, it's calmed down a lot. It's been a couple days since I've had any new breakouts. My skin is less oily. I haven't experienced negative side effects. I am excited to see the results of this medication in the next couple weeks. I gave this review 4 stars because of my initial purge, but would still recommend this to anyone experiencing hormonal acne.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15893035224I just started using this medication a couple of weeks ago but havent noticed any improvement so far. Hopefully its cleaning everything out of my skin and will improve soon.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation158930352233 weeks in... so a bit early to tell, but so far so good!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15893035225I've only been using this creme for a couple of weeks but other than some peeling, I've seen no improvement thus far.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15893035223I love this combination for my adult acne! I have used a similar formulation years ago but this specific combo is fantastic. Apostrohpe really hit it out of the park with the antibacterial and hydrating properties of this product. I love it. In combination with another product from the line, my skin has not looked better in years! I couldn't be more thankful to have come across this site. Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15890443225I think I've been using for about 6 weeks and there is improvement. My skin was never a problem until two years ago. Then it was not-sto cystic acme. I tried everything and finally improvement. I am hopeful.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15890443225I love it!!! IT WORKS! :D It's not strong, so I don't feel any side effects.Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15890443225I'm a 2 week and a half in to taking this medication and it has already been a miracle worker. I no longer see the small bumps around chin. Love itSpironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15890443225I've used everything you can name of and this is the only formula that drys out my acne quick. I'm beyond happy to finally see clear skin coming back. Thank you! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15890443225It has been years since I have used used tretinoin in my regimen but since adding it back in via the Apostrophe service, my skin has been glowing and smooth. In only about two weeks, I saw a noticeable difference. I feel like I have achieved the glowing skin I've been longing in a short time with this product. The best part...it has helped with my adult acne AND is slowly helping exfoliate my fine lines too...I couldn't ask for more. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15890443225I had a few stubborn acne on my chin and couldn't remove it with chemical peeling and other products. But, since I started use this it got much smaller and it is almost gone. I really love this!Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579225I was told to use it 2x per day by my derm. I notice that it does make me very sensitive to sunlight. My skin will get red and irritated with sun exposure without sun screen. It's not like I am even getting tan but my skin is just getting upset. I have noticed inflammation of my existing zits is going down, which is the point of the product!Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579224I have been taking DOXYCYCLINE for maybe 7 months (thanks quarantine, my days are wacky) and have noticed a HUGE difference with my acne. It has lessened and I only break out when my cycle is about to start, even then it's very tiny white heads and not huge monster ones anymore. I haven't noticed any adverse side effects, just peeing quite frequently, though I don't remember which medicine causes that LOL.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579225I know that Spironolactone takes about 6 months to see final results. So far my body has gotten used to the dehydrating effects of this pill and I feel like I am functioning as normal. I do have to drink more water for my urine not to be concentrated, but no major dehydration or head aches after the first couple days.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579224I have been taking SPIRONOLACTONE for maybe 7 months (thanks quarantine, my days are wacky) and have noticed a HUGE difference with my acne. It has lessened and I only break out when my cycle is about to start, even then it's very tiny white heads and not huge monster ones anymore. I haven't noticed any adverse side effects, just peeing quite frequently.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579225Definitely clears up my pimples fast, but I still need to figure out what frequency to use it to avoid irritation.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579224Although I am not sure that this is the right formula for me it definitely works. I can see how the acne and scars in my face have improved and it has definitely brightened my skin's appearance. After just a few days of using it I was complimented by my sisters and nieces, who are always genuine when telling me about how my skin looks, on my glowing skin appearance. I don't know that this is the right formula for me because I do still get breakouts. However, the breakouts do clear up way faster instead of lingering for days or weeks and leave no scars now that I use this product.Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579225This formula definitely peels my skin rapidly. It is helping to bring up my clogged pores faster and rid my face of hyperpigmentation faster. However, when I have gotten in on my ears or a little on my under eye it causes these sensitive areas to get VERY dry and cracked. Be careful with the application of this product. I am almost on my third week and still using every other day because I notice redness and irritation some days.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579224I was able to move to a nightly usage of this tretinoin in only two weeks. It does not irritate or dry out my skin as much as other formulas I've used. I'm already starting to see good results!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579225It has been only 2 weeks and I only use this every other night, but my skin looks and feel so much smoother and plumped. I cannot wait to see more result in a few more month! Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15889579225Creamy texture, does not dry my face out and effective. Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715225Helps dry up acne but takes a very long time.Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715223With the acne I had and diagnosis I was given from my profile and pics, Doxycycline was prescribed as a rule-out medication. I wasnt happy with this, as I made sure to tell my derm that I work as a nurse in a hospital. Being on long-term antibiotics and working in a place where we get C-Diff patients and god knows what else puts me at greater risk of infection if I dont take great care. Im not even taking it. I should have just declined to purchase right then and there,but I thought mayyyybe Id give it a try. Jokes on me bc it was a waste of cash. