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We’re here to help you regain control of your skin by making visits with a dermatologist simple and affordable. Our doctors work with you to craft an individual treatment plan with prescriptions that put you in the driver’s seat.


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Your Apostrophe visit is only $20, which we give back to you – taking it off the cost of your prescription.

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The Apostrophe Advantage

Quick visual diagnosis

With a few pictures, you can receive a diagnosis from one of our board-certified derms in just 24 hours.

Personalized treatment

You'll only receive the most effective and scientifically-proven ingredients, plus your medication will be tailored to your specific needs.

Affordable prescriptions

We take out the middlemen to ensure your treatment and prescriptions are affordable.

Word from the wise.
Using prescription medications is the most effective way to treat and control the various forms of acne.
- George Skandamis, MD

Personalized prescriptions.

Topical medications
$90/three month supply
With prescription strength treatment in every bottle, these creams, gels, and lotions prevent clogged pores, eliminate acne-causing bacteria, decrease inflammation, and treat rosacea.
Oral Medications
from $25-$90/three month supply
These tablets and capsules eliminate acne-causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and are typically used in conjunction with your topical treatments.
Tretinoin Formula
Tretinoin + Clindamycin Formula
Clindamycin + Benzoyl Peroxide Formula
Azelaic Acid Formula
Clindamycin Formula
Benzoyl Peroxide Formula (Coming soon)
Metronidazole Formula

Visible results.

Apostrophe Testimonial - Before Photo
Apostrophe Testimonial - After Photo
I discovered Apostrophe after searching for a solution to my flushing and acne. Retail and drugstore products were not helping me, and dermatologists in my area were booked out for months. I was prescribed their tretinoin formula along with guidance for my routine. I saw improvement in the texture, color, and overall look of my skin.
- Nicole, 27, San Francisco
Apostrophe Testimonial - Before Photo
Apostrophe Testimonial - After Photo
I’m not joking when I say your company changed my life. I found Apostrophe and was matched with a doctor who not only gave her professional opinion but also listened to my wants and needs. These last 9/10 months, I've gotten rid of my acne as well as the scarring associated with it. We're moving toward anti-aging now and I am 1000000% certain I am in the best hands possible.
- Emily, 26, New York City

How Apostrophe works.

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Show & tell

We're never too old for a little show & tell. It takes just a few minutes to answer some medical questions and send a few pictures.

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You're one-of-a-kind so your treatment should be, too. Your dermatologist will craft a personalized treatment plan, including prescription medication.

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Sit back and relax. Your prescription will arrive at your front door and shipping is always free.

Take it from real patients.


November 22, 2018

Your service is a game-changer. I can hardly believe the time and hassle this saved me. It's the best example I've seen of the direction we should be headed with health care.


February 22, 2019

My acne has never been better and I love that I’m able to communicate with my provider. Like I went from acne from neck-up to now my face being smooth!


March 09, 2019

Super fast responses and detailed. Exactly what I ask is answered. Any concerns are addressed quickly. I felt that they really took my skin background and tried to make a plan that they believe will help me. So far I like [Apostrophe]. We will see how my skin does in the next two months.

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