Tretinion Formula: What you need to know

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Tretinion Formula: What you need to know
Tretinion Formula: What you need to know

by Kathleen Morrison, Lead Writer

April 23rd, 2019

In case you haven’t heard, Apostrophe has created our very own tretinoin treatment! Formulated by our own dermatologists and compounded in our own pharmacy, Tretinoin Formula is designed to address wrinkles and fine lines, smooth and plump the skin, and give your skin’s radiance a boost. Tretinoin is a powerful medication so we’ve created a guide with what you need to know, whether you’re just thinking about trying it out for the first time, or you’ve already integrated it into your routine!

The benefits of tretinoin

Tretinoin is a that can treat acne and thickens, plumps, and smoothes the skin. It works in part by increasing cell turnover and clearing dead skin cells which keeps pores clear and skin looking bright (what people often refer to as a “youthful glow”). Redness, peeling, and skin sensitivity can be experienced with treatment, but following the instructions below will help minimize these side effects. And, although these effects are common, it’s important to remember that Irritation is not necessary for the medicine to be effective. A higher strength of tretinoin may just mean more irritation, not better results!


Tretinoin should only be applied to your skin once a day, before bedtime. Gently wash your face. On dry skin, apply a small pea-sized amount to your entire face. Avoid applying the medication near your eyelids or around the corners of your mouth and nose. Always apply a facial moisturizer after.

Note: If this is your first time using a retinoid, it is best to start using it every other night for the first couple of weeks, and then increase to nightly use as tolerated.

Keep in mind

This medication will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Make sure you wear a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every morning, and wide-brimmed hats whenever outdoors in the sun (you should be doing this anyway 😉).

Helpful tips if you experience irritation

  • Make sure you are applying a small, pea-sized amount or less for your entire face. Using more does not mean it will work better.
  • You may pre-mix the Tretinoin Formula in your palm with a liberal amount of facial moisturizer before applying. Alternatively, you can apply a facial moisturizer first, and then apply the Tretinoin Formula afterward.
  • Skip a night or two if your skin becomes irritated, but still apply a facial moisturizer. You can resume the medication once the irritation has subsided.

Consistent usage is key! As you continue applying tretinoin, your skin will adjust and any irritating side effects will subside over time. Stick with it and you will start seeing smoother, more glowing skin. It may even tempt you to delete your FaceTune app ;)

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Welcome to the fine print! Just so you know, this article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. It’s always best to talk to a doctor for that stuff.

Prescription medication should only be used according to doctor's instructions. Do not use Tretinoin Formula if you are allergic to one of its ingredients. Common side effects include redness and peeling. Full list of safety information can be found at: apostr.com/side

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