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715221Fast acting and effective. Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715225Wish this medication had helped my systic acne flareups like it used to.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715222Spirolactone has no only cleared my acne, but has also considerably reduced oiliness and bloating.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715225Haven't had any side effects and definitely been seeing some positive results!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715225This medication is a must. I cant live without it. Nothing is ever a100% fix, but this is pretty close. The occasional breakout but goes away quickly. If I ever skip it or run out I can tell. No side effects except clear skin!!! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715225I've tried so many different over the counter products for months at a time before that I've lost count. Nothing helped and normally dried out my skin and the moisturizers wouldn't help. This ACTUALLY worked. I used as prescribed along with a low dose oral antibiotic and I have not had a breakout in months! Barely even a single blemish for the first time in over a decade of trying to combat acne. Reading other reviews and recommendations it was shown that it might take up to 12 weeks to notice a difference. I saw it making progress in less than 3 weeks. I also didn't experience any side effects as others talked about. I highly recommend anyone who has struggled with over the counter or drug store acne medication to try this. It was actually more affordable than many of the other kits you can find in stores and online. I'm a happy patient! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715225I have to say that my skin does appear clearer, but it's not perfect. Still needs much improvement. Needless to say, I felt horrible the first five days I was taking this. I had a headache nearly every day or one developed by the end of the day and I was extremely tired with not much of an appetite. After the first week I was feeling much better. My skin is still pretty oily but more manageable? And not much change in the few dark hairs I have on my chin. I've only been on it for a month so I'm optimistic things will get better in 2-3 months.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715224I have been using Tretinoin for a while, but love the formula with the niacinimide in it. It is not quite as strong as using full strength and doesn't dry my face out. I would certainly recommend Apostrophe for all of your needs. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15888715225I have just started taking this medication, so my review is ONLY on the pill itself and not on its effectiveness. The size of the pill is very intimidating and hard to swallow and I am always nervous about the instructions to "not take before lying down". I'm also instructed to take this pill with food (probably again has to do with it's size) and so I've purchased treats like yoghurt and granola that I always eat when taking the pill, to make it a little more incentivizing. I'm doing what I can but it has been very hard to follow my dosage instructions because of the pills size and restrictions around taking it.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15887851223Overall I like the product. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. More youthful looking, however it does not seem to help much with my acne breakouts. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15887851224I had such a great experience with purchasing and receiving this product. I was so impressed that there were instructions on how to apply/ when to apply included w the package. I was using an over the counter retinoid before, so I am extremely pleased with the results so far with a stronger, prescription-strength product. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15887851225Skin is clearing nicely and I am not experiencing any excess dryness in my skin which is great. Clindamycin bpo formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15886987225I am so grateful that I found Apostrophe. The doctor did such a thorough review of my skincare needs which I did not know was possible online. I was pleasantly surprised at his professionalism and how complete his instructions were. The regimen itself has also been so helpful and effective in clearing up my acne! Thank you guys and your team :) Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15886987225I do think this helped to clear my skin, but I experienced some negative side effects. These include vision blurriness, double vision and headaches (I do not wear glasses or contacts, and have perfect vision otherwise/have my eyes regularly checked). I unfortunately had to stop taking this medication. Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15886987223Definitely a fan - obviously, this takes a while to show decrease in acne, but it's less drying than other prescriptions I've tried! This process with Apostrophe has been so easy and fast!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15886987225I've been using the tetinion for a year now and I can definitely tell the difference. All of my younger friends ask what I use and I always tell them. It does make my skin itch, but I have sensitive skin and I'm a redhead (I avoid my nose and chin). I wear sunscreen religiously, of course. It has smoothed out my skin and given it a glow.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15886987225This product does seem to reduce my acne but it keeps coming back Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15885259223 It does take the acne away but it keeps coming back and my skin is very flake no matter how much moisturizer I useTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15885259223So far, still using the prescribed regimen and experiencing progress with my issues. Will continue to prescribe Apostrophe.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15883531225I tried Finacea Foam in the past but felt it was too drying on my skin. I much prefer this cream. I do think it has done me some good, but its hard to tell if the positive results I see are from Doxycycline or azaleic acid. I do find that azeleic azid is a little bit burning, but not too bad.Azelaic acid formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15883531224This is the first time I have used this formula. Previously I was using .1 from the pharmacy. I think this is working better for me than the straight tretinoin was. My skin has experienced some peeling but I am using every other third day and moisturizing to offset that. Good product so far.