Azelaic Acid Formula

We want to make sure you fully understand your treatment. 
Below outlines the directions, benefits and risks with Azelaic Acid Formula.

Azelaic acid is used to treat rosacea and acne. It also helps fade hyperpigmentation.

Redness, peeling, and skin sensitivity can occur, so it’s best to ease into treatment. Your skin will adjust to the medicine over time.


✔️ Apply Mon/Wed/Fri for 1-2 weeks

✔️ If adjusting well, apply every other day for 1-2 weeks

✔️ If adjusting well, apply once or twice a day (as instructed by your doctor)

Use a moisturizer. Apply immediately before or after to prevent irritation. This does not make it less effective.

Apply over the entire face. Dot one pea-sized drop across your face to evenly distribute, then gently rub in.

Avoid the eyes and mouth. It can be applied at the corners of the nose if you have redness there.

Always wear sunscreen. ☀️ Even minimal sunlight can promote skin darkening and trigger rosacea flares.

Don’t mind the burn. It’s not uncommon to feel a burning sensation when first starting this medication. It typically lasts about 10 minutes and goes away after a week.

Simplify your routine. Stop using brushes and scrubs, toners, serums, masks, salicylic acid, AHA (e.g. glycolic or lactic acid), and retinol while starting your prescription treatment. When you are tolerating the prescription daily without irritation, you can add other treatments back in.

Listen to your skin. If your skin becomes mildly irritated, reduce frequency of use. If the irritation persists or is severe, stop the medication.


The most common side effects are redness, peeling, dryness, and irritation at the application site.