Skin diaries: a 25-year-old fights acne on a budget

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Skin diaries: a 25-year-old fights acne on a budget
Skin diaries: a 25-year-old fights acne on a budget

by Apostrophe, Skin Diaries

October 2nd, 2019

Our Skin Diary series dives into the skincare routines and products of our Apostrophe team (and hopefully beyond!). For this entry we asked Jacalyn Graber, our Head of Operations, about her skincare. She knows how to keep her acne-prone skin clear on a budget. Keep reading to learn all her tricks to battling breakouts and dry patches!

Age: 25

Skin type: Combination and acne-prone

Skin concerns: Breakouts and dry patches

Lifestyle: Unfortunately I'm a picker when it comes to my skin. If I see a pimple appearing, it takes all of my willpower not to touch it. Picking at acne can definitely make it worse, so hands off! If I can't leave my skin alone, I'll paint my nails as a distraction (and so it's impossible for me to pick 😊).

Location/climate/environmental concerns: I live in Alameda, CA. Sunny summers make SPF really important, and cold rainy winters are when my rich moisturizers come in handy.

My approach to skincare: I am a minimalist when it comes to skincare. Sometimes less is more.



I have acne-prone skin, so I really rely on the medications my dermatologist prescribes. The Clindamycin-BPO Formula targets bacteria, and Tretinoin Formula helps with cell turnover and prevents clogged pores. These medications can dry out my skin though, which is why I love the CeraVe hydrating cleanser and moisturizer.

I love hydrating sheet masks. I put them in the fridge before I apply so that when I put them on they are cold and refreshing. My skin tends to get dry from tretinoin, so I’ll throw one on on days my skin is feeling especially dry and irritated. My go-to is the Miss Spa Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask from Target! It’s only $2 so I can feel luxurious on a budget.

Have a skin routine that is killing the game? Share your secrets with us by filling out our Skin Diary form! We’ll take care of the rest!

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