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15883531224So far my three week journey has been great. A bit of peeling on my skin but not too much due to the mix of Niacimide. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15882667225My skin is much less red and smoother and brighter.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15881803225This produce helps with wrinkles and is easy to use. It does not cause dry skin and is comfortable. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15880939225Never tried Tret before but after two weeks my skin was super oily. My acne was coming up faster, which is nice, but the oiliness was not worth it to me. Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15880939223Just started the routine and thoroughly amazed at current results. Wish I had these results with local dermatologists. Hope this continues as time moves on.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15880939225I was given Retina A many years ago from a skin gal from Canada. I loved it. But, lost contact with her. After asking a few of our Canadian friends that visit in the winter to bring me some, it was never the same strength. When I read about Tretinoin I thought I would give it a try. I used it every day for almost two weeks and realized I would have to back off a few days as it was beginning to cause spot pealing. I use it every 2nd or 3rd day now; along with other facial products and I am definitely seeing a difference! Thank you!!Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15878347225I cant fairly give all the credit for clear skin to minocycline alone, since Im using this in conjunction with an isotretinoin/clindamycin mix, but Im confident a synergistic effect is present and its great to have clear skin for the first time in 20 years. Works extremely well for smaller blemishes and little problematic areas, works pretty decent at controlling my cystic acne and decreasing inflammation. Ive noticed zero side effects which is terrific. Great meds and experience all around. Minocycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15877483225I'm super impressed with this company. Thorough exam, comprehensive feedback, prescriptions that actually help my acne. After years of trying everything from Accutane to creams to gels to homemade remedies, I finally have clear skin!Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15876619215I can see the difference in my skin before and after i started using. Being that im new to using the products im lokming forwafd to greater skin. I just have to trust the process.Doxycycline ReviewHyperpigmentation15875755215The only thing that helped my hormonal acne calm down. After 2mo I was only getting a new pimple here and there, and they were way smaller.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15875755215I'm really pleased with this medication so far. I've only been taking it for four weeks and my skin is noticeably clearer. I haven't experienced any nausea, but sometimes I get lightheaded for a few seconds. This is the most confident I've ever felt and I'm very excited to continue taking it.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15875755215I found this really easy to apply as the pump gives you the perfect amount. My skin is rather sensitive and I have not experienced any negative reactions. I do notice my skin looks smoother than before! My moisturizer still does its job once applying after this medicine.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15874891225Besides that it upsets my stomach Ive seen a big difference in the breakouts along my hair line Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15873163224This helps to keep my annoying acne under control. However, I have also experienced some skin discoloration after having used this for 2+months (with SPF in the sun). I am also pregnant so my options are limited. This product is affordable and does the job!Clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15871435214I am happy to witness improvement with my acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. I am also notice reduced unwanted facial hair growing - extra positive for the current times we are all facing.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15871435214The combination of this and the other medication, my skin hasn't been this clear in years! Metronidazole formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15870571224I have never used this medication before and when I did my research I was a little nervous it wouldn't work as many others have not. I am starting to see the top layer of my skin look very clear and much brighter. The doctor said it would take at least 90 days to see intense results. I am currently just on my first 30 days. I will continue to use it and will leave another review in 60 days. Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15869707224Has helped so much in clearing up small pimples and redness has also been reduced! Thank you Apostrophe for helping me get this product and to the doctor who prescribed :)Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15868843225I am so glad I tried Trentinoin. It has made a huge difference in the texture of my skin and minimize fine line and wrinkles. Apostrophe is easy to use and ships fast.Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15865387215I love this stuff my wrinkles are not nearlly as noticable as before.People are asking if I had plastic surgery Thank You DianaTretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15865387215I think this pill has been evening out my skin on my face but I still have a lot of acne everywhere else. I've only been taking it for two weeks so maybe it needs more time.Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15864523224I have been taken this medication for over 3 weeks and have not noticed any major side effects. The only side affect I have noticed is frequent urination. I feel that it is still too early to tell if the medicine is working or not. I get cystic type acne, and I had one bump show up while taking the medicine, but it did go away super fast. Good luck! Spironolactone ReviewHyperpigmentation15864523225I have been using this topical medication for over 3 weeks now. My face does get a bit red with use, and as with other topical medications I have used in the past, my neck will get itchy and red with use. I just try not to use it on my neck and if some gets on it and itching starts, I just use benadryl. I think it is too early to tell if this medicine works. I have notices that some of my acne scars have gotten lighter. Tretinoin clindamycin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15864523225Simple and easy to apply. Love my Tretinoin....Tretinoin formula ReviewHyperpigmentation15864523225This tretinoin formula works just like its supposed to. I really like that I c