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About Slather
Welcome to
Apostrophe’s digital magazine speaking truth
to skincare.

In an online world filled to the brim with misinformation, Slather is here to lay the science on thick. We’re serving up investigative pieces busting the biggest myths in skincare and setting the record straight on ingredients, routines, and beyond. Slather is part of Apostrophe’s broader Philosophe of fighting skincare fiction with a potent dose of experts, evidence, and education.

We’re here to help you with your skin journey so you don’t need to deal with endless google searches and shady results. Slather is run by Apostrophe’s Chemist and Brand Manager Lisa, but we’ll be growing our content to include our dermatologists, pharmacists, and skincare lovers who want to contribute. Subscribe to get notified when we drop our next article– it’s gonna be a good one.

Follow us on Instagram to stay in the know.

Follow us on Instagram to stay in the know.

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