Apostrophe: dermatology, delivered.

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Apostrophe: dermatology, delivered.
Apostrophe: dermatology, delivered.

by Ben Holber, CEO

March 14th, 2019

Before I got treatment from a dermatologist, I always felt the same way when it came to my skin: helpless. Every morning, after waking up and groggily stumbling to the bathroom mirror, I was never sure whether I’d see a prominent red blemish or a clear complexion. But after a few months of prescription medications, everything changed. The random breakouts dwindled to a few manageable blackheads and some redness. Suddenly I was in control and as long as I stuck with it, I owned my skin.

That feeling of ownership is why I started YoDerm six years ago with my co-founders. We felt that if you were struggling with your skin or hair, but had access to a dermatologist (and their prescription medications), then you could experience a sense of control over your health. With more and more services moving online, we didn't see any reason why we couldn't increase this access by connecting patients and doctors through their phones/laptops.

This approach worked and we grew to treat more conditions in over 30 states. Our dermatologists began treating rosacea, wrinkles, eyelash thinning, and hair loss. You loved the online visits on YoDerm, however, we found that you hated the experience at your local pharmacy. One out of every three patients were not picking up their prescribed treatment plans because of the hassle and prices at the pharmacy. One. In. Three. It became clear to us that a treatment plan is worthless if you couldn’t get the treatment. We had to fix this.

What did we do? We partnered with mail-order pharmacies and have worked directly with manufacturers to negotiate lower prices. This lets you, our patients, skip the drudgery of the pharmacy for most of your prescribed medications. We can now guarantee a personalized treatment plan - at an affordable price - sent directly to your door.

Along with a focus on accessible treatment plans, we’ve also redesigned the patient experience from the ground up, including our name: Apostrophe. We are dedicated to providing you with that feeling that you own your concerns and can take care of them on your terms. That’s exactly what Apostrophe embodies: ownership. Whether it’s Taylor’s provider or Alex’s treatment, the apostrophe denotes that it’s yours. As it should be.

We have huge aspirations for the years ahead at Apostrophe and plan to tackle everything from addressing new types of concerns, to introducing new products, to expanding into more states. We are currently putting the final touches on our new acne offering that will be available soon. So far we’ve helped over 100,000 of you take control of your skin and hair health, but we’re just getting started.

Welcome to the fine print! Just so you know, this article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. It’s always best to talk to a doctor for that stuff.

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